Natural way to paint from photograph Part 2   painting composition in art tutorial
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Natural way to paint from photograph Part 2 painting composition in art tutorial

October 21, 2019

asslam o alaikum WELCOME TO M KAZMI STUDIOS In Last video we learned how to select composition from a photograph to paint in a composition what should be there or not how to minus extra details and how to play with light and shades to make it more attractive if you have not watched that video… I am giving a link upside click it and fisrt watch that video if you have watched it already then continue we have selected the composition we know where is light and where is shadow what to paint and what to leave every thing is decided now just go and paint it so lets start a painting 1st of all wet your sheet completely for wet on wet technique but I am leaving roof of my hut not wetting it because its winter and wet will not be dried soon and color will be spread to the highlights and will destroy it area for high light is not wet other paper is completely wet to preserve highlights we have decided in last video that ground will be light and background is dark so paint like that n we decided to paint background houses in dark so they cannot grab attention so i am painting it in wet on wet to keep it blur distant trees now with a clean brush lift color from the roof for highlights lift with clean brush when color is wet roof’s line was very sharp till end so I’m breaking it with brush orange and yellow highlights on roof wooden wall painting with burnt sienna and burnt umber color some splatters and some doors front is lighter.. we decided in sketch too so m not using burnt sienna with burnt umber there but m using orange with burn sienna leaving white color for tent complete orange thin lines on the roof its teen roof having lines dont paint lines everywhere just somewhere more darks i am painting on wet paper wet on wet its beaty is .. some edges are disapeared and some are shown its called “LOST AND FOUND TECHNIQUE” somethings are visible and some are hidden to make more interest more details more work on back house because its hidden but keep in mind it should not more visible to grab intentions merged in ground is better front grill and a bamboo fence more darks but its all wet on wet and i left the roof dry because i want sharpness there its edge is sharp and i break it by my self to beautify it roof is totally disappeared from backside working on background a little bit to prominent the roof but not from every whete or edge to edge its enough .. i think dark for door when you are painting on wet surface use thicker colors for dark with very little water other wise it will not be darker wet surface has water in it it makes color dull so thick color for wet on wet frontal fence make it roughly because these bamboos are up and down, angled these are not mathematically equal even in spaces or straight woods on background now to the tent in tent its white so i am using blue color in shadows because of sky sky reflection is blue in shadows mostly there is blue if they are under the sky some splatters with hand to beautify white dots and texture like now lift color with tissue to paint buffellows ground is wet still.. so if i dont lift color buffellow’s color will be spread for sharp edges lift color and then paint care for anatomy while painting buffelowes paint in single flat color just care for anatomy just a flat wash and then spread dark on it in wet colors from down side it will be enough, …ts flat wash now at the spot spread dark color on wet painting is about to finish just some grass hope you like the painting and if you like these two videos tell me in comments and if you have not subscribed our channel then hit subscribe button and
the bell icon with it to get notify for next videos and I will (Inshallah) at Saturday 9 pm (indian) will be live on youtube you’ll be able to ask questions directly and i will answer them on the spot and we are going to paint watercolor … live see you in next video .. GOD BLESS YOU…..

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  1. Thankyou so much MKazmi studio. It is very easy and informative. May Allah bless you more.Make plan to come live some day so we can ask questions during painting. It will be a nice meeting with your fans.

  2. Salam kazmi bhai…buhut zabardast kaam…wet on wet..its amazing….paper konsa hy?..i mean pakistan mein available hy aur kia naam hy is ka….

  3. there is no border for any artist …..jaha pe art hai vaha ke jagde nahi hote hai ….jiske pass kala nahi hai vo hi jagde karte jai

  4. Superb. Your speech given at this painting very useful for me. Please notify me as I want discuss for live demo.

  5. lagta hai apki paint bohot sweet hai. islie hamlogoki sath sath makhi vi ……..paint ko dekh ne k lie aa raha hai.😊😊

  6. app jbb painting krteho to jis najare ka painting krteho wo apke video ke side mebhi rakhiye …to hmm uss picture n apke painting ko analysis kr payenge ki app kis jagah dark n light colour use krteho …..
    n mera ek sawal he ….. watercolor krte wakt wet to wet accha rehta he ya first layer sukhne ke bad second layer applya krna accha rehta he??? app konsi techniques use krteho n dono kese use krtehe wo ek alag sa video bnake hmme pllz share kro

  7. Lovely… Very beautifully explained… I really loved your thumbnail sketches and your explanation on their importance…

  8. sir my name is amit patil
    aapka work awesome he
    sir oil and acrylic realistic painting video banao na. aapka water colour painting superb he.nice work sir

  9. Sir i have a que reagarding it, sir as in the pic foreground is green but u didnt use cooler green much but gives it warm effect little bit with warmgreen, yellow and some othr colours..sir how could u decide it, any specific reason??

  10. Very informative video. I love your work and you explain everything in detail. Can you please make a tutorial on how to draw horse and paint it. Thanks

  11. Sir, saying from India🇮🇳🇮🇳, also make video in acrylic colors🎨❤💛💚💙💜

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