Moriori treaty settlement 158 years in the making
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Moriori treaty settlement 158 years in the making

February 18, 2020

It’s a journey
that’s spanned 158 years for Te Imi Moriori. The Crown and the original people
of the Chathams have signed their
deed of settlement. Eruera Rerekura was on the island
for what was an emotional day. It’s a Treaty of Waitangi
signing like no other. It’s been a long journey
to get here. In their settlement
the Minister read an apology, sacred sites are returned
and other pieces of land, they get 50% management
of the lagoon, and $18 million financial redress. It appears the apology
was the most touching part for the Minister. It seems that the aspirations
and hopes of these 1561 ancestors has been fulfilled because the sun is shining
on the way forward for the Chatham Islands. So that the Chathams prosper. Eruera Rerekura, Te Karere.

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  1. The problem is by their own admission, the devils never sigend a treaty with the "Indian' that they intended to keep. The past 200 years prove they are true to that reality.

  2. Deleting my comments are you, oh well, all that does is reenforce what I say, it’s the Maori who should be paying the Moriori and saying sorry, not the white man. Shame.

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