Music 376: Composition Seminar
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Music 376: Composition Seminar

August 24, 2019

my name is Dr. Karen Sunabacka I
teach music theory and Composition and any courses related to those two
subjects here at Conrad Grebel i also teach a composition seminar which really
focuses on composition and the different ways that composers have approached
composition from graphic scores or no scores all the way through actually
written a notational scores and i really explore the different ways that we can
think about sound the different ways that composers have thought about sound
and i encourage the students to write and compose music in these different
kinds of experimental styles the composition seminar that I took with
Karen Sunabacka and it was it was really neat because again like it was a
small class size and we each week we got to compose a new piece and perform it
for the classes and at the end of the term it was really
incredible we got the opportunity to compose a piece for an orchestra and
then the uwaterloo orchestra performed it for us and it was just such an
incredible memorable experience that we were able to create something and then
hear our own works being played live

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