Northwest Montana residents to get update on Columbia River Treaty
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Northwest Montana residents to get update on Columbia River Treaty

February 22, 2020

he was the gluethatbonded his family aman who could makefriends withstrangers and a father who loved his littlegirlfriends areremembering 28year oldShellyHayes tonight he was thevictim inlast week’s deadly shootingrampage in Missoulaa crimethat killedhimand wounded three other peopleincluding a Highway Patrol officer buteven as they triedto understand hisdeath they’re rememberinghis life as aman who never did anythinghalfway a manwho worked hard as a mechanic and eventually opened his own auto repair business he loved fixing andwriting fastmotorcycles and trucksand he loved hisfive-year-olddaughter Chloe ShelleyHayes grew up in Missoulaand cast awide netof friends and colleagues whocan’t believe he’s goneleaving behind alifetimeof memoriesit’s been difficultforchildhood friend Nick Coegarwhoknows his friendwas special he had thispersonalitywhere he could hecould makeafriend at anybody you know somebody’sgive him that that long stare like notsure how many go over therejust I guessmake thesituation better you know hewould createa conversationand nowthesudden by the time I wasoverhe’sjustanother friend you’renot I mean he justhe was alwaysa social like that didn’tmatter where we wentit was make afriend tomorrownight at 5:30 we’ll talkmorewith Nickabout his friendShelleyand how his friends are going to honorhim

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