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Monarchy vs. Republic

August 23, 2019

One of my Twitter followers wants to know
about life in a contitutional monarchy versus life in a republic. He seems to think that I’m an expert on both. Funny(!) Anyway, since you ask: here goes. Whenever a Royal gives birth to a baby, we have to endure weeks
of wall-to-wall press coverage. In Germany, we have to endure pictures of
Angela Merkel in her swimming costume or cuddling lemurs. Fortunately not at the same time. The British have no say
over who their head of state is, but at least they have advance warning
of what they’re going to get. Germans elect politicians,
who elect a head of state… …so they have no say either. The Queen addresses the nation at Christmas, and talks about how nice it would be
if we could all just get along. The German President
addresses the nation at Christmas, and talks about the economy and immigration. The German Chancellor
addresses the nation on New Year’s Eve, and everyone tunes in in the hope
that they’ll show the wrong tape, like they did in 1986. Prince Andrew is held up as a shining example
of why we need to abolish the monarchy. Christian Wulff is held up as a shining example of why the presidential system
is not all it’s cracked up to be. Everybody in the world knows
who Queen Elizabeth is, and Buckingham Palace is surrounded
by tourists taking selfies. Nobody outside of Germany even realizes
that Germany has a President, and the only people outside of Schloss Bellevue
are waiting for a bus. The Queen parachuted out of a helicopter
into the Olympic Stadium! Remember you can always send me a postcard
at this address. You can also find me elsewhere on the web:
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  1. Ok, so: while comparing political systems you digressed into mentioning parachute jumps and completely neglected telling us about Herr Möllemann?
    Großes Versäumnis auf der deutschen Seite des Sachverhaltes….

  2. Wie wären den ein Video über das Metrisches Einheitensystem im vergleich zum Angloamerikanisches Maßsystem.

  3. Actually I think a constitutional monarchy would be great for Germany. Sanssouci is already crowded with tourists, why not putting a monarch in then?!

  4. Thank you for answering my question, Andrew. 😉 But it seems, that 140 signs aren't enough to get it straight: I didn't want you to show the differences between head of states (and/or chancellors) but rather to get an impression from your very own point of view : on the one hand you're a subject (however) on the other hand you're a citizen. E.g. I like that you're quoting Christian Wulff – imagine Germany would still be a monarchy. Lower Saxony would be reigned by Ernst August of Hanover, the urinating Prince ( Prince of Hanover, Duke of Brunswick and Lüneburg, Royal Prince of Great Britain and Ireland) And I wonder how it FEELS to BE reigned without any possibility to drop them…

  5. wrong! der bundespräsident wird durch die bundesversammlung gewählt, in der zumindest zum teil das volk direkt vertreten ist. außerdem ist der aktuelle bundespräsident joachim gauck und nicht christian wulff.

  6. Die Niederlande haben eine Monarchie. Der Vater des heutigen Königs Willem-Alexander,  Klaus-Georg Wilhelm Otto Friedrich Gerd von Amsberg war ein Deutscher. Dann gibt es auch noch Bernhard Leopold Friedrich Eberhard Julius Kurt Karl Gottfried Peter Prinz zur Lippe-Biesterfeld.  Er ist der Großvater des Königs. Der niederländische König ist mindestens drei Viertel deutsch. Der Urgroßvater von  Willem-Alexander heißt Heinrich zu Mecklenburg-Schwerin.

  7. Wie sich irgendwer für moderne Monarchen interessieren(bzw. begeistern) kann, wird mir wohl immer ein Rätsel bleiben. 
    Klar, es ist auch in Deutschland nicht unbedingt gegeben, dass jedem die gleichen Chancen geboten werden, aber immerhin versuchen wir es. Ein jeder, der sich bemüht und Talent zeigt, kann in die Politik gehen. Unsere Vertreter sind vielleicht nicht das, was sie sein sollten, aber zumindest haben sie sich ihre Position erarbeitet.
    Währenddessen diskutieren Klatschblätter in Großbritannien, ob die "Bürgerliche", die sich einer der Prinzen angelacht hat, "angemessen" ist. Das ist widerlich.
    Mir ist bewusst, dass die Queen keine wirkliche, politische Macht inne hat, und dass auch das House of Lords letztendlich nur symbolischen Charakter hat, aber…ein Symbol wofür? Dass manche Menschen besser geboren werden als andere?

  8. LOL funny video! Is that black eagle in the background when you talk about Germany an official symbol or coat of arms? I've never seen it before, and sorry to say, it looks like a character that escaped from Angry Birds – no offense meant to Germans or Germany.

  9. Österreich hat es 1918/19 richtig gemacht. Weg mit dem gesamten Adelsgesülze. Lieber einen Präsidenten, der gelegentlich mal seinen Mund aufmacht als eine(n) König(in), der/die außer Winkewinke in einer Kutsche nur einen Text zu einer ungeliebten Regierungserklärung vorlesen darf, um dann für diese grandiosen Leistungen vom Plebs bejubelt zu werden.

  10. Don't forget: Without monarchy, there are no towels, cups, saucers etc. with printings showing animals and plants on them and the remark "by appointment to Her Majesty The Queen".

  11. Zwei weitere Vorteile einer Monarchie:

    (1) Auf einer Seite der Münzen und der Geldscheine wird immer die Königin abgebildet. Daher müssen sich die Gestalter nur für die andere Seite etwas ausdenken.

    (2) Bestimmte Veranstaltungen dürfen das Wort "royal" verwenden zB "Royal Hobart Show".

  12. 0:55
    Or looks for the tele-prompter reflected from a window in the background like it did two or three years ago.

  13. Großbritannien ist keine konstitutionelle Monarchie, es existiert keine Konstitution.
    Es ist funktional eine parlamentarische Monarchie, streng genommen jedoch eine Theokratie (Gottesstaat), da die Queen zumindest nominell Oberhaupt der Anglikanischen Kirche ist.

  14. As a Brit also living in Germany for many years, I can only say one thing to this….. Köstlich! 😂

  15. that was surprisingly funny! and you are right. res=law, publica=people. is the theory. but thats not the way it works in germany and many other countrys. so the theory is fine,but practically its not!

  16. And another very funny video, at least it is funny enough that I nearly failed to notice the missing "m" in your translation. 😉

  17. They should ask the Prince of Prussia if he wouldn't mind being a Constitutional Monarch. They could use the Berlinerdom as the venue for the inauguration.

  18. But Germany isn't a presidential republic! Is a parliamentary republic, if Germany was a presidential republic the president would be the executive and be his or hers own branch of government meaning that being chosen by the legislature unless absolutely necessary (in the case of the U.S. if there is a tie) would be a no no and you are guaranteed to be known thanks to having the privilege of the position.

  19. Well, just tell people that the woman the German president is living with in Schloss Bellevue is not the woman he's married to. They'll remember THAT German president (at least). 😉

  20. The biggest joke is on the Brits: Their royal family is German. Most of the British couldn't even pronounce their monarch's family name, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Did George V have the legal authority to change it?

  21. please don't leave the monarchy , the republic is a rubbish , destroy a culture of a country , the are some exceptions ,USA would never be a monarchy , because it doesn't make any sense , the US was funded as republic , they had to proclaimed the republic , to get independent from UK .

  22. There are German monarchist who would like to have the Hohenzollerns back.
    But the Hohenzollerns themselves are not that enthousiast.

  23. Maybe Germany needs an extreme Nationalist dictator instead, Fascism vs Monarchy, is there even a difference except for one is Socialist while the other is feudalistic "capitalism". Yeah, hail the Republic, not perfect but nothing really is.

  24. To be honest: Germany doesn't have a presidential System … We actually have the exact same political System as Britain has just that our head of state is elected

  25. Constitutional monarchy I much prefer slightly bias since I lived my early years in one and most my life republics are odd it just opens up to worse things

  26. Of course german and british constitution (realiter) are very similar. I am sure that the british system influencend the architects of 1949. If they had re-installed the system of Weimar again, it might have become a presidential system.

  27. "Darum bin ich für die Monarchie, eine fette Sau lässt sich leichter füttern wie hunderte."
    Das wurde mal im Simplicissimus in der 20er Jahren des letzten Jahrhundert gedruckt.

  28. As an Alsatian, I think that Alsace would have preferred to remain German if the Kaiser was a Habsburg. We're culturally very close to Austria and Bavaria and being under Prussia's rule didn't help us back in 1871-1918.

  29. I believe we have to replace the republics with constitutional monarchy's they can borrow some of Britain's the Russians can have Zara for Zaire

  30. My question is, why isn't the monarchy in power? Nearly everyone on this site agrees that the Monarchy would be better than the German Republic…

  31. I would rather a constitutional monarchy, but 30% more power and control of the monarchy over both the state and government.

  32. I am still for a constitutional monarchy with the Hohenzollern on top with a roast of the Kaiser every New Year’s Eve, the best of both world, if you pardon me using a phrase from Hannah Montana. #MakeDeutschlandHannahMontanaAgain

  33. I think a constitutional monarchy is the best form of government.

    The majority of laws/legislation is decided by elected politicians, while the monarch serves as a uniting figurehead that can bring everyone together in times of crisis, and occasionally intervene in government affairs when needed

  34. well technicly this is UK vs Germany
    quick question
    who is the swedish king?
    who is the US president?

  35. But more than likely the rightful heir to the monarchy of Germany would be Queen Elizabeth the 2nd which I don't think is a bad thing considering they could just change their name back saxe-cotheburg but then again the rightful air to England and Britain is probably a German guy. Lookin' you Erïc Franzliegen in the comment section.

  36. A republic is stupid and illegitimate. A monarchy is the only good system. Politicians are standard corrupt and should have no say in the government. The monarch is the only true ruler.

  37. And then there's the American republic which the people get to pick the leader except sometimes we get to choose not who we want but who we hate the least. Oh and Congress is either inept stupid or both. With the exception of when fear and panic get it to actually do its job. whiich leads me to the real poiunt of this. How much does the german lesislature actually do their job? Given they're also a federal republic but structured differntly.

  38. A real Republics is governed by LAW not EMOTION or majority rule. The United States is a true Republic as it was designed to be. Germany is NOT a real Republic its an oligarchy disguised as a Republic.

  39. OMG. You make a very funny video and people commenting below are taking it all too seriously. What is wrong with them?

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