Ngāpuhi’s journey to Treaty settlement hits another road bump
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Ngāpuhi’s journey to Treaty settlement hits another road bump

March 8, 2020

Further delays should be expected
for our largest tribe’s settlement as Ngapuhi factions
clash over mandate issues. Tuhoronuku have failed to meet
with Te Kotahitanga and the office of Treaty settlements (OTS) to discuss how Ngapuhi’s
Treaty settlement should proceed. Last month Tuhoronuku agreed
to transition it’s mandate to a new group with Te Kotahitanga, but now chairman Hone Sadler
has had a change of heart. Harata Brown explains. Here’s what the chairman of
Tuhoronuku had to say to the Crown; Stand aside. Let Ngapuhi sort ourselves out. You can’t continue to oppress us. He’s talking
about the Maranga Mai report which recommends that Tuhoronuku
and Te Kotahitanga work together. But the co-chair
of Te Kotahitanga disagrees. Despite the Maranga Mai report outlining a way
we might move forward, Tuhoronuku is still stalling because they wish to retain the mandate. I believe they need to let it go. The thing is,
we are being pressured by the Crown. Those given the mandate
to speak for Te Kotahitanga do not speak for Ngapuhi. We believe it’s time to say
that’s enough. The Crown needs to step aside. But Treaty Minister
Chris Finlayson says; The minister has only one wish; The next meeting between
Tuhoronuku and Te Kotahitanga is set to take place
in two weeks time. Whether or not Tuhoronuku shows up
to the party is another story. Harata Brown, Te Karere.

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