Motorcycle Frame Jig Fun
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Motorcycle Frame Jig Fun

October 11, 2019

So we’ve got the frame set up on the jig It’s kind of interesting never made a frame jig before so kind of got the Front piece With the protractor on there just to get the rake Got some uprights at the back. I had the plumb bob on it had to move it back So this is a real organic learning process never built a frame jig before never used a frame jig before Read a lot about them seen a lot of different ones So I’m enjoying the process of actually thinking through this one as I put it together. It’s kind of neat So that’s just kind of a quick little teaser video of the motorcycle frame jig. I’ve got it set up here I’m gonna bring you a little more in-depth video Hopefully next week. It’s fairly cold out right now So I’ve been I’ve been able to get out of here as much as I’d like so that was just a quick little teaser video of the motorcycle frame jig that I’ve been coming up with Cracker Jack mechanic. Thanks for watching Check out my other videos. Click Subscribe down there on the right hand side You get my videos as soon as they become available

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