Moriori Treaty claim to include Te Whanga
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Moriori Treaty claim to include Te Whanga

November 21, 2019

It’s seen as a taonga for the iwi
of the Chatham Islands and it’s set to be returned to them
in their Treaty settlement. Te Whanga Lagoon dominates
the geography of the island but it was almost taken away
completely from the tribes under previous
Government legislation. Irena Smith has the story. A natural resource and treasure for the local people
of the Chatham Islands. But it was almost lost to the people under the Foreshore and Seabed
legislation. It’s a massive lagoon
that stretches 16 hectares. It’s a mix of freshwater
and saltwater. It’s special because it’s mostly
still in its original pristine state. The two iwi,
Moriori and Ngati Mutunga, are negotiating separate
Treaty grievances with the Crown. But they would have to work together
to co-manage the lagoon as part of each settlement. It’s an avenue
that could help the healing and moving forward of the people, and taking care of it
for their future generations and New Zealanders to enjoy. Irena Smith, Te Karere.

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