Nancy Pelosi Blocks Bill That Would Restore Major Constitutional Right
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Nancy Pelosi Blocks Bill That Would Restore Major Constitutional Right

October 10, 2019

As the overwhelming majority of Democrats
see it, folks across this great nation of ours simply can’t be entrusted to make their
own decisions. To save those folks from even having to be
bothered with wrestling with some tough calls, Democrats want government agencies and entities
to have hard and fast rules in place about what’s right and wrong. Unfortunately, the nanny state that Liberals
love to envision and push for doesn’t exactly have the best interests of those same folks
in mind. In fact, the nanny state is all about stripping Americans of their most basic, God-given
rights. The Washington Times shares another example
of that. Democrats blocked a bill Tuesday that would
have let dying patients try medicines that haven’t won full regulatory approval, saying
they worry about cutting the federal government out of oversight. The “right-to-try” bill, which President
Trump had called for in his State of the Union speech this year, had strong bipartisan support
— but it still fell shy of the two-thirds majority needed to pass under the fast-track
rules the GOP set for the bill. Republican leaders decried Democrats’ roadblock
and vowed to force another vote soon. Bipartisan support for something that could
make a world of difference for terminal patients? Who cares! Democrats know what’s right,
and everyone else is just too stupid to understand the sageness of their decision-making process. Back in reality, the rest of us have to deal
with the consequences of their actions. Supporters say patients who’ve exhausted
other treatment options or don’t qualify for clinical trials deserve the chance to
obtain drugs that made it through first-phase safety testing at the Food and Drug Administration,
without interference from the government. “For too many families, access to these
life-saving treatments will come too late or not at all,” said Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick,
Pennsylvania Republican. Dozens of states have passed their own measures
on a bipartisan basis. If dozens of other states can come to a conclusion
that makes sense for all, then why on Earth can’t members of Congress do the same thing? Call us crazy, but we’re in the camp of
those that think they’re wildly off the mark to the point of being preposterous. In a nutshell, it’s because Democrats feel
the need to dig their feet into the ground yet again to insist that they – and only
they – know what’s best for all. So now they themselves consist of the death panel
that we never dreamed would ever be found possible in our country. But, here it is,
led by progressive Nancy Pelosi. In short, Democrats are now assisting and
encouraging the deaths of their own constituents, all because they believe their agenda is more
important than people. And that, my friends, is why we need to clean
house come November and get rid of these Liberals.

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