Mount & Blade Warband – How to build a proper Army – Commentary
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Mount & Blade Warband – How to build a proper Army – Commentary

September 13, 2019

Hey there, everybody. This is Beau again.
I just wanted to do a fun little show and show you guys kind of the different battle
techniques for how to build your armies and different methods for using your [private]
character. So in this case: the leader of the army to benefit the entire army. Now,
what you see here is… this is the initial beginning where I still have a bunch of Swadian
recruits. Now, I go with Swadian recruits for a couple reasons. Swadian recruits are
incredibly difficult to kill compared to most others. You can upgrade them fairly quickly
and to a decent foot soldiers. And then, ultimately, what we’re trying to shoot for is going from
foot soldier to [man in] arms, which is basic mountain cavalry. And then, ultimately, to
the Swadian knight. The Swadian knight is a freakin’ death house on wheels. He will
go through and annihilate everything. And the best part is– the Swadian knights get
on the war horses, so they get charge damage. They have incredibly high hit points. Their
armor and weapons and all that are just ridiculous. You can see here: I finally got 2 [something]
arms. You can see the difference immediately. You can see these guys have armor, like, they
have chainmail. Their horses are armored. The guys in white are what they look like
before they get upgraded with all that armor, and you can see there’s a huge difference.
[Man in arms] can take a ton more hit point plus that javelin [fuse] there or that [double
sided something]. It gives them a huge amount of–what is it? If you do a crouch attack–
the lance. You can add, like, 400% damage to a damage attack. And if you have an entire
army of these guys running right through the front ranks of people, it is ridiculous. So here I am. I’m just clearing out a little
forest bandit hideaway, and this is the opportunity I like to use for working on precision archery.
Well, precision is key. It’s really easy for boosting your points as well as getting the
basic archery skill up. And it’s kind of working on how to get used to that rose. So after
referring to the aiming rose in the middle, it gets smaller and smaller. And then how
to place the shots to give them maximum effect. You want to try to get these guys down– right
here, I’m just side strafing every time I shoot, just to kind of give myself a margin
of not getting hit even though it’s really not necessary. But it doesn’t hurt because
he’s going to shoot the same as I do. When all else fails, now I’m getting a ton more
men in arms. This is, I think– I’m just progressively playing it and recording the battle as I go
so I can show you guys the progression of the army. So you see a lot more foot soldiers
are now on– okay, so the guy on the left there is a slave trader or man hunters. I
try to go pick those guys out too. I want an entire army of mounted cavalry. At least
mounted troops. It gives you a faster run speed on the map because all your guys are
not walking. They’re all on horses. 2: it makes you incredibly fast on the ground. Like,
this for instance: I can just chill out in the back, hold my guys because I have a wall
of cavalry ready to go. And I can just send them in at anytime. So I just like sitting
here, taking pot shots at people. I have a couple of crossbowmen too. Uh, I don’t have
a whole lot of them. I don’t really like running with a whole lot of archery just because that’s
not usually how I set up my armies. I like all cavalry because it’s crazy. The only one
thing that sucks is when you start doing castle raids, you can start running into issues because
your knights will get destroyed because they get up to the top of the castles. But for
right now, because we’re just starting out, we haven’t started to get into a faction yet.
I want to have a decent army so that way we can start mass renowned. So what we’re doing
here is we’re on– if you look at the map, we’re on the far west, up in the [Vaegers]
area. So we’re killing the sea raiders. Sea raiders have great gear. They drop, you know,
really good helmets, chests, and decent two-hander, and even shield weapons. I use those for upgrading
my NPC army. So NPCs are– if you go to a different– like
a town…and you can go into a tavern, and there will be NPC characters. These are guides
that are kind of like a player character, the exception being that the player character
that I’m referring to as far as in the taverns… you can equip the with items, and you can
also figure out what skills you want. It’s a great opportunity for me to have [mule]
characters or NPCs get all of the non-combat skills so I can focus 100% on combat on my
main guy here. Okay, just real quick: see these archers. Look at the wall of cavalry
coming down on them right now and watch for the blue text. It’ll start popping up really
fast. Okay, here we go. There it is, see? The cavalry annihilate everything, and I don’t
even have– I think I may have one Swadian knight. The rest of them are all men in arms,
and they reduce people good. They shred people like crazy. So when you’re starting the game,
my suggestion is go with the Swadians because the Swadian arms are just, oh– I mean, I
played this game the last 4 or 5 years. The only one potential good one is the– I’m going
to butcher the hell out of these names– the [kerganite]…Kerrigan kerganite. Haha. They’re
the mounted archers, and they decimate people just from a distance. And you can’t touch
them. They�re super fast. Uh, they are crappy when it comes to being a knight, but if you
want a whole team, I would suggest getting those guys if you want archers. Also, if you
want your cavalry, get Swadian knights. And then for archers, get the [kargan kurganite].
I’m pretty damn sure someone’s going to correct me on that, which is great because my pronunciation
is on par with some guys that take the short bus. Hahaha. You’ll notice my voice is a little
bit messed up. I apologize. I’ve had a cold lately. No better time than to boost my army
than when you’re fighting an illness. So as you see, blue text everywhere. As soon
as I started getting my man in arms…there’s no wandering army that can touch me at all.
It is just a rape fest. It’s just– ridiculous damage, ridiculous amount of demolishing.
What I like to call it is “the ball of death”. You see those little groups on the left and
on the right, and they’re balling up around these people. And there’s nothing they can
do about it. As soon as the ball has you, you’re dead. You’re gone. And I really like–
I freakin’ love the– like, the cavalry because they mow people down, knock them down. So
it gives you more opportunity to hit them. Like this for instance: nice, open field.
I have all my guys just chilling because I have no reason to run. They don’t have any.
See, they’re throwing axes. Whoop-de-do. I’m just gonna go, what? F1, F3, charge, and then
you’ll see this. Here comes the ball of death, just *growls*, rolling through people. Very
cool. Very, very cool. And you see I’m taking some shots at them. Again, the ball of death,
now– I mean, if you can see the men in arms… it’s waiting. As well as the slave drivers
and mercenaries cavalry. I think I picked up a couple. Every once and a while, the sea
raiders will have prisoners, so I usually pick up all the prisoners that are cavalry
units because I don’t care as long as they do damage and upgrade really well actually.
It’s a free mounted unit. This is why I absolutely love doing, like, rescuing people from wandering
armies. It is the easiest way to get a decent group together. All right, so the ball of
death. [Can’t hear this part at 9:35 because of game sounds] But the lengths of these battles are getting
miniscule, at best, now. And people were talking… the battles are taking 10 to 15 to 20 seconds,
and these are usually armies of 12 and 20 people. So you can see that if you just do
them right, start a small army, upgrade them, get yourself some Swadian knights, get mounted
cavalry, it’ll be dang sweet. Again, your problem turns out when you start doing castle
raids ’cause generally you want to have some archery units to take care of all the people
on the– take care of folks that are on the, you know, up on the fort. But I don’t really
care at this point. Yeah, watch the ball come– the ball of death. Watch it here, shooting
into the crowd, getting some points. But then the wall comes, and the blue text will start
flying very fast. Did I get one? I still get one. Oh, crap. Did I get one? Get this guy?
All right, too much to ask. Yeah. This must’ve been a great battle. 2 or 3 kills. Generally,
my guys annihilate everybody. See? Son of a bitch stealing my kill again. Haha. But
look at that: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. That was a pretty epic shot. I like that one. But,
again, I can’t– because my knights get in there so hard. The opportunity for me to get
a shot in– the blue text is flying in. The one thing I will caution is that as your [something
that you] every week, keep fighting every damn week that you can get your hands on and
get your [training] skill up because you’re going to be fighting lots of it. [I think
the total something of my something right now– I think I’ve got] 35, 36 people in it.
AS you can see, they’re pretty all damn NPCs or player characters, and it’s mainly 8, 900.
So as long as you make 8 or 900, you’re fine. I just want to show you some [something] tournament.
This is what your character can do to make a shit load of money really easy. Bet on yourself
in tournaments. You can bet 100 Denar, whatever. I can’t say it. Top gear USA, you’re going
to have to correct me on this one, brother. You can bet on yourself, so I bet 100 every
single time. And then if you win, you get, like, I can’t remember quite honestly. So
the tactic for this is: you hit them once, they walk, and then they go in for a recoil.
And you just keep hitting them, just mow them down. It’s really not hard. And when a new
group comes, just get back. [something here can’t hear] ball of death. You do not want
that happening in a tournament if you have no armor and get this shitty little weapon.
[missed this too] keep plowing out, and your weapons change every time, so I can’t say,
“Use your shield every time.” What I can say is, “You just need to focus on one guy at
a time.” Back out, start backing away, keep your guard up, and wait for the other to start
plowing him like he does. Get in there, take a shot, keep yourself up, health. If you lose
your health, I mean, you lose all the money you’ve been betting up until now, which totally
sucks. So you only really want to bet on yourself [missed this bit too at 14:10]. Oh, yeah,
I think it’s the last lady. Oh, yeah. Crack, crack, crack. This one has the weapon reaps
advantage for sure on that one. And it’s the final one. Just quick. So if you guys liked and enjoyed this kind
of thing and you want a more informative ‘how to make armies in Mount & Blade’, let me know.
Like, favorite, comment, and I’ll talk to you later.

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  1. they may have best calvary but if ur looking for infantry go to the rhodoks and if u want a full calvary go to Kheright Kharnate

  2. good thing i picked swadien. i played a female and had 156 renown. the king chose me to be one of his vassels. i heard woman cant get it till 250. im lucky. i have 1 swaydien knight in my army

  3. Been a Swadian Knight fan for years, but I always wanted to get good at a foot-army. I got surprisingly good results in open-field and castle-storming situations with an army made-up only of Nord Huscarls. Set-up a shield-wall on a hilltop and swarms of fast cavalry will just commit suicide against it.

  4. The faction names and how to pronounce them (stop killing it):
    Swadia – the only one you say properly
    Rhodoks – pronounced as Raw-Docks
    Nords – it's derived from "nordic"
    Sarranids – read as "terrorist"
    Khergit – pronounced as Hergit with the "h" being unvoiced (like Spanish "j")
    Vaegirs – Vay-Gears

  5. My little army is made from: Khergit and Sarrandid Cavary
    Rhodok Spearmen and Nord Huscarls… Best infantry in my opinion. They can DESTROY any cavary together. Crossbowmen and Archers… Done. Rhodok or Swadian crossbowmen mixed with Sarrandid or Nord archers… If you are a jerk you should get some Khergit horse archers.

  6. "How to build a proper army" What absolute rubbish. Sure Swadian knights are great but if you balance them out with Nord housecarls and some Rhodok crossbowmen you have a much more effective army that will cope in nearly all situations (sieges included).

  7. I just had nords seizing the castle with me as we were attacking swadia…
    man, they slaughtered everything, do these huscarls even know pain?

  8. Do you just have all of your army set to charge? It's not really a tutorial if you just tell them to recruit swads, then upgrade them until they become knights, and charge in every battle along the way.

  9. I like having a great castle Defense lots of housecarls lots of vaiger* archers and some other country special units rhododendron spear men… whenever I'm in peace I just go grab a bunch of peeps spend a month(in game) crushing bandits then deposit the finished units in the castle let's see an NPC handle over 100 housecarls and 100 veteran archers easily!

  10. balanced bardiche is better for cavalry – as polearm (horseback only) it can be a good lance, and as 2-handed, fighting is also very possible, but i didnt find it second time (cheap and great weapon)

  11. I rather have Rodhok Ballestiere & Condottiere d´Assedio, and w8 on the top of a hill… with a small Nord Skalverteinr force in shieldwall in front

  12. Heh, nord huscarls in a tight 3×10 formation with a few archers behind them. I have yet seen cavalry units break my huscarl line

  13. Tried this at normal damage to own troops and my enthusiasm for the knights as well as the huscarls dropped considerably. Lost both types to looters in 1 on 3 and even 1 on 2 situations. 11 huscarls against 18 looters, lost 5 huscarls, had 3 knocked out, the remainding 3 and me had to deal with 12 looters. 3 looters took down a knight in 15 seconds. Won but c'mon, it was ridiculous. Normal seems to mean something different in this game.

  14. Try attacking the Rhodoks with a full cavalry army. You'll notice your cavalry army is the one getting wrecked. Cavalry also require proper terrain (No rivers, trees, nor bumpy terrain). A proper army is a balance between Infantry, Archers, Cavalry and Spearmen. Using formations will grant you the advantage in battles. Sorry, but it's like you don't have any idea what you are talking about.

  15. I like to have 25% Swadian Knights, 25% Nord Hurscarls, and 50% Nord Veteran Warriors :3

    pretty much: my bodyguard, the vanguard, and the actual army

  16. if youre new don't be a female. this is medieval times men are considered more dominate. being a man is the easier choice

  17. If you're new to M&B and are using this as a way to learn the game and army assembly don't take it entirely at face value. Swadian Knights are not the be-all-end-all solution to everything. They are good, but they have weaknesses, namely their high salaries. Having a lot of Swadian knights will bankrupt the novice player. Other soldier types are just as good or better than Swadian knights given the scenario you put them in. Rhodok sergeants are the best defenders money can buy. Large shields, massive pikes to thwart cavalry charges (they counter Swadian knights) and heavy hammers to capture prisoners who get too close. Nord Huscarls are the best offensive infantry in the game. They hit very hard, chewing through shields with axe and throwing axe. They also have the highest athletics so they are the fastest infantry in the game, closing the gap between them and archers quickly. And their armor isn't half bad either. Vaegir Marksmen are the best archers in the game. While not as fast firing as their Sarranid counterparts, the Vaegir Marksman hits harder and are far more accurate. They are an absolute must for castle sieges whether you are attacking or defending. Khergit Veteran Horse Archers are mobile archery units who can outflank and outmanuver enemy charges or defensive formations if their general has the know how. And then the whole entire Sarranid faction is a jack-of-all-trades faction who excels at nothing but also has very few weaknesses.

  18. Here I am with clasic M&B, having to suck some king dick cause I cant have my own faction. Kill me please (or buy me a (preferably* GOG) for M&B:WB!)

  19. As mentioned by other this really works in low-medium difficulty and in open lands. You can not take a castle with knights. Also spearmen will destroy the knight attack. If i face spearmen army. I ask my knights to wait untill my marksmen take down huge bunch of spearmen then i charge.

  20. For field battles just go 100% Swadian Knights/Sarranid Mamaluks. You'll destroy everything, just make sure the field is open. For sieges, dump the cav and just get 100% Rhodok Sharpshooters.

    If you want to have one of the funniest experiences in Warband Native, get an army of Nord Warriors/Veterans/Huscarls and raid a town belonging to Khanate/Sultinate. With any luck the faction leader himself will come try to fight you… and thanks to a glitch all of this cavalry will spawn dismounted. Even on normal difficulty watch 500+ Sarranid Shit and Khergit Turds get wrecked by throwing weapons and battleaxes.

  21. Everyone's sitting here trying to give their strategic troop ratio for success and I'm sitting here in floris mod on %80 difficulty steamrolling armies 5x my size with 120 high tier calvary units.

  22. Floris mod troops are fucking insane. Imagine a Rhodok sharpshooter in a full suit of top tier plate armor with a good shield and sword.
    And also most of the fucking nords have throwing axes and in a siege you literally have like 30 of them coming at you simultaneously.
    Same as saranids and Spears.

  23. So generally the best army layout is Nord Huscarls and Rhodoks Segerants for Melee Infantry, Rhodok Sharpshooters and Vageirs for Ranged Infantry, Swadian Knights and Sarranid Mamlukes for Cavalry

  24. Looting a Swadian Village with a band of huscarls and sharpshooters is always amusing when King Harlaus loses 150 (dismounted) Swadian Knights to the storm of throwing axes and crossbow bolts.

  25. I usually go with the Sardinids cause they have Mamlukes and a lot of villages which means lots of recruits

  26. I usually go with the Sardinids cause they have Mamlukes and a lot of villages which means lots of recruits

  27. I have a problem. NEED HELP.

    So, I was a Vaegir lord and I had my court and my wife AND THEN sh*t hit the fan, I lost all my castles, my city and only had a village left. In my anger at being abandoned by the Vaegir kingdom I informed the king that I was leaving his service.

    Only now I'm not sure if I still have a court, seeing as I now have no villages even.

    Any help? Cheers

  28. You want Nord huscarls and Rhodok cross bows. Who the fuck ever fights in the field ? I ONLY ever fight during a siege, therefore horses are fucking useless.

  29. Personally, i love to build a shield wall of nord veterans/huscarls, and the place vaegir archers behind them. Lightly armoured enemies are dead before reaching you, and the heavier ones have to contest with nordic shield wall.

  30. Funny how the title is how to build a proper army, but the entire army is comprised of mounted troops. Not proper in the slightest, no proper battle tactics other than "The Ball of Death" which isn't even useful against actual proper armies, and forest or highly hilled areas.

  31. Hey guys if u guys cant make ur own kingdom or if u just want yo be a vassel of a kingdom id suggest Kingdom of Rhodoks they are really good i took out a army of 90 nords Rhodok Sergeants have good armor and do so much damage and The Rhodok Sharpshooters shoot fast and it like a truck

  32. I just found these games just recently I got Mount and Blade Fire and Sword, I plan on getting Warband soon, I just wanna know can you not join a faction and take a castle yourself?
    *Edit I hope you're Chara's name is "MylittleWarhorse" lol Im a 50/50 split on infantry and range myself

  33. Do you always play in third person?
    And also, yea, horsemans are very good, but they cost very much if in big numbers.

  34. I have no cav but what I do is have rhodok spearmen in the front once the Cavs ram into them since I out my huscarls on Calvary i told them to hold then they flanked trapping the enemy before the infantry gets there then after the cav are dead i retreat to the highest slope line up infantry and have my rhodok crossbows and sarranids rain hell on the infantry

  35. In my game I joined the Nords and we ate the kingdom of Swadia really gas so now I use the Huscarls for raiding castles and cities and the Knights for land battles

  36. Just go to any tarvern in any kingdom, recruit mercenary calvary. When you reach 100 mercenary cavalry, no one can defeat you. Try it, I still not lose any battle since I start playing it.

  37. I started with the Nords and got a former Swadian fief after we took it over. The combo of Huscarl infantry and Swadian Calvary is the way to go. Place the infantry on a hill, flank with the Cavalry. A shield wall with a height advantage can absorb so much, and the Huscarls will throw axes too. Flank the enemy ranged attackers with Cav, then send your infantry into a charge. The enemy will scatter and you can pick off the stragglers. Also, recommend getting a companion with a high surgery skill. Most of my guys will only get wounded, and not be killed.

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