MPs find government in contempt of parliament in historic motion
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MPs find government in contempt of parliament in historic motion

November 18, 2019

The ayes to the right, 311.
The noes to the left, 293. [Gasps/Oohs] – Look at them!
– Look at their faces! The ayes to the right, 311
The noes to the left, 293. So the ayes have it.
The ayes have it. Unlock! Order.
Point of order, Keir Starmer. On a point of order, Mr Speaker,
this house has now spoken and it’s of huge constitutional
and political significance. It is, I think, unprecedented for
this house to find government ministers
in contempt. The motion makes clear
the government must now publish the attorney general’s
final legal advice in full. I hope the government
will now confirm and comply with that order. But if she … If the government
fails to respond, Mr Speaker, what steps can I
and others take to ensure the government
does comply with this motion and before the vote
that we have next Tuesday? Grateful to … I will,
before responding to the right honourable
and learned gentleman, of course, hear on the
point of order from the
leader of the house. The leader of the house,
Andrea Leadsom. Thank you, Mr Speaker. We’ve tested the opinion
of the house twice on this very serious subject. We’ve listened carefully
and, in light of the expressed will of the house, we will
publish the final and full advice provided by the
attorney general to cabinet. But, recognising the very
serious constitutional issues that this raises,
I have referred the matter to the
Privileges Committee to consider the implications
of the humble address. – When? When? When? Well, I’m grateful to the right
honourable and learned gentleman for his point of order and to the leader for
her response. Members … Some members
are saying from a sedentary position, “when?” I had intended to say that
I expected ministers to comply with the verdict
of the house. If the leader wants to offer
a further and better particular on that point now –
or immediately after the point of order from the
right honourable and learned gentleman, she can do so,
but if not I would certainly expect to have fuller information
on that matter provided to the house very soon. First of all, the right honourable
and learned gentleman, Keir Starmer. On that point of order
and on that question, could the Speaker please advise
me what steps we can take to ensure that the process just
outlined is completed by next Tuesday
when we vote? Well, it would seem to me
to be unimaginable that it would not be,
unimaginable that it would not be but, of course,
I will hear from the leader. The government will respond
tomorrow, Mr Speaker. I am extremely grateful
to the leader for the clarity of that confirmation
and I think that does satisfy the curiosity
of members and we can leave it there.

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  1. Close down this farce building of incompetent rich fools.
    May should be charged with fraud and withholding public information. Then bloody sacked with no privileges of office.

  2. The government don’t even know what to do with Brexit? How can we? A new government is sorely needed! The history of the Tory’s isn’t pretty reading at ALL!!!

  3. england belongs to indians not european fu…ing migrants,except gypsies who are our brothers and sisters;we are already 2 billions indians in the world ;we will rule uk

  4. Whatever choice you choose just do it I'm sick of this… We all live in this country and walk past each other but everybody just hating on each other we've been a very diverse country for a long time all of a sudden people want migrants and immigrants out every bodies divided I'm a migrant I had a very violent beginning to life my mum sent me here for a better life I just want people to coexist with each other I don't really have political views or anything I'm just sick of walking around and having people people look at me with plains face knowing that behind those faces in most cases is just hate I'm not perfect but neither is anyone else please can we all just get along..and I'm not talking about racism I'm talking about the "send these people back where they came from" mentality

  5. Let’s have another referendum but if the vote changes to remain, I’d like to have a third referendum to change it back to leave again, why ask us to vote and then once we vote, disagree with us and try to instigate another vote, we have our chance to leave the EU which we’ll be better off for, govern ourselves, control who we let in to the country instead of a stupid free movement clause, save billions of pounds a year which can go back into our country’s people and businesses, if you still want to vote remain after hearing a deal like that then you must have the same evil agenda as the EU anyway

  6. How about giving us a say in a referendum is we accept this deal or not? Of course the Quitters will say that a vote is 'undemocratic'.

  7. Great to see the hidden bullyboy face of the tories wheeled out to chastise the whole parliament on the law only to be humiliated the following day as a procedure he declared could not be used was passed,then to watch him squirm in hic seat with reptilian tears as he wished for the hole he had been digging would swallow him up so he could return to the place where this election disaster in the making could be kept out of sight and public view! And no he will not resign because a middle ages document designed to protect people in power he thought was legally binding turned out to not be, he will protest he was only doing his job. Rather badly it seems.

  8. Every British MP has proved they can't do the job. They should leave with no payments, no Pension and pay back the money they got paid under false pretences.

  9. Acting like they’re making a decision for us but they forget we’re in a simulation and everything has already been decided 😉

  10. May has disgraced her position, and shamed our Country… its hard to see how much worse this can go…. the good news is her sell-out non-brexit bill/agreement, with the EU is no IMO ''sunk without trace….

  11. May has disgraced her position, and shamed our Country… its hard to see how much worse this can go…. the good news is her sell-out non-brexit bill/agreement, with the EU is now IMO ''sunk without trace….

  12. They should be ashamed. I know that I am. Can they not see how other countries would be laughing at us.
    Are any of them sober?

  13. left right aye's nay's its just circus. all of it. the only vote that counts for anything has a picture of the queen or a dead president on it. if you want to change the world, forget these second rate clowns. vote with your wallets.

  14. All the jeering and catcalling by MPs makes me ashamed to be British – do they think this adds to the dignity of Parliament? Did they not know how many people would be watching this footage? In this respect at least, the Yanks have the edge on us

  15. government in contempt.. Might I suggest the same punishment tommy robnson got for being in contempt: solitary confinement, starvation due to unsafe to eat food, sleep deprivation and feces thrown at him.

  16. Theresa May, worst prime minister since Thatcher, that's saying a lot, she was only matched in her shitness and incompetence/evilness and callousness by Margret fuckingThatcher

  17. And in this thread we have the uneducated in their natural environment, with 4 GCSEs between them, trying to exert their perceived superiority over the youtube comment section.

  18. 1:19 What is with that jacket? Is Leadsom going clubbing later?

    I guess she didn't expect to be in such a historic moment in UK politics.

  19. In 1975 the legal advice to the currupt lieing British government was to lie to the British people about joining Europe says it all really doesn't it

  20. Wow !!! Wonderful British people, whomever said indeed they are not wise? For they have crafted a method of Resolution to adopt a Resolution that will be voted as a Resolution and later on adopted as a Resolution with an objection of having smaller resolution that will lead to the main Resolution that if it fails will lead to a final Resolution to Dissolving of the ultimate Resolution. They get paid to create confusion among the people. SWEET

  21. And so it continues… before I go on my light-hearted rant: I was a remain voter and I always grind my teeth when people say this is what "the nation voted for" and then say another referendum vote would be undemocratic.
    What follows is my opinion, I don't claim it to be right or even well reasoned – feel free to disagree and point out flaws and counter arguments, but please be civil.

    Consider this scenario:
    A few managers in a company are friends with a local supplier; some other managers don't get on with them and don't like how the supplier dictates a lot of what is supplied and how much it costs… plus they also supply a lot of temporary staff to us; some becoming permanent employees (most being hard working and productive).
    A lot of people don't like that supplier and don't trust the temporary staff, possibly for good reason in some individual cases.
    Fed up of all the managerial squabbles the company, of 101 people, are asked to vote on whether to change suppliers.
    We're told it'll be cheaper and better and we'd be able to get our own temporary staff… 51 say change – so they go with that decision.
    Then we're told the company already has existing orders and would have to pay for supplies already bought, even though we won't see the benefit.
    We ask what supply agreements we'll get instead, only to be told "not sure, but it'll be better"; except the office accountants say it'll definitely cost more in the short term.
    We also may have to stick to some supply restrictions until we can get a new contract with the old suppliers, because basically we don't want people stealing the stationary.
    All the managers are arguing over the change of contracts and we not entirely sure what temporary staff we'll get anymore.
    We may even just ditch the old suppliers without paying but that'd really get us in legal trouble and make it unlikely we'd get a reasonable new contract with them again.
    The accountants now say we'll be worse off financially for around 15 years if we leave our existing supplier.
    Now with a few weeks to go, people continue to ask is this really a good idea?
    "We'll 51 of you said change so that's what the company wants and we can't go against that."
    But 49 said no? And now we know a lot more of the costs, disruption and uncertainty.
    Of course there are probably people in power who benefit on either side of the choice, so there will be a lot of scaremongering and lily-gilding going on.
    But is it undemocratic to check if the majority still want to go through with this?

    That may be a simplistic analogy, but still the average person knows almost nothing of the effects of being in or out of the EU; a lot of arguments were based on promoting hopes and fears. Very little was put before us in terms of financial benefits; control of laws; legal protections; protection of national identity etc. When 'experts' spoke out they were shut out of the debate. A lot said and continue to say we'll be financially better off in the EU, so what are the financial benefits of leaving? I for one don't know, and I'm sure their are some they're just never mentioned. We may also have better control over laws and regulations, which will certainly be of benefit to those with the position and influence to enact that control… but I don't know if that is a good or bad thing for the average person.

    We vote for parties that reflect our general opinions, we look to them to use expert guidance in keeping with our opinion.
    I don't think we should ever been given such a monumental vote in the first place, but I do feel it's undemocratic to not present cold unbiased expert opinions, clearly reasoned arguments for both sides, and especially not to allow us to say if we've changed our mind.

    Oh and for those who think the EU is undemocratic… each country vote for the MEPs, who in turn vote on their public's behalf to elect the inner committees and each law and regulatory change goes through layers of debate with gated votes before coming into effect – all done by the people we (of the EU) voted to act on our behalf. It is one of the most democratic models in use today. We even have (soon to be 'had') the right to veto anything that goes against our national interest. And we voted to leave to take back control? Ah well.

  22. I believe that the recent demands of the EU, public outrage in france, germany and belgium and the many menber states wanting to leave would only affirm the necessity of Brexit. We would only be left propping up the EU greed and corruption. We had a vote and its simple. OUT. There is no cimpromise in a coin flip and any compromise with "leave" is undemocratic. We must get on with it. I for one am tired of paying through the nose for administrational tarrifs, governmental time wasting and our MPs and money being governed by technocrats cause some moron wants star fruit on the shelves in tescos. Keep our money in house like every family should.

  23. I'm a Remainer. If May goes as PM, no-one new will be able to negotiate a deal before end Mar 2019, so we stay indefinitely until that can be done, with all the increasing financial and business uncertainty we've seen over the last 3 months. Who wants that? Not me. For heavens sake if we MUST go, because the people voted to, let's go for,heavens sake and sort things out later. The Northern Ireland thing cannot be agreed before March.

  24. Leave means LEAVE! There is no such thing as a soft or hard Brexit, Brexit means just that, exit! I voted to leave the corrupt dictatorship that is the EU, I didn’t to it for my needs, I did it for my country’s needs. I want to be a self-governing independent sovereign nation, like Australia or Russia or America are. 🇬🇧✊🏼🇬🇧

  25. look at Cox, hes never looked so flustered since he was caught trying to hide £400,000 of undeclared private income, the mans a crook like the rest of them.

  26. I vote we have a vote on if we should have a referendum,
    to decide if we need another referendum
    on the first referendum.
    Democracy! wooohooo!

  27. The issue isn't about democracy, but whether leaving Brexit is going to benefit Britain! Allowing the public to vote on such an important issue, was like giving the car keys to a 14 year who think they know how to drive!! Now, I understand those that wanted to Brexit, principle behind their thoughts, however what they need to remember is for the past 547 years Britain has depended on two economic systems: 'Empire' ( no Britain didn't become 'GREAT' on its own, it built its wealth off the back of other nations through exploitation!) the other system being Europe. Britain, can not suddenly walk away without an economic plan, particularly given that we an now living in a GLOBAL ECONOMY. Britain does not have any clout and this is what people need to get through their heads! It produces nothing exclusive, it no longer has 'Empire' to trade with the rest of the world and it produces ( goods nor services)nothing exclusive as a country that others can not get at a cheaper cost elsewhere, come on now countries around the world are hiring staff in India for their IT and call centres!!. Also 80% of its economy is imported from the 'immigrant' nations that many arrogant Brits look down their nose on. Tea, coffee, oil, petrol, rice, metals, gold, diamonds, coconut, rum, even Foreign 'immigrant' European goods; wine, beers, vodka, brandy, cars, and the list goes on…….. Britain will be a corner shop up against established economic blocks USA, CHINA, EUROPE, AND RUSSIA!!!!! Whose pockets will the cost lay with higher trade tariffs, because Britain will no longer be the mates of Europe and the USA anymore, so they wont be part of their world trade deals and exploitation of poorer nations. If people think by voting Brexit by not letting the 'immigrants' in, well got news for you all. If Brexit does go through ( which I doubt it will) Britain will have to go begging on its knees to those very nations that are taken for granted and breast feed Britain with its good and resources, who, well course the 'immigrants' They for sure now will have the upper hand, and will demand free movement for their people into the UK. What people don't understand, is Britain never was, and never will be an ' independent' entity, and those arrogant Brits that voted, out, bit the hand that feeds its very economy. It is called diplomacy, something that other Europeans understand, but because Brits have the real arrogant notion that Britain has clout because it sports a pompous Monarchy who is yet another exploitative system, and does nothing for the country but drains the tax payers money and live in luxury whilst public services suffer ( its not Europe but the Monarchy people need to be voting out!) You all need to wake up and smell the coffee!!!! ( from Kenya, Ethiopia, Jamaica, and Colombia lol) These MP know what they are doing, the are voting against May's Brexit deal under the guise that it is not true to the Brexit voter, however knowing that this will then lead to a no Brexit and Britain will safely remain in Europe. I am no supporter of May or the Conservative Party, however May compromise deal will ensure the stability of Britain, staying in the Customs Union. I would like anyone to come forward with a firm ECONOMIC plan for Britain. Given the history of Britain, a plan would have had to been in making for at least 5 -10 years before Brexit, it is impossible to expect a clean divorce and a prospering economy over night, when Britain has not gone it alone for 547 years!

  28. Why does the speaker look like a crackhead? Seriously, can't even brush his hair?! He's definitely sniffing coke off a prostitute's hairy back

  29. I think this is the first time. I've checked and checked again and i'm right. In fact if you check i've been right a lot haha! Maybe the EU should stay in Britain, would that allow us to leave? If we wanted to remain maybe we can ask nicely?

  30. a referendum is not really effective as it only serves a potion of the population and not the nation as a whole for example what if a vote goes a little over half of the voting population then they will only be serving a little over half of the nation

  31. What a farce. All this because Cameron wanted to regain a few seats from UKIP…. There was no brexit plan 2 years ago when people were asked to vote & there still isn't one apart from crashing out without a deal. It's either that or we rescind article 50 and stay in the EU.

  32. It's a game to all of them and especially the Labour front bench. We are doomed, a referenda will go unfulfilled and we will be embarrassed.

    If there is a second referendum and the country votes to renter by some means, how do we trust each other?

  33. Some time I shake my head at the UK and wonder, "How did this nation create such immense global influence, they are a bunch of idiots". Then I watch this and realise how wrong I am. As messy as it looks, your democracy is doing its job!
    I believe it was Churchill who once said, "…democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried…"


  35. The average MP cost taxpayers £118000, we have 650 of them, we are being ruled by Europe so why the £uck do we need MPs? or even a government. They can't overrule any Laws or Tax demands the EU impose on us, so what do the get the £118000 for?

  36. The labour party is 100%to blame for this and I hope and pray they suffer at the ballot box to the extreme right wing,I have never hated a party like I do the labour party,they will not let brexit happen they are not for the British people

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