Nixplay & Pix-Star Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame Review
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Nixplay & Pix-Star Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame Review

August 24, 2019

Hi! This is going to be a review of
digital photo frames that can be controlled through the internet. This is kind of a new generation of
digital frames that are now controlled through a wifi network and you can
change the pictures from any place in the world. That makes it a pretty awesome present
that you can give your relatives or friends, basically a frame that they set
up in their home. Whenever you feel like you want to post a new update,
new pictures that you’re taking, you can send them straight to that frame. You can
just connect it directly to your Facebook account, to your Flickr account,
whatever online digital photo service or any social media, when you’re taking your picture
from your smartphone, you have the ability to share these pictures. This
doesn’t mean that whenever you post anything on Facebook it automatically
shows up. You have the ability to really curate what you would want to see in
that frame. I feel like this is probably the best present that I’ve given my
parents in a long long time, because now I’m able to make sure that my mother, who is really
not that tech-savvy, can see photos from her grandchildren without having to wait
or going online checking out Facebook. Actually she doesn’t have Facebook. She
can simply, everyday, look at that frame and see new pictures of her grandchildren or
all of us. It’s really up to me, or in this case my
wife, to completely curate what is going to show up in that frame. So let’s take a
quick look at how easy it is to get these pictures into these friends. Simply
log into the Nixplay website and then create a new album for, let’s say
some family pictures that you’re taking. I’m gonna call this family pics. So
I created a new album and I’m gonna add some photos now. These are some
pictures that maybe came from my camera. Different vacations. And I’ll just mark them all and it’s starting to upload these onto their cloud server, so Nixplay has
their own online cloud server, where these pictures live. So here they show up,
let’s say I want to create playlists according to the vacations, let’s say these
are all winter vacation and I want to drag them into what is called a playlist
called “winter vacation”. You scroll down. There’s nothing in there right now, but I
simply drag and drop them in and hit “save” and now I can already publish them to the
two frames that I bought. One is for my brother, one is for the grandparents. It immediately publishes them, basically now in
Germany or in China. My brothers lives in China and my parents live in Germany. That’s how
long it takes. And by the way, I can still make changes to these playlists. If, for
some reason, I picked a picture that maybe they shouldn’t have seen, I can
just delete it and it immediately disappears from the frame. And they can
make changes too. These frames come with a remote giving you complete control of
the frame settings and the content. So we both really have control of the
frame. If, for any reason, there’s a particular picture of a long line or it’s
moving too fast, or they’d like to turn it off at certain times, they’d like to have
it activated only when they’re actually in the room through a motion detector,
all these little gadgets can be controlled locally or through the
website. And I can have several frames. And each frame can have its own program, its
own selection of playlists of pictures, or they can all share a general playlist.
So again, I think it’s the perfect present. I actually was envisioning
something like this and I was like, I bet it doesn’t exist and I was looking
online and suddenly I realized there are several companies. I did some
research and I chose this particular brand because it has the best resolution,
the easiest interface. There’s another brand called Pix-Star. Either one of those, I think, is perfect. I include links for both of their products.
They run between 50 to 200 bucks depending on the size of the frame I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please like,
comment and subscribe. Feel free to ask questions as well. In the future I will
include a link right here to a website, where I’m just gonna write it all down
and link to that. So if you want to read up on what my experience has been over the
weeks that we’ve been using it, feel free to click on that link. Have a great day! Bye.

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  1. Thank for the research~ I was thinking about buying Nixplay then I changed to Sony, Sungale, Pix-star and the back to Nixplay b/c u said it has the best resolution.

  2. Thanks for your well-produced and nicely-edited video review, and you blog post review as well ­čÖé
    I just bought two 10" Nixplay Seeds today (30% off from the Nix site with code CNET30).
    Wondering if your assessment has changed over the past year.
    You wrote "Tip: I noticed that uploading pictures through Flickr or directly (instead of Facebook) gave the best quality. I guess Facebook might compress the pictures to reduce file size."
    Now that they've added Google Photos and Instagram, which cloud service have you found to deliver the least-compressed photos to the frame (if you've noticed)?

  3. This honestly sounds more like a commercial than a review. I've also done some more research on this, and it seems nixplay is everywhere with these fake/bad reviews.

  4. Misleading title, I thought it was a review of both brands but it is really only a review of Nixplay and mentions Pix-star as being similar but not actually reviewed.

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