Nicaraguan Political Constitution Text in English, Traductores Nicaragua
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Nicaraguan Political Constitution Text in English, Traductores Nicaragua

September 26, 2019

Hello, I am Rolando Tellez, translator and
writer. I translated The Political Constitution of
Nicaragua with its amendments into English. This is a useful translation to lawyers, legal
advisers, investors, students of international relations,
etc. The translation of the Nicaraguan Political
Constitution was needed because many Nicaraguan laws have originated
from this Constitution. Now, any foreigner will be able to read and understand Nicaragua’s legal framework. A good and complete translation of the Constitution
makes a difference, other free versions are incomplete, having omissions or Articles that are not
in effect any more. This important document contains concepts, definitions and the intent of Nicaraguan legislators. Many questions asked by investors may be answered by reading this book. Finally, this publication is also useful to
some international organizations. You can purchase the Nicaraguan Political
Constitution at Hispamer Bookstore in Managua, or you can email me. [email protected] Thank you very much

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