Neal Katyal: Congress ‘Right’ To Subpoena Mueller Report | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
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Neal Katyal: Congress ‘Right’ To Subpoena Mueller Report | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

August 26, 2019

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  1. There was a CRIMINAL ACTION in the NIXON incident… not so with Trump, there is no underlying criminal act which was legally able to be investigated. The entire investigation was illegal and all evidence wax illegally obtained.

  2. Justice Kavanaugh will never vote against a Republican. He was a terrible choice and should never been allowed on the court.

  3. 👌Sold out Justices VS We the Peoples voices of democracy's, has Made America Bittersweet Again..✍🤡👍🦇

  4. It would be in the best interest of the left if they would extend their thirst for justice and go after Hillary Clinton for corrupting the DNC process. What she did to Bernie is equally as disturbing as Trump. Perhaps doing so would win over some of the right who are not entirely on board with Trump. Think, rather than react emotionally. Until you do, I have no respect for either side of this equation because it sacrifices justice for party loyalties. No Equal Justice = No Civility. It doesn't matter how intelligently one presents their arguments, if there is no EQUAL justice one will always be viewed as a narrow minded senseless hypocrite who WILLFULLY refuses to take the blinders off. Steal Trumps thunder and lock her up too!!! He apparently refuses to. Gee why? If one cannot walk and chew bubblegum at the same time, then one is not fit to lead.

  5. Why are you still fighting, this is their time. Theses republicans work for their lords & masters, the 1% and drumpf is nothing more than their puppet. Their job is to dismantle our democracy and had it over to the soulless 1% pigs of man. Now bow down and take your mark, so the time of the Gentiles can be fulfilled.

  6. Donald Trump has had he privilege of covering up proof of scandals all of his life. If America allows him to do this as President, then this country is a fake as well and that spells victory for Vladmir Putin. Worst than Russian Collusion we will have a case of treason.

  7. It would appear we have some pretty paranoid House Democrats right now. Never mind the law and processes of law that stand in their way. To "apparently benefit Trump" is a stupid and desperate narrative. Why are the House Dems behaving this way? THEY ARE RUNNING INTERFERENCE, DISTRACTING FROM THEIMMENENT FISA DOC RELEASE.
    Do you SMELL the criminality?
    Don Jrs meeting 100% legal.

  8. The report most likely has evidence that could bring and end to Trump. It is the only reason for Barr to be so hesitant .

  9. Barr probably already gave the report to someone else to hide or get rid of, assuming they're done with the cover up/redactions.

  10. We need investigation on how this started…. plus he (Bar) is better at constitutional law then this TV show is…. some investigations may still be going stupid…. good ppl that see your bs understand

  11. Do the House committees have power to issue subpoena?
    Cummings himself should have been subpoenaed as he used the IRS to harass Republican supporters?

  12. Barr is a Roman Catholic and that institution he has an allegiance to has a significant history of lies, cover-ups and abuse!

  13. what ban epitath… Barney Rubble Barr : "he was more corrupt immoral and spineless that Jeff Sessions.. Yeah – he was a lower, lying snivelling partisan traitor than that Southern hard liner" … well done Sir – you are more corrupt than Sessions.. not easy – but you did it seamlessly

  14. The Hon. Neal Katyal is an important jurist. It is good to see our officials branching out into teaching and reporting. By The Way. The court challenge to removing credentials traditionally granted to former officials seems unjust and could stand a test. This may be a violation of federal employment fairness guidelines and regs as proven to be political moves more than any security lapse of the person who spoke out. Brennan is hardly a security risk, pffft rookie mistakes

  15. Go ahead and issue subpoenas.  I recommend the Republicans turn the tables on the bedwetting Democrats and just slow walk.

  16. If this report genuinely exonerated Trump they'd definitely release it. To say that they might not release it is very telling.

  17. Dis-Barred and Moronald. Americans ( DEMS ) need to vote in EVERY election. There's always been way more Americans than republiCONS, they only advance by the lies they spin if people believe them, RetrumpliCONS are the single greatest threat to our Democracy. Vote them out lock them up.

  18. The fact that Barr hasn't turned over the full report as was the case with Nixon and Clinton shows he is another Trump stooge. Whatever ethics and good reputation Barr had in the past, he doesn't have it anymore. His legacy is dirt.

  19. Its upsetting when they say America has a reputation involvment in left wing country's as if we shouldnt have done it . its like an insult, f***ing dont got to do a dam thing that involves your agenda . the fact that hes a better leader then everyone who criticizes him should with out a doubt bring an end to the ridiculous parade .

  20. ONCE A TRAITOR ALWAYS A TRAITOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Mr Barr has absolutely no credibility. He was picked because of his public loyalty to President "grab'em by the pu$$y" so it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that he's trying to surpress the Mueller report.

  22. What did you folks think? A goon that Trump gifted into the role of AG would be fair and honest. LMAO!!!! and rolling on the floor. God, my stomach hurts.

  23. rump and McConnell are totally corrupt along with most of the GOP. There is equal corruption in the dems who have used the GOP as scapegoats. The dems blame the GOP for corruption and it is true yet the dems are unwilling to accomplish anything. The dems have used the corruption of The GOP as subterfuge. The dems are fakers as are the GOP. The dems are trying every way to stop AOC as they have stopped Bernie, Al Franken, Feingold and others. Clinton and the old dems have destroyed the democratic party. The dems are finally in control of the house and what have they done? The people hate the government on both sides and they have for a long time. The conditions in America point to inevitable revolution as it was in the 30s when FDR created the "New Deal" and a tax on the rich of 0ver 90%. America is in for some unpleasant times. The selfish and corrupt people in government must go beginning with Trump and family and cronies and McConnell and Pelosi and Schumer and many others.

  24. The dems are wusses and trump knows it. What are they waiting for? Looks like the dems are all bs just like trump and the GOP. The dems lost it all with Clinton. How much longer will the people go along with this fakery. They are all fakes! Politicians!

  25. Is there any reason Barr isn’t in jail already because he already lied in his first summary – but not a summary lol.

  26. When you refer to SNL to back up the legitimacy of your story, you only make a total fool out of your entire organization. SNL was once a great show – – – – 3 decades ago!

  27. Folks,
    The Democrats have got to scream foul play from this day forward.
    A lot of people in the Obama Administration are now facing TREASON CHARGES over this.
    This was a blatant attempted coup d'é·tat by the same Obama Administration.

    The Democrats know their party just committed political suicide.

  28. Are there any legal repercussions for Barr who looks like he’s attempting himself to obstruct justice by not submitting the full report to congres and the constitutional precedents set by former investigations?

  29. It's almost like Trump and Barr are trying to cover up the report. It's almost like they had the whole thing planned.

  30. Barr is obstructing justice by withholding findings involving a case of conspiring against the United States of America. What's that called again? Oh yeah, "co-conspirator."

  31. Even if this goes to the Supreme Court. There is still the matter of Trump loyalists on that court as well.

  32. Neal's hip-hop references seemed a bit forced. Or maybe Ari should have done a better job of at least acknowledging them. Good analysis, but I didn't hear how relevant was the fact that Mueller was a "special counsel", as opposed to "special prosecutor".

  33. they'r rong. the report belongs tu the DOJ not congress. desprut dems like hiroo onodo. 'hand pickt' barr? too right. He's the pres he hands picks'm all u dolts.

  34. trump tax returns will show he hasn't paid absolutely no Taxes, and he hasn't in America for decades, trump claim to fame
    "Make America great again" – Toxic people in power…. dangerous

  35. There has been no discussion about what I think has to be a given. Mueller is in possession of another copy of the report that's now locked in a vault. It would seem standard procedure to have another copy knowing the likelihood he would be subpoenaed to appear before Congress. How can there not be another copy. Surely it was saved in a secured file on a external drive.

  36. Why bother Trump, Clinton, same same. My eyes your eyes, my ears your ears, my mind your mind same, same different point of view, same same.

  37. All justices??? I think Neal lives on another universe. Like all democrats who cleared W Barr to be the new AG…
    Isn’t clear that justice is really just a constitutional travesty for a monopoly game. I’d love to be wrong ! We re never gonna get the full muller book unless he himself leaks it to congress!

  38. So, I don't get it…

    If Trump and his Trumpists, believe so strongly that the report exonerates Trump, why don't they want it released?

  39. How could he fire this Barr from the adminitration with another job he was doing and then turn around and have him put in as an A G . That is the one that blows my mind. Wasnt doing what the president didnt like in the less superior job and turn around ans nominate him for the biggest one than him. Somebody explain that logic.

  40. I think comrade Barr may have shut down the investigation, before Mueller was done. He is now part of the comrade Trump, republican / Russian deep state.

  41. barr. hand picked by individual-1 expressly to set him free. muddied up the waters and changed the narrative. big time. mission accomplished.

  42. Why be surprised he's following the method all of our current president and because of his memo last summer concerning that he should have recused himself

  43. Barr is an other crook in the Trump Cartel! The Mueller Report has been paid by tax payers. America has the right to see it!

  44. Donald Trump and virtually every Republican kept saying that it wasn't up to Mueller to indict the President and that only Congress had the authority to take action if necessary. But now, Trump has declared himself completely exonerated without Congress being able to review the unredacted Mueller report. The Mueller investigation isn't complete until Congress reviews the report and determines whether or not any further action is necessary!

  45. My concern is that barr has a son-in-law who works in thw white houae legal office. Also, barr's daughter works in the trump administration. barr is part of the conspiracy sirrounding the illegitimate trump administrarion. If the subpoena for the release the Mueller Report reaches the Sumpreme Court, I wonder how kavanaugh will rule.

  46. I like this guy , too . He grinds a Goode axe , they got spy's in Mar a Lago , nyal , have you seen my r.i.c.o. ? Deport Barr to Antarctica , render him , till I get the whole truth , my taxes my report , nuff said . Rico ,Rico gitmo ! Deport the swamp ! Remember Napoleon ! Free style love supreme ! Wth ? Once one is a criminal you have no right s ,special rights , nor executive privilege , none , no right to privacy , …increase the pressures!

  47. The American people paid for the Mueller's investigation report, so we have the right to read the entire report, unredacted.

  48. Barr is nothing more than a hand picked stooge who promised to protect Dotard dRumph in a memo/job application.

  49. Barr is infamous for his involvement in coverups. Iran-Contra, and Dubya’s Iraq war lies. Now the Muller Report. SMFH.

  50. Barr proved now what he really has done for Bush…let's take a better look at Bush his presidency…and find out how many elegal things he did…..time fore the ……??

    HE SHOULD NOT BE RE-ELECTED- THERE ARE FAR TO MANY LIES ABOUT EVERYTHING IN HIS PRESIDENCY***************************************************************************
    MAYOR PETE 2020.

  52. Yes …. Let's subpoena Mueller ! He's being to quiet. Why redact anything , if it's so innocent ?

  53. Millions have been spent on this investigation. American tax payer money. Why are they hiding the evidence of the investigation if we the people payed for it ? Especially if there is nothing to hide ? Because they're lieing and hiding how we the people got ripped off. They are afraid we the people will hurt them , if we find out the truth. They should be. We the people will ask our military to arrest them all !

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