Monitor Overclock Frame Skipping | How to Guide + Test
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Monitor Overclock Frame Skipping | How to Guide + Test

October 14, 2019

what’s up guys this is Pete from
HardWirePC so in this video I’ll be showing you how to overclock your
monitor and also do a frame skipping test to make sure that that overclock is
working correctly now the benefits of overclocking your monitor is it’s going
to make your gaming experience feel much much smoother as it will reduce screen
tearing when playing a game that is rendering more frames than your standard
refresh rate now the downside of overclocking a monitor is the same as
overclocking a CPU which is the ability now when your monitor is unstable it
will be skipping frames which can make the gaming experience even worse and
you’ll be experiencing flickering on your monitor so let’s begin by showing
you how to overclock your monitor then we will validate that overclock and
finally what we’ll do if your frame skipping test to make sure everything is
working correctly the monitor I’ll be overclocking is a samsung Lu 24 8 85 k
RS it is a 4k 24 inch 60 Hertz monitor so in my experience most sixty Hertz
monitors can overclock anywhere between 70 and 75 Hertz so we’re going to try
and achieve that in the video now this particular guide for overclocking your
monitors that I’ll be showing you is for Nvidia graphics cards since that is the
graphics card that I use at the time of making this video so the first set is to
right-click on your desktop and open up the Nvidia control panel
and under this place you want to select change resolution so in the change resolution screen you
cannot only set a custom resolution but also set your monitors refresh rate so
what you want to do now is click on customize and then click on create
custom resolutions followed by accept once you’re in that menu you can make
adjustments to your resolution settings however we are going to focus on the
refresh rate so what you want to do next is increase the value of your refresh
rate and then click on test if successful it will ask you if you want
to save your custom resolution so click on yes and your new custom resolution
will be saved and selectable in your list of custom resolutions
now keep repeating this process by incrementally increasing the refresh
rate until you reach to a point where your monitor won’t display your
overclock and select the last successful other clock now in my case I was able to
overclock the monitor to 72 votes so the next step is to validate the overclock
and test it or frames giving so to validate your overclocked and
tested for frame skipping you will need to open up your web browser and type in
this web address I will leave a link to the in the description below once you
have the frame skipping test open you’ll have to wait a few seconds for it to
sync up once that son it should have validate your refresh rate to your other
clock if the overclock is valid it should say
ready below now the test for frame skipping you will need to get a digital
camera now if you don’t have one you can use the smartphone’s camera and set your
camera’s exposure to one tenth of a second or longer if your camera supports
it maximize the frame skipping test to full screen and once it’s inked just
simply take a picture of the screen the photo should have a sequence of multiple
squares with no gaps in between now the picture I have taken shows a gap in
between the squares which is a clear indication that my monitor is frame
skipping so what I have to do now is dial the overclock down a little so I
have set it to 70 Hertz now and I will repeat the process and take another
photo this time the photo shows a sequence of multiple squares with no
gaps in between it’s now indicates that my monitor is running perfectly at 70
Hertz with no frame skipping anyway guys that’s it for me for this video I really
hope you learned something now if you have other quacks your monitor but not
on a frame skipping test I highly recommend you give that a try and see if
there is any frame skipping I guarantee it will make the gaming experience much
much more smoother and if there is any frame skipping on your monitor so give
that a try but if you have any questions on this please leave it down in the
comments below apologies I couldn’t do the
overclock on an AMD CPU as I don’t have an AMD GPU on me but it’s actually not
too difficult to figure out there is a custom resolution setting in AMD’s
graphics settings too anyway guys if you like this video please give it a like
subscribe to my channel for future videos and I will see you in the next

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  1. i need to put an cooler in front of the screen to overclock? to me doesnt matter cuz im blind, i just want more fps in cs go

  2. It wouldn't allow me to apply the overclock, It wouldn't allow me to select 72hz and apply the refresh rate. The only available options were 30hz and 60hz? Help

  3. i have dissincronized blocks(like v-sync off) in top off screen but no gaps between, and i have in 60hz too, is frame skipping?

  4. Hello sir, I hope u can help me. I have a Acer Xb271Hu 165hz ips Monitor and I recognize a black frame every minute or so. It’s just for a split of a second and I don’t know what this is ? Do u have any idea ?

  5. That test does not guarantee no frame skipping in games. Advanced game video settings like Future Frame Rendering turned on will cause frame skipping. Also, sliding the Resolution Scale above 100% in the advanced game settings will cause frame skipping. It would be nice if there were a frame skipping test program for in-game use to be able to monitor or test for frame skips.

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