Moon speaks at Sweden’s parliament on issue of peace drive on Korean Peninsula

February 11, 2020

our starting point this afternoon
president Lynn Jane on a three-nation tour of the northern Europe this week is
in Sweden today and one of the major events lined up during his stay there is
a speech at the Swedish parliament where he will be speaking on the topic of
peace we now connect live to our presidential correspondent Shin Semin
who is traveling with the president for more now it’s a man so what can we
expect from the President’s speech today great tune the overarching theme of
president moon jae-in speech at to Sweden’s Parliament today is of course
the peace process on the Korean Peninsula
now although we’re still hours away from seeing president Luna on that stage at
the podium of the Sweden’s Parliament today the anticipation is only brewing
we can say as we’ve already witnessed some of the major points of being made
by president moon jae-in on North korea-related affairs as he tries to
kick-start to the nuclear dialogue between the related parties and asked
for what to expect for the speech during that at the Sweden’s Parliament we can
expect that it’s likely that he will focus on the need for high-level
dialogue to deal with the regime’s at denuclearization and to reinvigorate two
inter-korean relations and some of the key points set for his speech likely to
be included likely to include the importance of duty and responsibility
among all the related parties and we have also have to understand that Sweden
is a country that once owned and developed nuclear weapons program but
later decided to scrap its nuclear weapons and given the historic
historical background of the Scandinavian country we could also
assume that president moon will call for an all around a reduction of nuclear
activity in the region putting all sides on the road to a new clock denuclearized
Korean Peninsula and during his eight-day tour of northern Europe we’ve
seen president boone raise issues many wanted answered to four weeks namely
urging Kim jong-un to hold a fourth inter-korean summit with him and
pressing North Korea and the u.s. to take bold steps and meet again in the
near future so my guess is that we’re only going to have
take a close eye on what’s to come during that speech at the Sweden’s
Parliament as we may be witnessing some of the more major developments and major
visions that that president Boone has in mind for his peace drive on the Korean
Peninsula tune

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