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January 2, 2020

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  2. Very well said Brother.

    My parents grew up in Hitler's Austria, disarmed by the SS and I have family members I never had the pleasure of meeting.
     My Mom and Dad immigrated to the U.S. 65+ yrs ago and told us kids about the atrocities and pain that went on in their hometown that their parents thought could never happen when they handed in their guns willingly (they had no bloody choice after Hitler's gun registration, the military obviously knew who owned guns after they did that.), much like the fools on the left today that don't think it could ever happen again in this day and age.

     I sure wish survivors of the two hundred million or so people killed by their own gov. within the last 100 years alone after they were disarmed in many places around the world (ie China, Soviet Union, Cambodia etc, etc, etc) would stand up and tell these people what they witnessed firsthand that are too lazy to open a world history book, I do believe it really drives the truth home when you can put a face to personal experiences by someone who lost family members, maybe to try and possibly erase the stupid idea that tyranny couldn't happen again right here soon.

  3. One of the best videos on YouTube, Thank you sir. Off topic but, would you do a P80 Liberator AR pistol. I've been wanting to buy one but not so sure about a polymer rifle. One other question: Do you know if the P80 lower is compatible with standard AR uppers? Thanks

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