Mobile Suit Gundam SEED ASTRAY -RED FRAME & -BLUE FRAME- PV (EN・KR sub on)
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Mobile Suit Gundam SEED ASTRAY -RED FRAME & -BLUE FRAME- PV (EN・KR sub on)

August 26, 2019

It’s been a long time since we’ve been Earthside. I can’t wait to go shopping! Ugh, gravity. It’s terrible for my figure. Professor… You’re hung over again, aren’t you? Cover yourself up or something! Moron! What the hell do you think you’re doing,
shooting that thing off here!? Hey, don’t worry about it. You fire it, you own it, buddy. Wow, they’re selling three speed chips for only 20,000 Eards! They’ve gotta be busted if they’re that cheap. And the weapon from an EA suit is sold
for four million Eards! Next up, we’ve got today’s prize find,
a one-off BuCUE head from ZAFT! It’s equipped with special stealth armor, and a three-dimensional profile sensor rather than a monoeye. There’s even a side-mounted enhanced multiband sensor! But wait, there’s more! This head is armed with a beam saber! So ZAFT’s rolling out beam weaponry now too… I want it! You’ve already got beams on the Red Frame. But not ZAFT beams! What if they’re built differently!? We’re junkers, we have to stay on top of these things! …I really want it. One million Eards! No, 1.1 million! I don’t think there’s any stopping him now. Sometimes Naturals do the most fascinating things. So, if I splice this BuCUE head into Red’s power lines… Holy moly! That thing’s going to kill somebody! Shut it off! Now! Hey, 8! Shut off the beam! Roger. Huh, some data? Looks like it’s encrypted… Not like that’s a problem for me. Decrypting. Don’t think I’ve ever seen one of them. I think we might be in over our heads. We don’t want to get involved with this. Let’s just delete it. Okay, but I’m keeping a copy. Yeah, good idea. Roger. Why did you just ignore me? Warning! Bogey closing in! That didn’t take them very long. Don’t worry. I’m here for scrap, not for your life. You can show off later, Lowe! More bandits closing in! Range, eight klicks! He brought friends? Time to bail. Professor, let’s split up. Roger that. Stay safe, okay? You think I’m risking my neck for trash like that? Be careful, Lowe! I can out-turn them. Beam incoming! ZAFT’s already got a platform for beam cannons? It’s still pretty huge. Especially the cooling.
Why aren’t they using entropic control? It’s a low-reliability hybrid super-Peltier/refrigerant– Tell me later! He just won’t take no for an answer, huh? Did I get him? Heat signature, accelerating! Gimme a break! That should keep ’em off our tails. Returning to mothership. Wait, I forgot the BuCUE head! I really don’t wanna put my foot
back in that hornet’s nest, though… Guess I should just leave it. Ugh, and I just paid 1.9 million for that thing! Those fools are just throwing their lives away out here. Them too… Why would you go into battle without even knowing your own limits? Fire! Shoot him down! What? This chill in my spine… Who are you? Where are you? He took the bait. Reid! They’re headed for sector B2. Great, it worked! Let’s get this show on the road. Elijah, you ready? My preparations are complete. Are you sure we’re going to be able to reel him in? Mom can handle it. Hopefully. Here he comes. Don’t scare me like that! Reid. He spotted the wire trap. Don’t worry. Things are still going according to plan. Now I’ve got you! Only poor pilots are interested in shedding blood. And prisoners are useless to us. Get out. Mission complete. Yay! What kind of idiot picks a fight with Serpent Tail? Hey, have a little gratitude. If he wasn’t an idiot,
we wouldn’t have this little gem to sell to the EA. Wait, that’s– “Ed the Ripper”… Ed the Ripper? They say every time he comes back from a sortie,
his suit’s spattered with an enemy’s blood. Is he stronger than Gai? I doubt it. But that doesn’t mean he’s worth fighting just for kicks. Elijah, cover the freighter. I’ll deal with him. Shouldn’t we try to take him two-on-one? I’m just going to skirmish until the ship’s out of his operational range. Got it. I can feel my adrenaline pumping!

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  1. They couldn't atleast made this series and who cares if we buy a redframe and blueframe,on the gundam site they made the MSV protagonists and antagonists and their gonna waste their budget. So who wants this series to be made?!

  2. love the idea of mercenary group doing dirty jobs behind the scenes. it kinda makes you appreciate the world building a bit more

  3. 0:50 그거 에일스트라이크 건담이랑 이지스건담 최후의 전투때 떨어진건데
    2:09소드 캘러미티 건담

  4. A mercenaries team and a junk scraper team , doing all they want in the middle of huge war.
    A bunch of whiny teenagers with super robots, talking about world peace nonstop.

    Even from basic idea, Astray is far more interesting and original.

  5. Kira would never be "jesus" and make second coming if Lowe didn't save him after clashing with Athrun in Gundam Seed….

  6. Bandai and Sunrise come on made this a anime series already we bought the red frame, blue frame, and the gold frame sure you release those kits but that doesn't mean you're not gonna made this series we would love to see this as a anime.

  7. The only good Seed/CE series is Astrays and stargazer. One, I don’t have to reminded about Kira and polygamous relationship with Lacus and Athrun and his sister Cagalli!

    Plus I want to see other EA and ZAFT characters and other factions that may or may not like either or both.

  8. I love this it needs to be a series snd I love the idea of a civilian market selling mobile suit parts and building rouge suits…..or something like that.

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