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  1. single focus point to the core!
    never trust the auto mode
    focus and re-composing will ofter throw subjects out of focus

  2. Manipulate the switch on the lens to turn it into manual mode? Why not use the AF-ON button to lock the focus?

  3. thanks for your informative and educational video. i got one question for you. when shooting a group of people what focus point should be use? thank you.

  4. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP: on my D800 I only have 1 autofocus point engaged, and I always move it around manually before composing each shot. But I am sure there is a way camera will choose the focus points itself, sometimes have lots of them…. THANKS

  5. I don't know why ppl think focusing and recomposing will work specially at wide open apertures… IT DOESN'T!, when you recompose, 90% of the time you're actually changing your focus point. makes no sense to me. ppl, do yourselves a favor and don't do this! my 2 cents ­čÖé unless you're using small apertures, just do yourself a favor and don't do it. or do it and learn the hard way. up to u! lol

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