Nancy Pelosi: We Now Face A Trump-Made ‘Constitutional Crisis’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
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Nancy Pelosi: We Now Face A Trump-Made ‘Constitutional Crisis’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

September 14, 2019

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  1. The American people have sat and WATCHED Obstruction in plain view, on his twitter account, and just opening his mouth. One for instance is when he said he got rid of Comey because the Russian investigation was too much pressure for him. AND so much MORE! trump is scared SHITLESS!

  2. Lol Nanners is blaming President Trump for her fugue state, her regressive condition.

    Typical Democrat: blame others and accept no personal responsibility.

  3. I always feel sorry for the people who have to stand behind that orange head; listening to him tell all those lies. They look so uncomfortable.😕

  4. As a swedish citizen I´m starting to think this is ridiculous. In Sweden everyones tax information is public information. A hint to the people in USA; if you really want to drain the swamp make it into law that all politicians tax information should be public.

  5. Why all the dancing with summaries, press statements, redacted report and mantra of no collusion, etc etc? Speaks volumes of attempts to deflect which points into signs of crimes or hidden truths that will be unfavorable to Trump. This is where Congress Oversight steps in, it's a grey area but with strong signs of criminal behavior. A full unaltered Mueller report makes a transparent path to the truth!

  6. Omg . It’s hard to believe that after 2 plus years, the fake news idiots still believe that there was collusion?
    What a waste of air time, salaries and make up.
    What’s wrong with the brains of liberal people?
    I’d love to know!

  7. I blame all of them. Dems don't have the balls to impeach Trump, Republicans in the senate have abandoned their oath to defend and protect the constitution to defend the president and Trump has been thumbing his nose at the constitution since he took office. They're all complicit.

  8. This isTreasonous. Please kick Trump Sr (& Jr.) as well as Barr to the curb. March on D.C. July 4, 2019 and say enough.
    There are not 100's of pictures of Comey and Mueller, another Trump lie!!! More Trump lies.

  9. Republicans seem to care more about protecting putin than protecting America from future Russian attacks.whos side are they on?they attack America and its institutions while protecting putin.

  10. Get rid of TV. Watch the economy grow. Watch people get their heads out of the cloud. Screw social media. Make cell phones for calls only. The country will then start to turn itself around. People will realize that government “officials” are exactly what they’ve always been. (Overpaid, priveledged, private club of paper pushers that create dumb laws that restrict our freedom and keep us distracted, broke and frustrated enough to think that sitting in front of a TV from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. every night eating poisons such as potato chips, chicken wings , soda and alcohol is the only way.
    Real criminals at the top and real sheeple at the bottom. Perfect

  11. Hi, Canook here. Just my observation. America's good name is being soiled. This spoiled brat is turning the rest of the World away from your country. Coal Barons, Flim Flam people, Big Republic Money, who don't give a hoot about American citizens. We all have demons, you must fight Hard! Your past- compassion,food aid, empathy, stopping facism, these bright America lights are dimming…. Please,please take care of your people. Take Care!🇨🇦🐾

  12. If America doesn’t rise up in 2020 and stop this beast out to destroy the legitimacy of the USA
    It’ll be over
    Americans shall be under Russia
    Govern by a totalitarian REGIME all your freedoms and liberties will be gone Bye Bye

  13. The LEGACY of the Forefathers is being Questioned and rendered illegitimate by the Republican Party leadership

  14. We are not in a constitutional crisis the constitution is intact we are in a Republican party crisis a Republican party refusing to obey the constitution and the rule of law.

  15. "People"…everyone of them work for us,"we the people"., insorbination = termination. What are WE waiting for???

  16. Nancy Pelosi needs to be drug tested immediately. Pee in the cup Nancy and Trump will release his tax returns, pretty sure Nancy would be unwillingly to take the urinalysis challenge. While we’re at it all members of Congress should be drug tested. Every other job you have to pass a drug test, why not Congress????

  17. The whole world is f****d. Impeach or Assassinate, simple! With our climate and all the conflict around this dying world, do the right thing. Someone has to start somewhere!!! Remember, the vast majority of us beings have children. They make our day, they give us the strength to work/earn, they are the reason we exist!! So do these untouchable time wasters ironically? Sterilize all of this complete abuse of our basic existence and we can maybe move on and be civilised. Just planting seeds, hoping they will grow…

  18. ..Has anyone baked a pie and told not to open the oven whilst it is baking? Trump's oven has opened before finishing. Instead of a glorious result, you have a sunken conclusion! Normally one would discard and try again…Maybe most folks only eat pie every four years? Just planting seeds, hoping they will grow…

  19. If there is a Constitutional crisis, you NAZI dems caused it with your three ring circus. FBI DOJ CIA.

  20. It’s not about what Putin has on trump. It’s about what Putin has given him. A playbook to overthrow a democratic republic. Attacks on the media, attacks against congress and attacks against the judiciary. The people need confidence in the judiciary. They need it to be fair, transparent, honest and applied equally to all. If it’s rotten from the top(Bar), the millions of people that use the courts will lose faith in it. And so they should. Expect the courts to take a big stick to the White House when the time arrives.

  21. LOL….the USA is so mess up they cannot even tell if they are crisis or not?  If you have to thinkin about this you are in crisis….you are already there.  The problem is they have let Trump get away with so much crap that the USA is in crises politically,   There is so much red tape to all this investigation that Trump will finish term and trying to get re-elected, before they can impeach him.  Maybe Americans will wake and realize their system doesn't work anymore.  Tyrants can be elected and mess the country to point it will take years and years to recover.  Simple asset all the crooks and Trump and throw away the keys.  He is criminal and there is enough evidence x 1000% to do so….just do it and stop waiting,

  22. The Constitutional Crisis is Nancy Pelosi! She been delusional for a long time and drinking too much wine. LOL

  23. I've been volunteering at a suicide prevention hotline. Been quite busy with distraught Democrats and liberal supporters. I just put them on
    hold with Trump campaign commercials. Ah, GOOD TIMES.
    NOTE: Recent studies show 1 out of 3 liberals are just as stupid as the other 2.
    The Democrat Playbook: Promise Everything, Deliver Nothing, And Blame Someone Else.

  24. The dems need to be dragged out into the streets and hung on the light poles or shot in the streets for treason!

  25. Barr you've made the AGs role different when you chose to defend a criminal vs protecting the Constitution & American people

  26. "…We had somebody who was in love with James Comey. We like James Comey. They were very good friends, supposedly best friends, maybe not, but supposedly best friends…"

    When talking about somebody, if you suggest something IS true, then have to follow up with the words, "supposedly," or, "maybe not," that just says you don't know it at all, you just want to plant that thought in people's minds and protect yourself from reprisals at the same time by suggesting you didn't actually SAY what you said. Seems like borderline slander to me.

  27. A constitutional crisis is when Nadler holds Barr in contempt for not breaking the law.
    A constitutional crisis is when corrupt Obama DOJ/FBI officials break laws and meddle
    in an election to overthrow a duly elected POTUS. It will be a bloodbath when the
    IG Report and Barr's Report are completed. Uh oh.

  28. Any man without a sense of shame is just an animal. I think Trump is completely shameless, lies with impunity and d4 he is an animal in human uniform.

  29. Shouldn't the jokers standing behind Trump while he hold a lie conference be wearing I'm with stupid Tshirts?

  30. Our  girl  Nancy accuses the DON of a Constitutional crisis  

    after she overseas  and sponsors  her  judiciary committee  attempt 

    to  force the AG Barr  into breaking the law (Statue )  –

    if she  allows the House to vote   

    and they approve  this contempt   

    thats a Constitutional Crisis  

    cause the leader of the  House  

    will be held for aiding an abetting a felony  – 

    thats called a constitutional crisis /

    Black mailing  AG Barr  into breaking the law ??Really 

    if the Dims   proceed  no court in the country will  entertain ??


  31. Nancy will be the worst  Speaker  we ever  had 

    She presided  over  the biggest   House turn over  in history   63 seats  2010 

    She presided over the immigration  invasion on our southern border 

    She presided  over the  Deception  that the invasion was manufactured 

    She presided  over  forcing  the AG to break the LAW  

    She presided over  the Muslim  giving a prayer  in the House 

    She presided  over Muslims members routinely  insulting  Israel  -Congress women Taleb   says the Holocaust  was against the Palestinians  ???

    This is  direct  Insult /put down  to ISRAEL

    Nancy  is presided  over  anti  American  activities  in congress 

    She presided  over the harassment  of the POTUS  under the guise of   oversight 

    Her committees routinely  exhibit  weak  chairpeople  like mad max and Nadel ??

    She continues to  threaten  impeachment indicating that she is power crazy 

    This is a sign that  diversity is not working but dividing us  ??

  32. All my life the government worked together and now the state of our country is just sad. I worry for our future. I said when he was elected that he'd turn our country into a "3rd world country" or try to take over complete control. Sadly my prediction is coming true. All I can say is God help us. He drained the piranhas and put in crocodiles.

  33. Nancy Pelosi Democrats don't Speaks for the American People !!! This Crisis is what the Democrat made !!! Face-up to it Nancy ! you don't work for the American People ! it to full your pocket, 70% of all People in Government "Thieve's, Crook's & Just Bad People !!! That All !

  34. Here are a few points I'd like to highlight regarding Bob Mueller's investigation and report:
    Donald Trump had tried to interfere with the investigation by requesting someone to fire Bob Mueller and requested that someone to lie about his request.
    Donald Trump is quoted as making the self-incriminating statement that if Bob Mueller investigated him he'll lose his presidency and he'd be "F**KED."
    Donald Trump never characterized the Mueller Report as FALSE OR FAKE NEWS.
    Bob Mueller categorically stated that the Mueller Report does not "EXONERATE" Donald Trump.
    Bob Mueller listed at least 10 points for Congress and the American people to determine his possible culpability.
    Donald Trump and Attorney General Bill Bar are using all questionable means to prevent Congress and the American people to see the interacted Mueller Report and for Bob Mueller to appear before Congress.
    Yes, both Donald Trump and Bill Barr are in defiance of Congress and it appears we are heading towards a constitutional crisis.
    What are Donald Trump and Bill Barr afraid of if there is nothing to hide or be worried about?

  35. Awwww…….. Cry me a river Nancy. You're acting like a petulant little child who is not getting her way. You're irrelevant any longer. You can't control your own members and the young un's are running circles around you disrespecting the Jewish people, our country, and just about anything else American. Time to step down and go back to San Francisco and spend time in your mansion. The one with the wall around it to keep unwanted people out. Kind of like the wall the President wants, in order to help keep "We The People" safer. But you wouldn't understand anything having to do with We The People. It would be great if you start the impeachment process, that way it will be in full tilt by the time the 2020 election rolls around.

    Are you going to the President's Inauguration Ball in 2021? All the best ! We The People

  36. the two of them are trying to get away with the biggest scam our nation has ever seen . We the people need to make sure barr is disbarred for not representing the american people and trying tobe in cahoots with trump's scams.

  37. The sore point is Donald is 1.5 billion in debt to Lord Jacob Rothschilds in the 1989 property crash and had a bail out throug Wilbur Ross the Rothschilds agent and now commerce secretary and any wonder Why he wrote off the Goldman Sachs bonds when hurricane MARIA laid Peurto Rico flat the beneficiary being Rothschilds Washington dynasty of Nathan Rothschild who Ivanka Trump was trying to marry.
    The Rothschilds do interbreeding to keep the wealth in their hands many Jews invested in Goldman Sachs bonds are the victims.
    [email protected]

  38. Here's an idea how Republicans can really teach the Democrats a lesson they will never forget!
    Can you imagine the grandeur of President DJ tRump, his Cabinet, and every Republican Politician and their supporters gathering together in one place for a huge day of Protest against the Democrats the likes of which has never been seen anywhere in the history in the world?

    Then at the stroke of MIDDAY at the conclusion of one of tRumps great rally speeches they all Join together in a mass ritual of SEPPUKU!

    Now that would go down in World History as the Day that The USA became "REALLY SANE AGAIN"

  39. That would not happen if the AG was not himself in contempt of justice…Mr Barr!
    Why you would choose to support an obviously corrupt president…or were you purposely chose for that because your reputation precedes…the Iran Contra thing and the Weapons of Mass Distruction thing…(ring any bells?). At any rate…you are a failure in the books of law and certainly be remembered in the history books as an enemy of the constitution of America-and thus, the people that seriously pledge their allegiance to our flag! SHAME ON YOU!

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