North Africa Is More Important Than You Think | Everybody’s Lying About Islam 39
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North Africa Is More Important Than You Think | Everybody’s Lying About Islam 39

October 15, 2019

Hey there. Over the past month or so, I have been talking
about a series of North African countries. All told, Tunisia, Algeria and Libya only
amount to under 60 million people, but they represent an extraordinary opportunity for
the region, for the world, and even for the United States. Today we will be talking about why North Africa
is more important than you think. At the end of my video on Algeria, I talked
about the real possibility that that country could adopt the Democratic reforms of its
smaller neighbor Tunisia. If that happens we could see a true peaceful
revolution spreading across North Africa. Morocco has its own set of problems that will
get their own video some day. Western Sahara and the long frozen conflict
with Algeria are both tricky issues. But with growing democracy and prosperity
in the region those issues should get easier to solve. The incentives for peace are high. Tunisia is a lone democracy with a failing
economy, because the richest countries in the region want it to fail, and it’s neighbors
are in turmoil. If Algeria’s transition continues to succeed,
we are looking at a different situation. Morocco should want to get on board with 52
million folks striving towards prosperity and democracy. Morocco has been sputtering towards constitutional
monarchy since the Arab Spring anyway, and it’s already begun the job of successfully
integrating its economy with Europe’s. If Morocco can resolve its issues with a more
democratic Algeria, we are now talking about a block of almost 90 million people across
three countries, in some very strategic territory. Now I can’t pretend to know what more democratic
governments would want in these three countries. But I have some ideas of what they could accomplish. A customs union of some sort would bring greater
prosperity. The opening of the border between Morocco
and Algeria alone should bring extraordinary benefits for commerce and tourism. Folks could drive from Germany to Tunisia
if they wanted. The political prospects are even more intriguing. Some folks will loudly tell you that these
countries are not Arabic, but they are members of the Arab League and having three democracies
in that talking shop would matter. Libya has been an open wound since the US
NATO invasion 8 years ago. The medieval stupidity bloc of the Arab League,
led by Saudi Arabia, has been able to keep Libya in disarray for almost a decade now. A prosperous Democratic bloc directly to the
east of Libya could end the chaos quickly. The threat that Algeria’s transition poses
to the old disorder may in fact be exactly why Saudi Arabia’s pet Libyan General, Khalifa
Haftar, attacked the UN backed government in Tripoli in April. Saudi Arabia sees a real threat here, and
they should. Their monarchy’s whole existence is based
on the claim that their region can’t handle modern, Democratic government. The Saudis are desperate to install an authoritarian
fire break in Libya, to keep peace and democracy from spreading. Saudi Arabia has been desperately fighting
the Arab Spring since 2011, and in North Africa it looks like they may finally be losing. Beyond Libya there are the 100 million people
of Egypt. The combined efforts of Israel, Saudi Arabia
and the United States will probably keep Egypt’s dictator going for a while, but Sudan is already
slipping towards democracy. Their multi-decade dictator Omar al Bashir
is in jail. Saudi Arabia is spending billions trying to
keep the military government in power, but the protesters aren’t having it. DO NYTIMES FOR THIS STUFF Sudan’s neighbor
Ethiopia is already going through a near miraculous transition towards peace and human rights. Now all of that sounds very nice, but I can
see why it wouldn’t appeal to some European and American policymakers. The Euros just want to stop migrants and might
be happy for weaker countries in North Africa that can be more easily bribed to do that. The US really likes Israel, and might see
a more prosperous and functional Muslim North Africa as a threat to our client. These concerns miss the forest for the trees. There are some very real, very self interested
reasons for the US and Europe to help these countries out. For most of human history the big show has
been in Asia. In industry, culture, religion and wealth,
it was India and China that were the big hubs. Europe was just some soggy peninsula up to
the north somewhere. Starting 500 years ago, and really picking
up about 300 years ago, something very weird happened. Western Europeans figured out there were a
couple continents to their West, and they built a new and unprecedented center of wealth
and power on the backs of African slaves and American natives. For the past two centuries or so, the world’s
major players have been found in the Atlantic world rather than the Pacific one. Well that’s changing now. Asia has been staging a massive comeback for
like 4 decades, and it’s probably not ever going to stop. The old Atlantic economy is beginning to become
the back water it once was. The US is shifting its focus to the Pacific,
and so is the rest of the world. The Atlantic economy, the Eastern United States,
and Europe especially are stagnating. It doesn’t have to be that way. Africa’s numerous countries all have incredible
potential. But to keep the Atlantic wealth engine running,
everybody’s got to be firing on all cylinders. All pathways have got to be open. We should be fostering economic growth, not
sponsoring Saudi Arabia’s vandalism. With its 2011 invasion of Libya NATO threw
a massive spanner into the works. North Africa has had a lost decade. The disruption spreading from Libya has also
been a big part of Europe’s lost decade. Forever war on Saudi Arabia’s behalf may be
making some US defence contractors rich, but it’s making half the world dramatically poorer
than it needs to be. This is bad for every US business that isn’t
based on killing people. This stupidity is throwing the world out of
balance, and giving the Pacific economy a free decade to leap ahead of the Atlantic
economy. The US benefits from Pacific economic growth
of course, but it would benefit more from balanced growth. These African countries are essential to that. Some of you may have wondered why I have dedicated
so much time to these North African countries recently. They can seem marginal. But in truth, they are central to US and European
aspirations in the 21st century. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe, and if you want to be sure
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  1. MBS & MBZ are supported by the US. It is not like the middle east hates democracy for a whacked out religious reason, it's mainly the US who is imposing this dictatorship and sponsoring the likes of MBS & MBZ.

  2. Thanks for putting out these videos man. They've really woken me up to the potential of North Africa and the wider Mediterranean region, and it's also really nice when people see how vile the Saudi regime really is.

  3. can you please talk about kurdish people in syria and iraq and chances of a country maybe in the next decades

  4. Great vid Rob, very positive, that would be a great scenario if it occurs. Your channel and content was what helped originally spark my interest in geo politics and history and I’m thankful for it. You speak the truth about Saudi Arabia and you understand the ramifications and reasons why “they do what they do” and there’s not enough intellectuals or commentators who really have a grasp of the issues like you do. Keep u the good fight dude 👍😎

  5. So TL;DW If you want America to not suck and get tonnes of unskilled immigrants/refugees, try not destroying other countries who could be valuable trade partners in stead of an endless well of desparate people that's ripe for terrorist recruitment?

  6. The french ruling class will never allow Algeria or any african country to prosper bcs their conservative way of thinking that the ages of colonial rule is still a benefit . using immigration as a scarecrow against the eroupian people while sucking the energy resources as much as they can . as you know Germany's disagreements with turky will be the same with Algeria in the future . they suggested a big solar energy in the desert which can which can break the Russian gaz shackles but france refused because hey depend on converting nuclear to electricity which will effect their economy so Russia & France are okey with another military puppet like egypte in Algeria with a Chinese/US agreement similar to what happen before the fake civil war in 1992. china doesn't want another turky .. Algeria depends on chinese companies while the US military bases surrounds our territory from 4 sides even the sea the 6th fleet is always close to our waters check the map they think we are iran 2.0 according to israely expert ally consultation or whatever… But no one has the courage to intervene yet even our generals doesn't have the courage to negociate with the people like they do in Sudan .. well our people are fearsome against imperialism as Che givara said in a famous speach in algeria the same place which george galloway spoke to our people :3

  7. Algerians are very skeptical about opening the borders with Morocco, Drug trade in The sherifian kingdom is at an all time high + zionism in Mo and border conflicts…

  8. good work as always man btw got a question for you, what do you think of the 4th of jul elections in algeria?
    some algerians are against it some are for it, me personally i think it's too dangerous to boycott it. would love to know you though on that.

  9. I know I keep banging on about it but the end of the oil industry will change the world in many positive ways. Africa will get less interference and cheap energy (renewbles) will help it become a wealthy and stable place.

  10. Entire Atlantic Economy is built upon slavery. And neo slavery keeps it going. Imagine african farmers and miners getting fair share of income for their work. Ie bananas costing 1$ in idk senegal and 10$ in sweden. Imagine it costed more in senegal.

    This would be the game over for atlantic economy. They have to keep afica ruled by puppet dictators for their very survival.

    Btw it wasn't a democratic revolt in sudan. It was an another foreign backed coup and will end up in an another 40 years of dictatorship. Saudis use their people as cheap mercenaries and they have to keep it that way.

  11. so it's either a pacific economy or an atlantic one but never an african economy ; this shows your deep racism even if you're not aware of it it's deeply ingrained. i say i hope African countries prosper far from your evil influence. a side note saudi arabia is a puppet state of the us not the other way . al saud family wil not stay in power for one week if not for usa .all the evil that they do is the direct resposibility of the usa and i'm pretty sure you know it .

  12. NEVER TALKS ABOUT ISRAEL. bro youre a zionist shill. youre a gatekeeper for people looking for independent news and youre controlled opposition for rapist terrorists. congratulations.

  13. Brilliant as always, I hope 🤞 that ALL those ppl in those regions (especially Middle East) benefit from economic and political prosperity

  14. Good report! Dr. Martin Luther King Jr once said that "it's not possible to push someone down without you going down with them".

  15. I missed the mention of Islam 39 and a lie about that. Can somebody point me to what he's talking about or what that is please.

  16. Well explained, presented. Thanks. The lengths US goes to mollycoddle a medieval state like Saudi Arabia for it's own hegemonic designs is shameful .. almost childish, in a way but the effects are so toxic and long lasting. But this is exactly what the US + other hegemonic countries want – pretentious wars or instability concocted to enhance their own hold of power. So, I am very sure that block of Morocco, Algeria & Tunisia will not materialise anytime soon.

  17. I am from Libya and Germany and i have lived majority of my childhood in Libya before i had to leave 2011. I really hope the civil war is kinda stopped and the country focuses on stuff like education, traffic, health care and other importan things because even when Gaddafi was at power all he did was bring stability but he never improved the countries quality in terms of education, safety and security, health and other prospering aspects. I want the country to bloom and prosper but the longer the war there goes on, the more Libya has to build up from scratch. But the state was never that far to begin with but it has as you often said a very high potential but the Libyan Government seems not to make use of it`s value. That is my opinion on the case. Well i hope when i am older since i am still 21 and undergoing education in Germany, i can be of use in terms of buisness or anything. But yeah the wars need to end first because then we all the people can slowly work on the echonomy properly.

    I mean the war is not benefiting to anyone in the world. Even the ones who provoked the civil war really won`t have the benefit on the long term. Long term benefits can only be achieved through peace, not war. I am surprised that after so much wars in human history people still refuse to learn from it and repeat the same thing.

  18. 2:34 they are not ethnically arabs they are arabized berbers even if they are part of the arab league or identify as arabs it doesn't change the fact that everyone born in North africa has in some way or another berber ancestry

  19. Firstly, i have to say that i incredibly enjoy your videos on the Arab world aspirations towards rebuilding a ruined empire.
    Yet my country happened to be failing and it seemed doomed to fail, for there was no "enlightenment" prior to the revolution for my people to draw on its values and push back medeival religious negative impacts. For such reasons i and many of the educated in libya (who are understandably a minority) might sound silly to suggest that there is some dark side in the Arab spring, as if it had been fabricated to tap the resentment and rage that is already building up, and to derail it from its main course. Western conspiracy theory is supported by the fact that Arab military coups back in the fifties and sixties were staged by CIA. The fall of the enlightened libyan monarchy stands as testimony to this supposition. After all, it was evident that the libyan unhinged dictator was very fragile to challenge the U.S and his brigades were armed with that sort of russian rubbish that no modern respectable country actually use. He did a great job and they pushed us into the dark ages again when the late libyan king was eager to invest rapidly in education and technology. So to get back to the topic, how would you explain the role of qatar in fueling the political rivalry? How come that qatar wants us to be democratic and using all its resources to help us establish progressive regimes? Actually the barbaric gulf monarchs are clients of the west and they were ordered to spend their money in undermining the revolutions so that people end up frustrated and exhausted, and embrace another terrible dictator, as we do with haftar who is gaining momentum with the aid of libyan ignorance and religious setbacks.

  20. I think Trump will start a war thinking it will get him re elected. Iran? How about a video on the 120,000 troops being sent under the guise of Iran "supposedly" attacking Saudi ships. A war to protect Saudi profits?

  21. Moroccan here, our last 3 kings have been amazing and we love them all. Our current king is an excellent ruler despite of our issues. The day we get a prime minister of president in stead of the king is the day we are fucked.

  22. Democratic Arab countries organise a liberation army and wipe out Israel from the face of the earth 😍😍😍

    It would REALLY save the region

  23. Great video!! Let me give you a recommendation. Begin to do some research about the dlecline of global population due to the decrease of birth rate around the world, not only in the developed countries, but also in most of the countries, except for Subsaharian Africa.

    It's very important the factor of population to predict how it's goint to be the future. For example, I live in Spain and the birth rate has droped to less than 1 children for each fertile woman. If we don't fix this problem in the next five years, the Spanish people if going to disappear in this century.

    You can begin the reasearch with the book "Empty Planet":

  24. Seventy-two virgins — does that make sense to anyone? And it's an ancient religion, maybe it was misinterpreted? Maybe it's not 72 virgins, maybe it's a 7-foot-2 Persian
    Please watch, One of the best speeches on Islam. True nature of Islam @

  25. I just watched 1 minute, but why do you think that democracy is where everyone should go to?
    Is it the perfect why to govern a nation? I don't think so, only Western people make it look like democracy is what everyone should have

  26. Thanks for the video, most people here actually want to make good relations with neighboring countries in the region

  27. I think if North Africa prospers, they too will atract migrants and then stop them by themselves.
    It's more likely that weak and poor N. African countries are taking European AND human trafficer money.
    In the current situation they have no advantage in effectively stopping migration because it would butcher their cash cow.

  28. Hey MFF, great video as usual. Among all the bad news we hear, your videos are a real breath of fresh air when it comes to the ME. I wanted to ask you, what do you have say about the Syrian refugee crisis? Just hearing about their suffering keeps me up at night because it seems like this is the worst humanitarian crisis since WW2. On one hand it is good to hear that 1-2 million Syrians will now be given a chance at life in the developed world but this is also a mere fraction of the 13 million displace. What do you see happening to these people in the future and what hope is there for them?

  29. For your video about Morocco and Western Sahara, please take the following into account :
    The International Court of Justice stated that :
    1) Western Sahara was not a Terra Nullius.
    2) There were legal ties of allegiance between this territory and the Kingdom of Morocco.

    If you don't know international law, you will never understand the decision of the ICJ.

    All ICJ does is defending the arbitrary borders of the colonizers. Not taking into account : the History of Africa and the peoples of Africa.
    It's a choice that Morocco and other african countries didn't make (see Group of Casablanca :

    "If all the borders are artificial, those of the states of the African continent are more so than all the others, which is why they contribute so much to perpetuate instability and underdevelopment."
    Boutro Boutro-Ghali

    🔴 ALAOUITE DYNASTY since 1631

    Proofs that Western Sahara is moroccan :
    – Map of Morocco before the colonization :
    – Sahrawis (MOREHOB) who fought Spain and asked to be part of Morocco.évolutionnaire_des_hommes_bleus
    – Other Moroccans who fought against the spanish occupation of Sahara, Sidi Ifni and Tarfaya.
    – In 1963, Morocco seized the UN to include Western Sahara on the list of territories to decolonize.
    – Morocco seized the ICJ.
    – Madrid Accords of 1975 where Spain recognized the Sovereignty of Morocco over the Sahara.
    Algeria recognized the Sovereignty of Morocco over Western Sahara in return of Tindouf and Bechar.
    – Algeria NEVER helped Sahrawis against Spain.
    Algerian military dictators gave weapons to the polisario only after the liberation of the Sahara by Moroccan efforts.

    🔴 Only 24 countries are recognizing the "SADR".

    🔴 The UN doesn't recognize the "SADR".

    🔴 The UN NEVER asked Morocco to leave Western Sahara.

    🔴 Morocco is part of the negociation and solution, not a third-party country. For the UN : no solution in Western Sahara without moroccan agreement.

    🔴The EU and the US include Western Sahara as part of Morocco because they consider that the population of Western Sahara effectively benefits from the wealth of the region.
    It is the same with Russia, China and the other 169 countries of the world.

    "There is no comparison between Western Sahara and Palestine."
    Sergeï Lavrov

  30. Idk understand how come your channel isn't viewed by millions ?
    Your way of explaining things is just A M A Z I N G

  31. for the most part the United States does not like Israel it is only the handful of Zionist lackyes in the system who control the buttons in line with Israel ,
    the same Christian forces that made Israel is the same Christian forces that says God will kill 2/3 of the Jews and the 1/3 left will become Christian ,
    Lavon affair .. USS Liberty … 911… transferring American Technology to China … are some of the shock therapy Americans have received and made them wake up and realized the evil that the Zionist stand for .

  32. Democracy is not a cure for an ailing country's problems. Rather democracy is the result of a healthy and stable society. Imposing democracy on a society not ready to receive it only makes thungs worse.

  33. The goal of the coming war on Iran will be dividing Iran ,Iraq and Syria and create Kurdistan oh Turkey included after that all the countries in middle east will be divided again into smaller and weaker countries I'm sure this gonna happen I mean I heard a religion man saying it

  34. Well if North African countries from marocco to Egypt United , man it would be both economical power and military power to fear…

  35. There is no democracy any where. Corruption and the IMF run the world. Everyone here is fucking retarded. Democracy dont mean shit when money rules the world and corruption is its right hand. Rothschild Banking establishments need to be taken out root and stem from every single country including rhe US and Europe. Europe is not a Democracy. America is not a democracy. Big buisness ruless our societies. When will you people wake up?

  36. Tunisian here.

    I think you should talk 2 things in greater detail:

    1- The APECA lobbying in Tunisia after many years of dismantling the economy piece by piece. Part of the conditions of "forgiveness" of debt is for Tunisia to open an immigration center in its territory à la Australia/Nauru. Tunisia is Europe's only option currently as other countries are much worse at respecting human rights.

    2- Morroco is a pupped vulture state of the West. The differences between it and Algeria don't stop at territorial contentions, but are political as Algeria to be very anti-imperialistic and independent (Only North Africa country that requires a Visa for Occidentals to visit).

  37. most of us love each other its just the borders separating us we have the same blood, most of us want to become one.

  38. Not entirely sure what this has to do with islam but hey I thought you were right about everything else so, +1 from me 😉

  39. North Africa in particular and Africa in general may never be able to overcome the consequences of the Berlin Conference (1884-1885).
    Africa today is the product of this conference to which Africans were not invited
    the void created by the absence of a socio-economic model is everywhere seen, and this emptiness is occupied by the Masonic lodges which block any attempt to return to one or more of the African cultures, the model of an Islamic State generally being the number one target of the
    lodges that are at the orders of the former colonial powers themselves to the orders of parties that are stronger than they and so on
    but we can not know exactly what would happen if Africa accepted Chinese aid and cooperation

  40. they think that we are independent but we are not
    i m from algeria and most decisions here are made by france
    +all our wealth is taken by france
    they benefits from our desperate situation and took our doctors….

  41. About Libya.. I'm a Libyan.
    But your idea about Libya is completely wrong.
    But thank you for you trying to understand the situation in it.

  42. Some magrebis are berbers
    Tunisia is the only country in the magreb i wouldn't consider at least part berber, but saying that algeria or morocco is arab because it is part of the arab league would be like saying somalia is as well because it is
    Tbh i would consider magrebi to be it's own ethnicity because algerian/moroccan arabic are very *very* different languages from arabic

  43. as an Algeria i can say , stability in north Africa is good for Europe and the rest of the world , and the transition to democracy is not an easy task .

  44. to say we're Arabs is completely ignoring the fact that we have had many civilizations come and go over time, yes people here still claim they're Arabs but in reality we're mostly light skinned, and that's not how Arabs look like, and the Moroccans have a lot of issues that can't let us work with them properly, and it all boils down to the dirty money and the monarch, they always distribute and produce drugs, in other words Morocco is the mexico of Africa, and don't forget the prostitution based vacations that the gulf monarchs take every year in Morocco and throw a couple million $ in the pockets of the monarch to keep it secret, and its not a surprise that Morocco has some pretty close relations to the US after all Algeria has relations with china and Russia and you guessed it the US hates them, Morocco has been doing it's best to join NATO but always fail… Morocco's only problem is their monarch, Tunisia on the other hand was actually growing when they had their civil war so it really makes you feel that it's weird, the economy and government of a touristic country that live in an era where tourism was booming would fail in such a way, I'm in no way defending their government as they were also corrupt, Libya is a special case, it was a rich country and the people wren't living in such bad conditions, just imagine it 9 million people, plenty of oil and a government throwing money left and right on its people like if everyday is a celebration, what's even weirder is that it happened at a time where Libya was planning to ditch the dollar

  45. I said amazigh cause many don't know but deep inside this movement, people who believe in another history where emir are abdelkader which named the creator of Algeria in the history is just a traotor who gave up on the Algerian revolution and lived a good life in Damascus with Arabs and womens like they always loved the big beard guys 😂😂… While the real revolution icons where always killed, check bouhired, larbi men mhidi massali elhadj and his French wife, boudhief and ahmed all gauchistes /left wing socialist more like French socialism and leberal" who lived in other countries after being persucuted or killed by the French colons and after that by the "l'armée des frontières who were not fighters in the independence war but they were mainly diplomats and very smart international Arab influenced guys got educated in azhar and zaitouna they had a more communist philosophy that took over the real revolution of larbi Ben mhidi bouhired massali elhadj boudhief ait ahmed and many others…. You can check on fb or youtube using their names but it is hard to understand without deep on ground understanding..see ya

  46. Thank u for ur video ..but I wanna correct an information about the Algerian population which is 43 million on January 1st 2019 and not 40million

  47. democracy is to be the slave of usa we algerians have a democracy that was created 1500 yeara a go we will not accept to be controlled

  48. I really love Morocco as an Algerian they are more then brothers religion and race and language and tradition links us
    But Im afraid of the people who don't want us to grow like the ones who exploits the borders to smuggle drugs u know Morocco is known for drug production . Hope we find a solution for this

  49. I love your videos, please keep making more, it's very surprising that you know such stuff about Algeria and the political situation here, greetings from Algeria. One sad thing that happened since this video was made is the cancelling of elections in Algeria which were scheduled for 4th of July and the military take over of Sudan backed by UAE who have recently killed protestors, similar fashion of what happened to Egypt, many Algerians are not anxious we will get our own version of Sissi just like how Haftar is framing himself in Libya and the military council in Sudan, UAE and Saudi have always been undermining north Africa.

  50. Sahara is moroccan and what is that North Morocco showing as separate territory !? Check your map dude! USA has only hate to Muslims and Arabs!!!! USA only represents a crazy cowboy who only speaks English and guns…. USA is in love with israhell !!!? Ok what that has to do with your video or North Africa!?? How much USA made direct jobs in the Maghreb !? Zero ! What is USA sentiments about Maghreb people ! North Africa is NATO terminology…. it’s Maghreb…. ok … quite frankly islamophobia mixed with neural programming language found in just about everything in USA doesn’t appeal that much any Maghreb Person…. and USA has many criminal ideas knowing nothing can prosecute illegal usa activities almost worldwide
    Long Live the Maghreb Union

  51. Summary of the video! If you dare to elect and have democracy or good leadership USA will attack…. unless you have any free beers for Americans who still could not win the lottery tickets

  52. As you said, if Democracy succeed in Algeria, and Haftar fails in Libya, this will completely reshape the region's geopolitics, also, this could greatly impact France's grip on the sub-Saharan countries.

  53. I am from Algeria the biggest country in North Africa, Thanks for the efforts you put in this video
    May God bless our Country #Algeria 🇩🇿 and the rest of North African nations as well

  54. Mo , I understand Your Concern about Us In the Arab World Getting democracy,
    But I assure you If I was The leader I would Be more open to the US Eroupe, then the backward Alliance Of Russia and China
    Your Fan
    From Kuwait.

  55. Something most people don't know, we DO want a democracy, but not a liberal/progressive democracy, anyone who says otherwise is misinformed. Only a small insignificant percentage of people here do.

  56. As an Arabic man , you described this very well , the old dinasours of Saudi and UAE are fighting aggressively any democratic progress , can’t wait to see both of them Crash

  57. As an egyptian North African, we are super power only if we unite, but countries like USA, Russia, France, Britain putting all their efforts to prevent that from happening

  58. Sahara occupation? Widely condemned? Man where have you lived thus past 20 years ? Look up Almohavides and check the map again. Sahara belongs to Morocco.

  59. great video!
    But I don't know why you say that tunisians are arabs and algerians are berbers! where they are ethnically the same people (mostly berbers).

  60. Same old same old, democracy is the answer to all social problems no need for further thinking democracy is the pinnacle of human civilization. No future human thought will ever surpass democracy.

  61. oh, men, you put facts in place thank you for being honest and for the Objective and neutral subtraction
    .i gotta say the video and your analyzation is perfectly true 99 %! greetings from Algeria

  62. You touch the right button.
    I am Moroccan & I know much than anybody .
    You are right , except that the sequels left by the colonialism of France is still advising some kind of the old generation dictators left in power divid to gouver
    Before the Turkish ottoman took over most of North Africa ( lybia Tunisia & half of Algeria that was Moroccan until the French took over )
    The way to break the Moroccan empire was to split Morocco with Spain : north Morocco to Spain except Tangiers , then France created Mauretania & what you called Occidental Sahara went to Spain .
    Morocco accepted the protectorat of France without the eastern Moroccan Sahara.
    After the revolution of 1954 France gived up Moroccan indépendance without the eastern Sahara neither Mauretania
    Those territories were a bargain chips for the coming indépendance of Algeria means we will give back eastern Sahara if you agree with us that Algeria was no country until the French colonisation
    King Mohammed V Said no .
    So in 1962 finally after Moroccans with their help in arms & money Algeria get their independence and gived the eastern Moroccan Sahara to Algeria & kept managing it then til today because of the crude oil & gas fifty fifty between France & Spain until 1975 king Hassan the II matched with over 350000 Moroccans non armed called the green March
    Then the Spaniards Withrow from our Sahara or south province.
    No any true is good to say thnx any how you know more than most Americans
    You Neibourgh North Morocco Canadian

  63. please, dont say "arab spring" ever again,here in tunisia, we call it " the revolution of freedom and dignity" or " the jasmine revolution".

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