MP in EU Parliament on Croatian Politics and Tuđman

January 22, 2020

Prime Minister, 28 years ago most of the member states recognized Croatia as an independent country. Today you sit here and preside over the Council of the European Union and I congratulate you. However, I have to admit that while reading your program, I felt dissapointed. You consider Turkey as a candidate for EU membership and you also want Kosovo to become a member of the EU. I don’t believe that the first President
of your country and the founder of your party Franjo Tuđman would support that. I cannot imagine that a majority of Croatians support that either. I can only warn you, as you are a “first class european” who thinks he has to act against the interest of his own nation Take a look how many Croats are leaving Croatia! Young people are leaving your country. If you would study Franjo Tuđman and his works, for example the book “The National question in contemporary Europe”, you would find better answers to the challenges that Europe is facing than in the European Comission and the European Parliament. The European Union is one large global economic area with the lowest growth rate and smallest investement capability. Yet it intends to invest 3 billion euros to fight climate change even if that may not be the technology of the future, despite what the majority here think. In short, the answers to european problems are in Tuđman, not in Brussels. I expected Croatia to bring the spirit of the 90’s, the idea of partnership between nations and a return to common sense. Large states and supranational entites are hopeless. You, as a child of Yugoslavia, should know that better than anybody.

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