My “ULTIMATE” NIKON Full Frame Lens Kit
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My “ULTIMATE” NIKON Full Frame Lens Kit

September 13, 2019

Right before we jump into this video, if you
haven’t signed up for the FroKnowsPhoto email list, just look for this orange box
over on the website. Put your name, email address in it, hit send
it and I will send you a free guide to capturing motion in low light situations. Jared Polin, and this is
my ultimate full frame Nikon lens kit. Now, just to let you know, I do own each one
of these lenses. I bought my very first Nikon lens at the age
of 15 and I have traded up, sold, worked to get all of these pieces of glass. But what I want to do right now is start at
this side and go all the way down here and talk about these lenses. Now I’m missing a couple of lenses that
I would consider to be part of the ultimate lens kit and I’ll tell you about those in
just a second. Unfortunately, I have to have the 16mm 2.8
Fisheye as one of the lenses in my ultimate kit, even though it kind of sucks at this
point. Nikon needs to update this really fast for
full-frame because it just isn’t sharp these days. Then we move up to the 105 1.4, which is an
absolute behemoth of a lens that is so sharp, it is just unbelievable. Just by looking at it, you can cut yourself. Are you looking at it? Did you cut yourself? Get a Band-Aid because you need it. Now the 2414 and the 3514 would be part of
the ultimate Nikon lens kit for full frame as well as the ultimate prime kit and don’t
forget about the 851.4 as well. The 514, you can give or take that one, not
a super big deal. This is a 105 macro 2.8, awesome for shooting
macro shots. Love having that and yes, we have two different
105s and the reason being is one is a 1.4 and meant for portraits and the other is meant
for shallow depth of field and macro shots. Now this one right here, this, the next four
lenses I consider to be my ultimate personal kit. That if I was travelling around the world
and could only take four lenses, it’s going to be the next four. Starting with the 14-24 2.8, that is the beginning
of the Hebrew trinity. Now this lens is one of the newer lenses that
rounds out the Hebrew trinity but the Hebrew Quatre. Un, deux, trois, quatre, the Hebrew Quatre. I coined it, it’s here, the Hebrew Quatre. This is the 300 millimeter F4PF, right? They call it the PF for Phase Fresnel lens. This lens is a 300, this is a 300 2 8, look
at the difference in size. Carrying this around, it’s smaller than
the next lens right here which is the 24-70 2.8 VR that just came out as well. So rounding out the Hebrew trinity is the
70-200 2.8 VR2. Now I’m waiting for them to replace this
lens. It’s kind of due because the Canon version,
the 70-200 2.8Version 2-I-S is much better than this bad boy. How did this lens get here? I don’t know. Get out of here. This lens right here, I bought and then I’m
like, “Why do I need it now that I have this 300?” This right here, we’ll move it over, is
a 300 millimeter 2.8 AFS VR Version 2. It is an unbelievable lens if you are a sports
photographer. It could do well for portraits if you wanted
to get portraits with it but some of the other lenses that are missing on the big ass glass
side, would be the 400 2.8, which I’d probably never own. I’ll just rent it if I need it, a 600 millimeter
F4 and I think they make an 800 but those lenses, they are really lenses that I’m
not going to drop $USD 16,000 on. This is pretty much my ultimate Nikon full
frame kit setup. What lenses would you consider to be in your
ultimate kit setup? Leave that information down below and if you
want to see what an ultimate Canon lens setup would look like, click up on the screen right
now to go and do that. But don’t forget to subscribe here on YouTube
and give it a thumbs up. If you would like to give it a thumbs up,
that really helps. So that rounds out my ultimate Nikon full
frame lens kit. This is it and I’m leaving it right there. Jared Polin, See you. Today I want to talk a little bit about ­ No? A little bit about some of Nikon’s professional
lenses and ­ I’d like to ­ Today I want to talk a little bit about ­

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  1. can you help me please? for nikon d5500 should i get AF-S DX 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G ED or AF-P DX NIKKOR 10-20mm f/4.5-5.6G VR thank you.

  2. So if I have a D700 and if I could only get one now, which one should I get?  I do a lot event shooting and some portraits.

  3. I also own "Holy Trinity" zooms and the 300 f4 (had the old one for years and love the new one). I've owned the 24G, 35G, 58G, and 85G primes, but that was too much money laying around. I've since sold all of them and replaced them over the years with the 35mm f2/D, the 50mm 1.4D, 105mm f2/D DC. I also have a 60mm f2.8D I use for macro as well as a walkaround lens. These older primes have more character and better color than their modern counterparts (if not quite as sharp). They are also much cheaper and are built like tanks. If I needed a fast telephoto I would buy the 300 2.8 and add a teleconverter if I needed anything longer (before buying a 400, 500, etc.) If I were serious about macro photography, I'd get the Tokina 100mm 2.8. I've read that it's twice as good and half as much as the Nikon 105mm 2.8. Note that I tell people that if I could only own one lens it would be a 50mm, but that's no fun 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  4. Nikon 35mm f/1.4? It's naff compared to the Sigma 35mm and is more than double the price, 3rd party lenses should form part of the ultimate lens collection.

  5. What is the best Cam 4 both daylight and dim light … ? can any1 help me with the model num ,… I love Nikon … but Nikon D….???? number plz

  6. What lens would be good for nikon D5000 for pictures of buildings from street level looking up to 3 to 10 stories. I have bowing and need to have buildings straight

  7. What lenses should I get?
    1. One for traveling and shooting in a environment like, I plan to do a Amazon rainforest trip.
    2. A vlog lense for hand held video while i'm out and about traveling?

    Thanks for the info even if you dont answer, your vids are helping as I go thru them

  8. hey jared polin! i really like ur videos and they r really helpful… can u please suggest me or guide me which DSLR to buy?? since im new to photography and camera and im really confused which one to buy?? and im starting of my course in photography! please do REply. or u can mail me on to [email protected] thanks.

  9. hey jared polin! i really like ur videos and they r really helpful… can u please suggest me or guide me which DSLR to buy?? since im new to photography and camera and im really confused which one to buy?? and im starting of my course in photography! please do REply. or u can mail me on to [email protected] thanks.

  10. K. Doing some close up portrait work. 20mm 1.8 or your 14-24? or the 24mm 1.4? Which is sharper? I will rarely use it for landscape. I'm okay with dropping some pesos on a prime lens exclusively, though is there really a zoom lens that can match the clarity of the 20 1.8 or 24 1.4? On that note…which of these two would you say is better performing on a D750? Thanks in advance for replying…I'm going to check out the 20mm 1.8 next week. Totally torn though. Appreciate the feedback.

  11. My ultimate set is very similar but instead of 105mm f1.4 & 85mm f1.4, I use 85mm f1.8!! Nothing less than 105 at all. I disagree if this lens is better just because it is sharper or newer.

    I use 10.5mm f2.8 Dx Fisheye and it is iconic and phenomenon. 16mm is not even close to that.
    I disagree that 24mm and 35mm f1.4 are in the list of ultimate. I bought 24 f1.4 and used it max five times and there is nothing that my BEAST Nikkor nocte 58mm f1.2 cannot do. This is the ultimate lens along with 55m f1.2 and 50mm f1.4 (Not f1.2 that sucks).

    The rest I am very agreeable and I never buy gigantic ones. It's a waste.

  12. For me, dream (but affordable) kit is D500, Sigma 18-35 and 50-100 f/1.8, and 10.5mm DX fisheye. D850 with 14-24 f/2.8, 24-70 f/2.8 VR, 70-200 GII (not E), and Sigma 60-600. Covered from 14-600 + fisheye. Add SB-910 and tripod/monopod.

  13. Love your videos. Literally I've only had my first DSLR for 4 days and I've learned my kit Nikkor lenses only go down to F4.6. This makes it a chore to take indoor photos with only natural light. But I'm hoping to still get some excellent outdoor shots since I will have plenty of light. I have the standard 18-55mm Nikkor and 70-300mm Nikkor. Does anyone have any tips for me?

  14. Anybody can show off their lens collection. Why not show off the best images you have captured in the last year?

  15. To people who shit themselves when he threw the lens, I think it was a coffee mug. I squealed inside when I saw him do that

  16. It's called the HOLLY TRINITY dumbass. You don't get to change the name of things because you want to. Hard dislike, no wonder this channel is going to the toilet as so many other people mention

  17. I have a NikonD5300 I know it’s not full frame but I have the question “if I buy nice glass lenses can they fit both, the camera I have right now and the next camera (full frame) I’ll buy? Sorry for my ignorance. Please answer me. Thank you.

  18. 🤔Question: I have a Nikon D5600 with the 18-55mm and 70 – 300mm kit lenses. Should I start saving and planning for a new non-kit lens, maybe one of these you have mentioned here, or save up and get a Z series mirror-less camera as I get more into photography 🤔

  19. 2019 version of this video plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  20. I wanna take pictures of my 2 sons playing soccer what lens do you recommend for me for good pictures??
    Please reply

  21. I have a Nikon 20mm f1.8 for landscapes and the milky way and a 500mm f4e for bird/wildlife. I need a good prime portrait lens and the 70-200 and I believe I would be set. Ah throw the 24-70 lens in there too just to cover all the bases.

  22. Hey i am 15, just bought my first additional lens (af-s 50mm f/ 1.4), have long hair and no, i don’t shoot raw. Damn, almost identical. Just cause my d5600 can’t shoot raw… wait, it can. But i don’t have the money for the tools to edit them and the storage space for the photos…

  23. question. Why are some lenses not good enough for a full frame? I am gonna buy one, but I learnt everything about photography myself and I suck at this technical stuff XD

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