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  1. its rlly cool how you made the guitar musical frame like a techno sound,i have a friend who has a guitar like that and tryed making tha tkind of techno sound

  2. hello o hola amigaso aca te dejo mi cancion preferida sexy and y know it si arias un video sobre eso estaria GENIAL¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ sos un groso nos bemos besoos

  3. I justed wanted to say thanks for introducing me to deadmau5 🙂
    Since you made this video he started to become my favorite artist ever.
    So thanks! 😀

  4. have you guys ever heard of goasts n stuff remix? it rock like a pebble. lol that sentence waz kinda stoopid. sorry

  5. Me gusto tu video y la canción que me dedique a crear uno igual y desde luego respetando tu originalidad. Admiro tu creativida!!

  6. i wish at the end when he started dancing they just stop doing what they where doing and look at him like no then they start playing again

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