My favorite Full-Frame lens that’s kinda “Affordable”
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My favorite Full-Frame lens that’s kinda “Affordable”

November 6, 2019

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  1. to prevent someone from rear-ending me, I switched to brighter bulbs (LED) and leave the low beam on all the time so others will see me day or night.

  2. If I had dogs, I would call them …
    – The biggest : Arri Alexa, bc when she runs it's always + cinematic
    – The smallest: Micro 4/3 (Chiwawas are smartphones at this scale)
    – The fastest: F1 , he's got a wide aperture for the future, & runs fast in low light
    – The Fattest: RED, bc THICCCCCC
    – The smartest: Sony, bc Alien technology inside, even though he has no 180° flippy ears & unfriendly interface (When I say "Sit!", he runs & steals my sandwitch)
    – The most valuable: BMPCD (Black Magic Pocket Cinema Dog)
    – The most frustrating (like the one marrying a puddle of mud just before to go in the car): EOS RP

    Well no link with the video, but seeing your dogs gave me that feeling, don't ask why. I know someone will.

  3. any kind suggestions for canon m50 with viltrox speed booster…beast lense for vlogging? I was using the 22mm pre speed booster and kit lense. Thanks so much..I live in malibu fyi.. Own a social media agency.. in la. love what you do

  4. I liked the point about this not being a good macro lens. That helps me know the limitations of the 85 1.8. It leads me more towards the 100 2.8 macro.

  5. Hey PJ,
    I was going to ask what gear do you use for the overhead clamp, but then I looked in the description and found it.
    Thanks past PJ!

  6. You should do a video where you film a short film/commercial/whatever on a RED or ARRI but with only budget lenses ($350 or less a piece) for no reason other than that's badass.

  7. I want to take good photos, but I don't want to buy too expensive. I couldn't choose between the M50 and the G7 X Mark II. Which better? I'd appreciate it if you could help me.

  8. Man I just binge watched all your videos. Big fan! Wish we could see a video of you commentint on your 1st movies or current professional work

  9. I tested this lens against a 48 year old SMC Takumar 85mm 1.8 and I have to say the Takumar had this thing beat. That said, the 48 year old takumar goes for about the same price as this Canon one does so make that of what you will lol. Great video, this 85 is super affordable and the results are great. The Tak is just kind of a freak lens hehe.

  10. I love this lens for the effects. I currently use it on my Panasonic with a Viltrox adapter to edge the 1.8 down to 1.3…

  11. I love my 85 mm 1.8. It was the first lens I owned when people went "wow" at my photos. However, I've since upgraded to the 85 mm 1.4 which is spectacular. Not only does it have a larger aperture and nicer bokeh, it has image stabilization.

  12. This is so funny you made this, I have never seen someone review this lens and it’s my favorite go to one for photography!

  13. I notice you put “affordable” in quotation marks, now if you are watching this video, you have internet, a phone, a laptop or a computer, or a combination of them. Therefore is you have the funds to buy all these tools, then you can afford this lens. I can never understand how people are so tight with camera gear. They are quite happy to pay thousands on the internet, computers, phones and update them regularly, but say camera, and people go how much!! If I buy a Mac book, no one bats an eyelid, but if you say you paid 2.5k on camera gear, people go, that is expensive.
    It all comes down to what you want. If you want to create good content that people are watching on 2k equipment, then spend at least 2k on equipment creating content.

  14. But you could shoot the RP in 25FPS which is very close. It's an annoying thing granted but as I said in my video i doubt a lot of the people it is intended for wouldnt even know to be mad that it wasnt there. It is kinda silly and for those using NTSC might not even be aware that switching to PAL could give you almost the same motion blur as 24FPS which is what i use to do in college with the Canon XL1

  15. I know this is not related to this lens. But i just wanted to ask if the Canon 6D mark i still good until now. Please advice.

  16. I had that lens years ago, it's really very good. The only downside I had was the fringing/aberration at F1.8. It disappeared around F2.2.

  17. DUDE! got this lens because of you and it has become EASILY one of my most used and favorite lenses. just wanna say thanks and saty awesome… also loved you in up!

  18. As an owner of this particular lens, I do agree it's a worthwhile investment. Image stabilization would have been a nice luxury, but it's the price and quality that one shouldn't oversee. I do experience some problems with chromatic aberrations, but nothing you can't fix by stopping down a bit.

  19. I've owned and used the 85/1.8 since I bought my EOS 620, EOS 10, Elan, and EOS-3 bodies exactly as a portrait/figure lens. Still have it. It was a little too long on my APS-C 3MP D30, 10D, and 7D bodies. Tired of high prices and slow improvements, I stopped buying Canon. I now love my new Blackmagic pocket 4k.

  20. Yeah, man. The 85mm f/1.8 is beautiful. I must admit that I haven't given mine as much time as it deserves. I'm still pushing the Canon 50mm f/1.8 and Sigma 24mm f/1.4. Loving the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 too.

  21. What is that white piece of crap on your table between you and your phone? I was so distracted lol. Nice content though I love your videos!

  22. the 85L lens is expensive, but has image stabilization, so it has become my favourite lens. It's also super sharp.

  23. Its not as cheap, but i like the Samyang/rokinon 25, 50, 85, and 135 F1.4. And i'm wating for a Kamlan 35 or 50 F1.1 in full frame, i have the APCS and love it. I'd honestly pay $1000 for this lens if it had autofocus, even though i only paid $160 for the manual version

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