Modifying a 8 frame Langstroth Box to fit 3 Flow™ Frames
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Modifying a 8 frame Langstroth Box to fit 3 Flow™ Frames

August 23, 2019

– So to modify your existing box for the Three Flow frame light kit, it’s a simple process of just cutting two doorways into a box. So if you’ve got an old box, you can use it for your flow frames. The measurements are 147 across, and 150 millimeters high. Now, you can make it higher if you want. It’s just a doorway, so you
can visually view the frames. But the 147 wide is the
important measurement. The top one is 152 wide by 25 millimeters high. You can use a CD to give you a nice rounded corner to follow with your jigsaw. Or anything else rounded. (jigsaw sawing) I find the metal cutting
blades give a better cut. Nice, fine teeth. So, this box will go on
top of your existing box. The frames go in like so. The doorway for the tools. The doorway for the visual
and the honey tubes. And now all we need is
the finishing touches. You need two screws at the back here, just to hold these in place. That just stops them
rattling around too much. We will have other frames in here across. And on the underneath, inside, we need another couple of screws. So let’s put them in as well. Good, nice, round headed screw for this. Helps it slide in. This just helps locate
that frame so they don’t drift across, and stops
the bees getting out. So next we need to make two little blocks to stop the bees getting
out this little gap here, when you open that door
to access the frames. So, one block needs to be glued there, another little block
there, it can be anything. So you can use wooden wax
frames for the other frames, or plastic ones, whatever
you normally use. And two on the other side as well. So we now have the three
flow frame light kit, in a normal eight frame Langstroth box with two standard frames either side of the three flow frames. So I’ve made up another piece of wood here for a cover. This fits inside like so. We just need to put a handle on that, and some little closures. Now, the bottom here, depending
on what size your box is, you’ll end up with a gap. And, we need need to cover that gap so the bees can’t get out. So this is a piece of corflit. And I’ve cut that and that
can just slip right in here. Stop bees getting out there. You can also make a hive beetle trap, which I’ll show you on the next video. So, because of this piece
we’ve put down here, The door is slightly too long. So we’re going to have to take off a couple of millimeters here. A simple screw in the
door can be a handle. You can leave it so you can grab it. So I’ve made some simple
little swing hooks, just by bending over an eye-hook. But you could use a
nail, or a piece of wood, or anything that can just swing across and hold the doors in place. Before you put this on your hive, make sure the bees
aren’t going to get out. Because the last thing you want is to open these covers and
bees flying at your face. So make sure, up here
the bees can’t get out. And make sure they
can’t get out down here. So I’ve designed the
flow frames to retrofit into a standard box, so
you can enjoy honey on tap.

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  1. I am interested on selling these in Mexico, for common people on backyard aplications. To promote beekeeping on small scale home producción.

  2. شكرالكم وفرتم لينا الكثير من العمل.لكن  اين سنشتري الخلايا؟شكرا

  3. So, a perfectly good box was ruined so that you can claim to have "honey on tap", while still having to open the box to service the other traditional frames and check whether cells are capped on the Flow frames. Pretty expensive party trick tbh.

  4. I want to THANK YOU so much for making this video. Doing this is very generous of you and shows your high character. I have 10 strong hives going into the spring with lots of winter rain to bring up the flowers. With this knowledge, I can afford to super them all with Flow Frames Thanks, again.

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