Model Review 003 – Frame Music Girl 01: Hatsune Miku
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Model Review 003 – Frame Music Girl 01: Hatsune Miku

October 10, 2019

Hello everyone, welcome to the DD Channel. Today, we’re gonna talk about Frame Music Girl Hatsune Miku She is an image character of a virtual singer software, which you can create songs and have a beautiful voice sing it for you This model kit is a collaboration work of Frame Arms Girl and Hatsune Miku Therefore, Frame Music Girl Since they have the title now I don’t know if they’re making more Now, let’s take a look at its design I am loving the way they kept the original look of the character While having all these mechanical details. Especially this waist armor Which is actually speakers Unfortunately it’s not as completed for straight build So you will need to do a little painting. Now, let’s move on to articulations. you got feet Ankle Double joint for the knee Rotation here Over here they have a few new designat the crotch areas Here are multiple joints inside the thigh connecting to that ball joint allowing a wider range of both outward and inward also, a new design here allows about the same sliding range but it feels stronger than previous designs in terms of structure Moving on, the skirt is divided in eight pieces and can move individually. Like that Speakers have four joints on each side So you can fold and fit on her waist double ball joints for the chest ball joint and slight rotation at the base of the shoulder Hinge joint here elbow Bicep pivot and the wrist, like usual Again, new design, at the base of the neck allow wider range to look up and down Another joint at the neck and ball joint in the head Pivot and hinge joint for the hair Now, let’s move on to the accessories we’ve got two different centerpieces for that waist speakers One with a hole for you to attach the stand and one that doesn’t microphone with stand looks pretty realistic Too bad you can’t retract and extend it And we’ve got these floating speakers with stands pretty cure stands, makes me wonder why they dont have a special stand for Miku Back to the floating speakers Since they have the same pivots you can put the in different ways too bad it only comes with two propellers I would love to see four of them floating a round We’ve got three faces Looking right Looking left and smiling to the left whole bunch of handsas always we’ve got two different open hands Grabbing hands Pointing grabbing hands and close hands we’ve also got a pair of different arms with different sleeves different pieces of armors for her thigh that you can attach things unfortunately, it does not come with that guitar The guitar is weapon pack, also from Kotobukiya they make whole bunch of weapon packs that we may introduce in the future Overall, I think it’s pretty good kit I would hope to get more accessories such as a keyboard or other instruments but still, pretty good kit If you’re a big fan of Miku Go get one at I don’t have a sponsor but you can figure out yourselfs Thank you all for watching If you like my review, please subscribe as there will be way more reviews On plastic model kits, and figures I’ll see you guys next time

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  1. awe man been looking forward to this. nice video as always keep up the great work going to pick one of these up now

  2. OH… MY… GAH!!! This review is awesome! Definitely deserve a like and sub! Here's an advice : "Quality over quantity".

    Also would you like to accept my request? Could you review Crossframe Girl GaoGaiGar? It's a limited kit so you don't have to if you can't get it.

  3. Your production quality has been improving by quite a lot, great video as always.
    By the way, what nippers are you using in 4:43?

  4. Excellent vids so far man; very happy to find this channel early on in it's life.
    Obviously the girls are going to be good for views, but if down the roads you wanna touch on the actual FA mecha, plenty of folks interested in those too

  5. Love the stop motion and the production you do! Keep up the great work. Subscribed and would love to see more as your channel grows!

  6. Dude your reviews are soooo funny. Lol that deadpan humour and that stop motion man! How do u do some of those shots (the scene in the other megami device review where you pose 3 of the figues in the same pose, almost floting on tiptoes)?

  7. Can you review the Megami Device Chaos and Pretty Witch Darkness next? I’ve been looking everywhere for a good look at the model and I can’t find one anywhere!

  8. I preordered her before realizing that you have to assemble her (I thought she would be similar to a figma). You said that there is some painting required. What does that entail? Will I need to buy certain paint/tools. 😰 I’ve never put together any kind of kit before. Is this doable for a newbie?

  9. Holy crap my dude ya crash that
    Dengerus yet fun party one question why didn't you doge
    And love your style of review

  10. WOW! I wonder how much work went into making this video. Must have been hours of posing and and snapping shots!

    You are an amazing sir!

  11. God the amount of effort put into this video. I salute you and thank YouTube for recommending this video

  12. A busou shinki girl! I miss that line.

    It's a sin no sponsor picks up this channel yet. The stop motion videos are so great.

  13. If she only knew you had an x-ray filter for your head cam…I think you'd have more to worry about than a guitar to the head…

    ::EDIT:: Anyone know who that drummer is? I'm kind curious…

  14. Sir you effort is on the next skits and stop motion.. you're really doing stress test on the articulations…


  15. I can just imagine how DDC(robot) trying to build a set and accidently sliping on smtg and everything falls down, as he just looks at the camera sigh "fu&%"

  16. Il if youtube îl not work your have a rockstar as a backup plan ,btw why have the armor remove im curios what model DD look like

  17. I was just wanting to see how it looked because I wanted to get one but really your review was so good I needed to subscribe.

  18. I love your review style! It must take a load of time especially with the stop motion work but it gives a charming feeling of the figures reviewing themselves =D

  19. The intro was hilarious.

    You've earned yourself a sub

    For also pronouncing 'tsu' like a normal human being would.

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