New Bill of Rights for parents
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New Bill of Rights for parents

October 10, 2019

are getting closer to passing a bill designed to keep parents in the loop about health services that their children receive while they’re at school those services include mental health and birth control but some critics say passing the parents bill of rights will only lead to problems news for Jax reporter Ashlie Harding’s joining us now live with more details about this bill Ashley it cleared a Senate panel infectious yesterday it did Jen and Bruce good morning to you both and supporters say this is about making sure parents know exactly what’s going on with their children inside the school but Democrats are opposing the bill saying it could prevent students from seeking these health services one Florida lawmaker says the parents Bill of Rights proposal came about after students opened up to guidance counselor’s saying they have thought about suicide and according to that lawmaker the parents weren’t aware if passed this bill would require parents give written consent before the student can get mental-health treatment or birth control at school it’s a move that has Democrats concerned students may choose not to get treatment on their own if they know their parents will find out the bill it also give parents the ability to opt their children out of sex education classes if they provide written objections schools would also have to have a plan in place for letting parents know their rights and that would include rights to exempt their kids from the immunization and information about school choice and this bill does have an exception it says that if a student needed immediate assistance they would be able to get medical treatment without parental permission reporting live this morning ashley harding channel for the local station

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