Nautical Rope Mirror Frame: DIY Rope Projects
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Nautical Rope Mirror Frame: DIY Rope Projects

October 11, 2019

To make the rope coils, place the mirror face-down. Then wrap a length of rope around the outside of the mirror, taping it to your work
surface as you go. Mark the meeting point, and cut and glue the two rope ends together. Nest the next piece of rope inside your
first coil. Measure, mark, and glue the ends together. make sure the cut ends are opposite of the
cut ends on your first coil. Run a bead of hot
glue between the two coils. Then continue nesting coils,
alternating the cut ends and running glue between them until you have a total of five rings.
Once the glue is dried, slide the coils off of the mirror. Wrap each
end with twine to cover the cut and glued ends of the coils. Now flip the whole thing and use a couple dabs of silicone
adhesive to attach the coils to the front and the mirror.

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  1. beware the mirror mounted (already installed by factory) is not level. So when you mount wall hanger level and square, then hang mirror it will be off vertical.

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