Ngati Kahu advance Treaty claim
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Ngati Kahu advance Treaty claim

November 23, 2019

Progress has been made regarding
Ngati Kahu’s Treaty claims. According to Makere Mutu,
Chair of Te Runanga o Ngati Kahu, they have found a way to
achieve their goals. The Ngati Kahu claims
are vast and in-depth. Makere Mutu believes not all the
claims can be settled at once. There are many claims and some Ngati
Kahu people are still not happy. I don’t think the government can
settle all grievances right now. Treaty Minister Chris Finlayson says the aim is to reach full
and final settlements so that Iwi and the
Crown can move forward. Finlayson doesn’t like
the word Partial in terms of this Deed of Settlement. That’s why he agreed to
an on-account settlement. That’s fine with us if
we can settle some parts and leave the rest for another time. Chris Finlayson says he will not
agree to any partial settlement and an on-account payment
will only be made once a deed of settlement is signed. These claims can only be
settled by Ngati Kahu. The important thing is
that the Crown agrees, if they don’t that’s fine.
Ngati Kahu will do it. Therefore discussions between the
Government and Ngati Kahu continue. Ngati Kahu have finished their work. We must now await the Crown
and the final agreement. Until that time, we will wait
and see what the agreement holds. Irena Smith, Te Karere.

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