Muslim Americans Have Constitutional Rights Too
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Muslim Americans Have Constitutional Rights Too

September 11, 2019

brothers morning nineteen-year-old left
behind return returned back home to the united states after one month of
detention in kuwait body was a u_s_ citizen is the u_s_ has race in virginia and traveling overseas to visit family
in st air a bit behind was denied entry back to the
united states is is named pierre enough loyalist according to his own account this u_s_
citizen was taken from the kuwaiti airport when
identified location handcuffed and blindfolded and was then beaten and tortured for a
week by kuwaiti officials at this the civic be has to request for
the u_s_ government following his intense enhanced
interrogation sc mohammed was transferred to detention
facility for weeks all’s family back in virginia sought legal remedies to bring
him home finally arrive back in the states this
morning he was interviewed by the f_b_i_ again without a lawyer so here we have a u_s_ citizen traveling
abroad denied re-entry into the united states
tortured for a week and detained for a few more all by the authority of the united states government bahamas lawyers are now suing the
department of justice now we don’t know all the details for
mohammed’s if the all the details of muhammed’s true true we do know that the u_s_ is employed torture as
recently as two years ago and using indefinite detention to this day president bush home and exit admitted it and they civil liberties groups allege
that the no-fly list is really a tool by which the u_s_
government can justify the interrogation and attention a certain individuals abroad by foreign
government facials as likely u_s_ turns a blind eye too
harsh interrogation tactics carried out by these foreign officials this is where we are today in our world on terror think back for a moment to america pre bush what our reactions between u_s_ citizen
tortured and detained against his will what our reaction be if the score sure
was perpetrated by the u_s_ government this seems to be a great apathy weird desensitization settling over the american spirit or the last decade a fundamental shift
has occurred america we now routinely sacrifice human rights on a mass scale in the public eye in the pursuit of security and the shift continues unnoticed it’s not reported in the mainstream
media it’s not debated in the halls of
congress quietly creepy we figure out the words of one of our
founders benjamin franklin when he said they wouldn’t give up a
central liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety sure this happened before one day our
nation woke up and realize we in turn u_s_ citizens in the concentration camps
we did two americans of japanese ancestry during world war two or we were on the lives of thousands of
citizens by way of a manufactured which one is
communist our nation’s hypnotized by mccarthyism
nineteen fifties harking back to that date republican
peter king internal online security committee is launching investigations as we speak into american-born communities for similar on american activities this is u_s_ citizens are being detained and tortured and we need to be aware of it because if we are will repeat the
mistakes of the past or worse in american writer milt mayor they thought they were free it was about the smoke free of the rise of nazism in germany and why good german citizens did nothing
to stop it mayor in his book uses who is a
journalist his journals in chicago and right after world war two he went
over to germany and interviewed ten good germans people who never joined a
nazi party infragistics me atrocities and yet didn’t speak out or try and stop
anything a college professor a baker out you know above right here people and here’s what they told him this is
he’s actually in this case quoting a college professor that he interviewed the stall said what happened here who’s the gradual habituation of the
people little by little to being governed by surprise to receiving decisions deliberated in
secret to believing that the situation was so
complicated but the government had to act on information which the people could
not understand or so dangerous even if the people quite understand it it could not be released because of national security and one day the world you live in urination your people it’s not the world you were in it all the forms are all there are all on
touched all reassuring the houses the shops the jobs the meal times who visits the concerts this summer the
holidays but this spirit which you never noticed because you made the lifelong mistake of identifying it with the forms the spirit this chain and is now you live in a world of hate and fear and the people who hate and fear don’t
even know what themselves when everyone is transform no one is transfer now you live in a system which rules without responsibility even to god just because everything looks the same
around us president our spirit remains intact what some of the story of cool that
mohammed ignored this is a wakeup moment for america was not what the story of those in
vietnam you no that was a campaign promise of president obama as long as our human rights abuses continue our spirit will rot away and this nation will continue to draft in directions and none of us whatever we want let stand up for the ideals of the
enlightenment on which this country was founded government by and for the people f proper respect for those people’s
human rights and reject the fear peddled by the bushes and she needs we are better than that fear we are not a fearful nation and franklin roosevelt said we have
nothing to fear but fear itself that was the human time

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  1. US citizens who happen to be Muslim have Constituional rights and need to be treated as human beings? Can Sharia law be far off?

  2. @neltiliztlamani We really need an emoticon for 'facetious'. At least I do 'cause folks just don't get my jokes.

  3. 2:30 When Ben Franklin said if you give up liberty for safety you get neither, you should apply this same logic to health care. When you give away your liberty to the government to mandate health care, then you will not have liberty or health care. This has been demonstrated time and time again because people simply can't get everything for free. There is always a cost and liberty is priceless, and something that is so difficult to get back once taken by kings and dictators.

  4. @ggadguy I think you're too broadly interpreting Franklin, who was talking about trading essential liberty for temporary safety. Freedom of action is a tradeoff with security, you cannot get security without restricting action in some form, but Franklin was talking about diminishing returns. The more costly the security, the less useful it ends up being, in life and in programming. I think Franklin makes too harsh a judgment on simple fools who fall for sales tricks, though.

  5. Sooooo………….. what is Mr. Obama doing about this? ….. crickets…..
    Did not he promis to close the Gitmo Prison in Cuba? Did not he promise to end the war? Instead he increased troop levels. The fear is being created by the Obamas and Bidens, what have they done about this? …… nothing….. I hear crickets again, where is the outrage from the liberal left? where are the anti war protests? How many people have been killed in Afganistan since Mr. Obama increased troop levels?

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