Napolitano on Trump ‘due process’ comments: The Constitution doesn’t like it
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Napolitano on Trump ‘due process’ comments: The Constitution doesn’t like it

August 23, 2019

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  1. President Trump is being played. If the FBI did their job that shooting wouldn't have happened. If the local sheriff's department did their job that shooting would not have happened. None of this has anything to do with preventing a crazy person with whatever kind of weapon going into a school and attacking people. President Trump ran on a strict Second Amendment right policy with promises to expand those rights to potentially a universal concealed carry and other things were mentioned. It's simple he is speaking out of both sides of his mouth right now and he is being played.

  2. When our son-in-law went crazy, the family took his guns to the nearest police station, got a receipt and the court must now decide if he gets it back…………………we are not American ! If this weren't done at least 2 people would be dead !

  3. He'd better think before he talks like this about guns…. His base will abandon him and he'll be finished.

  4. this very video and the comments here are the proof that 90% trump voters are single issue voters like 2nd amendment gun nuts. and now trump is doing exactly what he promised, he said he is rich and he dont need no lobby sponsoring him so he is not afraid of the NRA and even his tiny orange brain tells him that its ridiculous that teenagers can buy guns here. and he is going to stop this insanity. eat shit FOX ahahahahahaha

  5. 03:15 Did he say "HUMAN" beings.
    Mr. Trudeau was very clear on this, don't say "HUMAN" – Say "HUPEOPLE"
    We like to be inclusive here.
    Now if you don't mind I'll go fuck my woperson, unless she's peoplestruating

  6. Ok the FBI failed.Broward Co sheriff and school district failed due to greed but nobody's talking about the "Promise" program which caused this kid to slip thru the cracks.

  7. I bet many of you are now thinking a constitutional conservative like Ted Cruz , a man that has gone to the supreme court to defend the 2nd Amendment, may have been better after all! This is what happens when you nominate a former Democrat and good buddy of Hilary Clinton! Trump is a POPULIST first and foremost.

  8. He's just talking 'comminsense'! It's not a right for a crazy or hateful person to have a weapon of any kind!! So he's right: in extreme circumstances, take the gun(s), charge the person, if he proves he's capable, give him back the gun(s)! If it's limited to isolated cases, what's the problem?!

  9. Commonsense: threatening should be grounds to take away weapons, person can apply to get them back, state can apply to deny them! Stop being stupid about it!!

  10. "When there has been AMPLE PROBABLE CAUSE TO BELIEVE A PERSON IS INSANE–SUCH AS 39 VISITS TO THE PERSON'S HOUSE, MOTHER DRUG ADDICT, EXPELLED FROM SCHOOL, FORBIDDEN TO BRING BACKPACK–THEN, take the gun away and formally commit the guy to an insane asylum AFTER". All that goes before his statement. Because he assumes everyone is intelligent enough to include the context recent events for what is being discussed. It takes too much time to say all that, and he's hire a lawyer to put together the correct legal verbage to encompass all thar.

  11. What horror, what outrage! The asshole shooter should have been arrested one of the 39 times the broward county cowards went to his house to investigate his violent behavior! We did not need new laws to solve this problem, the ones we already had were sufficient if only the were enforced! The President of the United States should not be saying suspend due process and scrap the Constitution! That is every liberals fantasy!! Perhaps he needs that special counsel after all! Politician!!

  12. Calm down……!!!!! Trump knows better, if he doesn't know he will learn soon enough. He's on the right path….. Its a people problem not a gun problem. He's just talking out loud….

  13. It's not about guns in general, it's about a particular type of gun. The semi automatic assault rifle. You Yanks have said you need them in case the Government steps out of line & sics the army on you……….. really ?

  14. When Will You people wake up and realize trump will screw you faster than anyone. He is not someone who gives a shit about you I don't know why anybody thinks he is going to do anything for the every day Joe you all got duped now deal with it. I'm not sure when you're going to realize it didn't matter who you voted for Hillary or Trump when the establishment wants your guns they're going to come take them and there's nothing that you're whining and complaining is going to do about it you can call your representatives till you're blue in the face it won't make a difference they want what they want and they're going to get it that's it end of story I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you're going to wake up one day with a knock at your door.

  15. Who are the "mentally ill"? The APA and healthcare system is diagnosing everyone left and right even from kindergarten to college as being "mentally ill". This mentally ill gun grab is extremely TOO VAGUE. If they define mentally ill as people who are shown to be violent and sadistic and evil go right ahead and ban these people from owning guns, through due process.


  17. I voted for Trump. But that was the last time because our rights are more important than Trump or any other person who is president. Maybe we should take your belongings first Mr.Trump and give you due process later?

  18. this is not about republicans or democrats, this is about OUR RIGHTS, all of us. Our rights are more important than both of these parties!

  19. How come you can join the military at 18 and have fire arms but now you want  people be 21 first to own a gun?

  20. they can't go after the 19 year old because he didn't break any laws at the time. come on man. hindsight is always 20 20. what do we do now? that is the question. should have would have doesn't fix anything. oh but wait, you don't want to fix anything.

  21. i agree with the judge where the constitution is concerned on due process. where my problem is when him and other fox news people as well as the nra keep wanting to talk about only the Florida shooting and how it could have been stopped ( and it should have been ) but they only want to talk about that shooting when the whole issue is about stopping school shootings across the whole nation.

  22. Republicans (like Nunes) don't want to give government agencies the ability to investigate citizens, and won't listen to any discussions about gun control. Legal and court process will prevent law authorities from being proactive.

    Moral of the story? More body bags and "Thoughts and prayers" in the future.

  23. These two would have defend Hitler … if he was in power right now. A bunch of liars, hypocrites and opportunists.

  24. Napolitano is so full of shit! At the 3:00 mark he suggests the FBI could have stopped the Florida shooting, "one of them is 19 and he just bought an AR15 . . . we better go visit him. Did they do that? No . . .they could have done that . . . .and this catastrophe wouldn't have happened." He conveniently forgets the fact that it is perfectly legal for a mentally unstable 19 year old to own an assault rifle. Cruz had his second amendment right to be prepared to commit mass murder whenever he pleased. The NRA wants us all to have the right. Blaming the shooting on the FBI or other law enforcement seems disingenuous!

  25. Stupid clueless BRIT telling us what we've got to do? Does he not know history?

    You sheep gave up your personal freedoms, and now you presume to lecture US?
    You don't mind your government treating you lime retarded children. WE DON'T LIKE IT!

    You have no concept of personal freedom and responsibility. It is over your head! It's like trying to argue with an imbecile!
    We are independent. You are part of the collective. Our government, our politicians work for US. You just don't get that, and you never will. You just sound like clueless fools.

    Have you ever heard of Rule of Law? Gun control is illegal! Period!
    Even we know about Magna Carta. Rule of Law!!!!!! Try to get that I to your thick, indoctrinated skull, you hack! And quit trying to tell US about guns!

  26. Idiotic comment from a POTUS that I generally like. Now that I've actually heard the quote, I will give him some benefit of the doubt, that he's not making a general statement, he's saying in a specific case where you already have a Nikolas Cruz, the due process takes so long that they should play on the safe side, that he's not talking about everyone's guns. I still don't like it, but I'm not as angry as I was.

    That said, if Obama said that, conservatives would be up in arms (pun intended). What I don't like about "Trump supporters" is that they have this rose-colored-glasses view of everything that he does and they ignore stuff like this that they would roast any Democrat over the coals for saying. I'm not a "Trump supporter." I'm an America supporter. As long as Trump does good things for America then I will support those actions. But this type of blind loyalty to one person is dangerous, I don't care whether it's Trump or Obama or anyone else.

  27. No mister president. Fix the delays in the court system over domestic violence restraining orders when women get killed waiting on one, fix the concealed carry issue when people have been threatened with death and get killed waiting on their carry license, expedite adjudication of potentially dangerous and violent peoplei in the court. Don't violate the constitution and people's rights by removing rights without due process under the law. This is a violation of the constitution. Your own example using Cruz is bogus. Law enforcement had months and multiple opportunities to get him adjudicated and they did nothing about it. He didn't just turn into a school killer over night. That was a process with him that went on for years.

  28. Its Very Possible President Trump Is Just Tossing Out The Line With Juicy Bate'
    And So Gauging, The Political Public Response' By Democrats, And Republicans, To Accept A Violation Of The US Constitution?


  30. Banning bump stocks via an EO is unconstitutional just like 0bama's DACA.
    This gun bill reads like Dianne Feinstein wrote it in 1994 that didn't change a damn thing then and wont change anything now.
    You know what they say about repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. That's Dianne Feinstein in a nutshell.

  31. Trump is not the knight in shining armor some believe him to be, chosen as our sole defender against the establishment in DC. If he were he wouldn't be infringing our 2nd amendment right, he would be defending it with all his might. He's not draining the swamp like many of his minions think, he's the stopper and the spigot filling the sink.

  32. …For the Zionist Jews to implement their "Fascist New World Order" they have to completely "DISARM" the Public.Luckily the Zionist Jews "OWN" Donald Trump and he's dutifully giving them all that he was PAID to Deliver!

  33. Little by little the Trump train is derailing. Oddly, it's mainly because the, get-up-and-go President has utterly failed to get up and go anywhere near the tough stuff. Sessions should have been dumped a long time ago. Half of Obama's staff are still in place and that is just stupid. Clinton is still free, which is infuriating the very people he needs to be on his side. Crime after crime has been committed by politicians and instead of the crooks being handed over to the cops, politicians are investigating politicians and that is exactly the kind of corruption that creates the swamp Trump said he wants to drain. Again, this is causing unrest among his base.

    The utter insanity of bipartisanship should have been addressed by him but has not been. As a result you have the people behind BLM and Antifa; the Social Justice Warriors; the insane Marxist-Feminists; the people who rigged a debate by giving Clinton the questions in advance; the people carrying out voter fraud; those behind the whole Russian Collusion lie, fake news, brainwashing kids in schools and on and on, sitting down with the Right wing and influencing the direction America takes next.

    It is insane.

    It's like Churchill sitting down with Hitler to discuss how World War Two should be fought. The right wing are not stupid so this has to be deliberate insanity and there is only one explanation why…..Third Way Politics. Probably the most dangerous politics on earth right now. AND, It is RIGHT WING (so called) politicians calling for more bipartisan cooperation.

    What is Right and Left wing (Two fundamentally opposing ideologies) working together called? THIRD WAY POLITICS!

    Trump seems to think if he holds some more rallies that will be enough to get him back into office next time. I doubt it. You can push people so far before they stop listening and turn against you. He could shut down most of CNN's fake news by bringing back the Smith-Mundt Act that made fake news legal back in 2012. He has done nothing about it (Judge Andrew Napolitano is quiet on that one also, which is curious). Trump reminds me of a man sitting on a large bough, sawing away while he faces the trunk. There is something suicidal in his nature. Now he is talking about disarming the people first and then allowing due process. That is Stalinist.

    Get worried America because it looks increasingly like you are being forced to choose between two forms of madness.

  34. Trump should have accepted his resegnation ,fuck the Democrats and the republicans that would be upset about it , the AG serves at the pleasure of the president , if he dont want him his ass is grass , simple as that,and i dont care what the fucking inviroment is like ,fire his useless bitch ass asap, Napolitano fuck you too i wipe my ass with your opinion

  35. Don't forget that Trump supports eminent domain and the similarities with the gun confiscation and due process are chilling.

  36. Yes take the guns first from this Nut case kid that has so many red flags is what Trump was saying , not what you asswipes are implying lol get a fucking life you missirable fucks

  37. He should be careful what he says and does he is not granted to win again #PassTheConcealedCarryActAndTheNicsFix

  38. Thank God for scholarly voices like Andrew Napolitano who know and understand the constitution and the justice system. Who can explain it to those of us who do not.

  39. If you take guns away when someone says something dangerous!? Then everyone in that meeting shouldn’t be able to have a gun within a mile of them!! Including their body guards!!

  40. Without Due Process, You can`t get a warrant of Search & Seizure. You can`t seise any Citizens Property, A Gun or even a Flowerpot, without this warrant. You can`t try a citizen in Court without a Lawyer. And You can`t get a "Court Appointed" lawyer until It`s Charged, indicted & Offered by the Court. Even the Insane have the right to Due process.

  41. God bless the Judge, we need him running the big show so shit would get straightened out with some real swamp draining!

  42. Which might not be abused under Trump; but get a Hillery or Obama in; And they will say "Only a crazy person would want to own something dangerous: Therefore if you want a gun you must be crazy and can't have one". Catch 22

  43. The Donald would definitely charge into an active shooter situation if he didn’t have those darn bone spurs that kept him out of Vietnam five times.

  44. He is just ignorant.
    The government didn't do their job.
    It's not the American people's fault, it's your FBI's fault, Mr. President.

  45. This just proves Trump doesn't fully understand many things.. Certainly doesn't understand the importance of many things.

    It seems though.. If people speak up, he will listen.

  46. Trump is wrong on this. But Lord have mercy, some of you people are a walking hair trigger. Tell him he's wrong and sleep easy knowing that the Constitution will prevail.

  47. I was sickened to hear Mr Trump speak in such a manner, he took a OATH TO DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION, not to tear it down.

  48. Never depend on anyone concerning your constitutional rights. It's each persons duty, not governments, courts, or the state,,, YOURS

  49. Any person whether they are president or politician should read up on the constitution….. it trumps them every time and no one will ever infringe on the rights of Americans to have a means to defend themselves (2nd Amendment).

  50. Ever since trump said this Republicans democrats been crossing the flag law and other unconstitutional laws spreading like wildfires

  51. He was talking about the FBI knowing tmwhat this guy was capable of.. And to a school no less. he didnt say for Bob next door. He's talking about the mentally I'll guy in Florida who shot up a school. And had an arsenal of other things. It came out odd but thats not what he meant to take everybody's guns. You people would already be in a FEMA camp if Hillary won. And the guns would be the first thing to go. All of them. Let a liberal win and watch his bad it will really get when they have full control.


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