Neutral Nations of WW1: Spain
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Neutral Nations of WW1: Spain

October 10, 2019

Kingdom of Spain government parliamentary constitutional monarchy ruler king alfonso xiii area 200,000 square miles Population 20 million military 140,000 men two battleships six cruisers dozen torpedo ships any Half-dozen smaller craft on the eve of the great war speed had been in major decline for over a century Dana, it’s more rapid decline since the Napoleonic Wars the French attempt to take over Spain Led to a series of independence wars in American colonies, which were all eventually successful the three Carlos wars throughout the mid 19th century further destabilize the country and deepened a political divide that had reproach mminton compromise difficult a revolution in 1868 ouch did the monarchy from power which was restored in 1874 after a failed republic decades-long Cuban and Filipino wars for independence took up the remainder of the 19th century which in 1898 the United States of America came in when you Inc and later had to really put down the independence movements especially in the Philippines At the start of the Great War both the Navy and Army faced problems that include They’re inadequate Organization and difficult relations with the government and with society although the Prussian army had become a reference point and model for Spanish military reformist in the last third of the 19th century Substantial changes were not achieved the Prussian army was formed on conscription soldiers but in Spain the conscription laws of the 1870s and 1880s had created a conservative and Old-fashioned army in which only the poorest who are incapable of paying for their exemption were called up and the officer class was very top-heavy with around one officer for every 15 soldiers The Regular Army was largely viewed as expendable due to this and they had a serious lack of proper or modern equipment and training in Germany and other industrialized countries the arms industry Invigorated the economy as the army and navy played an important role in the market in spain however these forces were not clients instead they both failed to stimulate Industrial the And bled the state putz dry while acting as in Tom’s body the spanish-american war of 1898 Showed these problems in full force while the war had few casualties the Spanish lost their possessions of Puerto Rico Cuba Guam and the Philippines Leaving it the land of Equatorial Guinea and parts of Morocco as their only overseas Empire Colonial conflict in Morocco became the main focus of military activity and spending with half of its peacetime army stationed there Meanwhile what was luck to the Navy after? 1898 Hannah wait a whole decade to gain approval for a program a shipbuilding that slightly improved the situation in 1907 Spain France and Britain send the Cartagena Agreement a treaty protecting the status quo of the Mediterranean possessions and a later agreement was reached in 1912 that helped lessen tensions in Morocco between Spain and France Two weeks after war was declared the Spanish government headed by Prime Minister Eduardo dato declared their neutrality and the reaction was pretty mixed in the public a Small majority of the public was largely uninterested in the war at large and the rest was split between which site they supported the aristocracy Church in the military supported by right-wing party such as the Carolus among others Supported the Central Powers as they viewed them as beholden to more traditional ideas and customs while middle-class professionals petty bourgeoisie supported by liberal left-wing Republican anti clergy and many intellectuals Supported the aunt aunt as they viewed the aunt on des the hard Bruner’s a political reform and a way to bring about Democratic change to Spain However Astrid 1906 law controlled the Free Press and outlawed speech against the Spanish government Which was enforced by the army king alfonso xiii? Intervened a very large amount in both domestic and foreign policy much more than other Constitutional monarchs in europe this was due to the rather weak control that the spanish congress had over The keynes influence alfonso has stated that he would have supported the auntaunt had the french given him Tangiers and concessions in Morocco Instead he used his position to gain federal deals with the warring States Hearing out offers from both sides for most of the war in case one seemed to achieve a victory you break through While this was occurring he attempted to send large amounts of humanitarian aid to bowl sites the eases suffering his best as his nation could iberia had been seen as a major alliance against the central powers at the start of the war the ontong viewed that having Spain and Portugal on their side would counterbalance pouring the Italians, but with the Italians joining the Allies in late 1915 and Portugal joining a few months later the military needs from Spain had mostly been removed Some of the Allied High Command so on to put pressure on Spain to join mostly for commerce and supply related reasons But there are rather small minority at this point the cause of having Spain joined would likely outweigh the benefits So the proposals for joining the more pretty much stopped Although Madrid tried to escape from the conflict the war impacted on Spain with an explosion of exports towards new markets that had been abandoned by the fine powers the economy as a whole improved to a large degree as the Arms industry boomed and many homegrown arm shops came up all around Spain While this caused the nightmare for the buyers due the quality issue It created a booming industry in Spain this was also met with an increase in the textile industry to produce Uniforms coal exports and mines material which was the first time in modern history that Spain had a trade surplus They were even able to erase their national debt the decrease in imports Explosion external demand and the increase in circulation of money did provoke rapid inflation them while many basic commodities became rather scarce the situation was exacerbated By the collapse of the transport network, which was rather inefficient in the first place All of this was added to the flourishing of contraband trade, which only worsened the problem scarcity in 1916 bread prices rose by 25% while beef prices rose anywhere from 30% to 66% this fragile economy analyzation of the populace that was further fueled by the Russian Revolution in early 1917 it emboldened socialists communists and even anarchists to unite against the government Prior to this the army and Catalan merchant class had done their best to act against the Roman government and keen the army salaries had been frozen since the end of 1914 and The conservative donto government and liberal Prieto government had instituted army reforms That aim to reduce the bloated officer class making the promotion based on merit rather than just seniority in response to this they found political allies in the catalan merchant class and established their own duty units all on the catalan province This alliance came in to mediate conflict with the government under under garcia pritho when he demanded the dissolution of the UTA’s Alfonso was cited with the u n– Tezz and smash government was arrested with it being replaced by donto once again with more action teen against the free press and a recognition of the u n– tez The king’s new government under donto is pretty much hidden all sides and was heavily divided Making many believe that the monarchy was soon to fall many groups allied themselves the military and the catalan merchants who took a part in political scene once again this led to a revolutionary strike in April of 1917 where workers movements rose up in rebellion in the Boskin Catalan regions it was largely confined to only a few Cities and the military was able to suppress it they managed to gain the huge political influence in these areas post strike and it all Cultivated in the 1923 coup that brought Miguel primo de Rivera into power suspending the Constitution and instituting martial law I Hope you liked the video if you’d like to learn about another nation on the wars Doorstep click here for the episode about Denmark in here for the video about the Netherlands. 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