More hapu join the lawsuit against Crown’s Treaty process
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More hapu join the lawsuit against Crown’s Treaty process

December 2, 2019

Hapu from all over the country
are uniting to dispute the Crown and current settlement arrangements. Ngapuhi group
Mana Whenua Hou is in support of decisions made to stop some hapu
from making independent claims. Wellington lawyer
Moana Sinclair argues that the treaty was in fact
signed by hapu, not by runanga
and contemporary corporations. This is a small gathering
of Taranaki sub-tribe leaders. There are people
from the north to the south that are saying the same thing. That is that the Crown’s Treaty of Waitangi
settlement process is flawed. Under European law, there is a process
called class action and the Maori translation of that
is uniting the people. Coromandel’s Ngati Huarere,
Manawatu’s Rangitaane, a Ngapuhi sub-tribe from the north, northern Taranaki’s
Ngati Tawhirikura and south Taranaki’s Ngati Tu have
united to join the group action. Ngati Tu who have been embroiled
in a land dispute with Parininihi ki Waitotara Inc
for more than 24 years. Why has a corporation
been able to get the Crown to talk to them,
not to us? It’s not right. Moana says
that the circumstances are similar within her own tribe in Manawatu. A battle is brewing
between two groups – the local people, and a corporation –
Tanenuiarangi Manawatu Inc. They are just an incorporation. It is the aim of this group
of sub-tribes that more sub-tribes disaffected by their own settlements
join the action. Roihana Nuri, Te Karere.

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