NAIDOC Week 2019 – Voice, Treaty, Truth
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NAIDOC Week 2019 – Voice, Treaty, Truth

November 16, 2019

I get to NAIDOC Week and I think, yeah,
all the things that are happening now, we’ve got all the press and we’ve got
television and the radio, and all of this that’s happening but when these poor
buggers started trying to do this, they had nothing! NAIDOC to me is we all
think about it, it’s the big thing in our lives, whether this is a big thing
for us old fellas. Then it’s just, it’s a reminder to remind us, we’re Kooris, we’re Murris, or whatever yeah, and we love it and we like to tell everybody about it!
NAIDOC Week is great, it’s something that’s you know celebrated in
schools and all the school kids love it and I think they learn from it and
they learn, you know, even from preschool. It’s something that they like,
they enjoy, and it can just get better. I think it wasn’t there when I was a kid
but it’s there now and yeah, I think the the wider
population is sort of learning more about it and and I’m sure they
appreciate it. Non-indigenous people, they’re learning more about it as well,
which is good. It’s getting bigger I think and it’s getting more recognised
in Australia, as the importance of it to Aboriginal people but they definitely
need an Aboriginal voice to help them make
decisions about Aboriginal people, because they don’t know Aboriginal
people, what their needs and wants are, it shouldn’t be about wants, it should be
about need. So the wider community is acknowledging it more now
and want to do this and want to do that to help them, which is great you know.
Bring it on!

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  1. I like to think that ALL races and cultures presently living in Australia deserve EQUAL rights, benefits and an equal voice in our Parliament. This includes Aboriginals. A "Treaty" would elevate one race above all others. That is not a good thing. As things stand, all races here already enjoy equal representation and say in our politics. Let us hope this spirit of equality amongst all races here is maintained and nurtured.

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