No room for racism in our Parliament
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No room for racism in our Parliament

November 17, 2019

There was a time when views expressed by people
like Mr Christensen were not welcome in this place. There was a time when there was a consensus
that we as a vibrant, diverse multicultural society accepted that there was no place for
racism in the Australian parliament. Indeed, it was the time when Senator Hanson herself
was disendorsed from the Liberal Party for her racist and bigoted views. Now we have
Mr Christensen attending an event where people boast of throwing gay people from buildings;
where there is outright hostility and hatred towards people of the Islamic faith. We now
have the spectacle where the Liberal Party are preferencing One Nation, really signalling
the complete capitulation of the modern Liberal Party, who have endorsed, through their actions,
the views of people like Senator Hanson. Racism and bigotry should have no place in the Australian
parliament. The question is that motion moved by Senator Di Natale be agreed to. Division required? Ring the bells. There being 34 ayes and 32 no’s the matter is resolved in the affirmative.

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