Mounting Your Artwork for DIY and Custom Framing with American Frame
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Mounting Your Artwork for DIY and Custom Framing with American Frame

October 21, 2019

Mounting your artwork for framing.
Mounting is an essential part of preparing your artwork for framing.
There are many methods- which one is right for you?
This tutorial will focus on the most common and efficient techniques.
To begin we’ll talk about the Do-it-Yourself methods first.
Hinging your art. For the best conservation of the artwork,
use an adhesive that’s strong but easily removed. We recommend an acid free linen tape.
This ensures preservation of your piece. Place linen tape across the top lip of the
back of your art so that it sticks halfway above the lip.
Then place the mat over the art, making sure it is centered perfectly within the mat window.
Press down on the taped area and your art and mat board are now hinged and ready for
framing. If the paper you are mounting is heavy, you
might try the floating effect. In this example the art is floated on top of a solid piece
of mat board. It’s heavy stock so it was mounted directly
to the bottom mat with double sided tape. Then a mat board with a window cut larger
than the art is placed over the top. Due to the thickness of the paper, this creates
a 3D effect where the picture appears to be floating within the mat window.
Another DIY mounting method is the self adhesive board. This product is generally used by photographers
on photographic prints which they do themselves. It’s preferred for those who need a flat finish
within the frame and do not have access to a supplier with drymounting capability.
This is not a reversible process and therefore is not considered archival.
Now for our professional mounting methods like dry mounting.
Dry mounting is a professional permanent heat activated process.
A layer of adhesive lies between the image and the mounting board.
This is then placed in a machine that uses heat and a vacuum to seal it together.
It’s a smooth and perfect looking mount. The art and backing virtually become one.
This prevent ripples from appearing over time. If the artwork is an original or a signed
print, we recommend the product Art Care Restore. With Art Care Restore, the dry mounting process
is reversible and won’t devalue your irreplaceable art.
The correct mounting method is crucial in determining the life and long term condition
of your image. Learning these tips will help you decide which
method is best for your specific needs and keep your art beautiful for years to come.

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