Norwegian Constitution Day | Vlog 20²
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Norwegian Constitution Day | Vlog 20²

October 20, 2019

Good morning It is a new week I am on Værnes and I am going to travel to Oslo today I have been traveling for many weeks now and I will keep traveling I am going to Oslo because we are going to release some rollerskis I am looking forward to it we are almost ready and it begins to approach I think it will be cool You have to keep watching, I think they are cool I hope that the skis will look like what I think I think we’ll just travel to Oslo and I’ll see you when I have arrived Oslo The week has started We start today with a new release pink rollerskis was a wish from Johannes We will keep developing we have a lot of good ideas which Johannes likes The release today will come out in junior, normal skate and skate elite and afterwards they will get available in stores in Norway and in our online store Hockey training 22nd of May, you have to be there VG will be there with four people 22nd of May? Which day is that? Wednesday? The day before Sognefjellet I think You should have joined me and Vegard Harm on rollerskis that day 22nd of May is when it happens In Trondheim? In Trondheim He loves you Have you seen it? That’s what’s going to happend No hockey training Harm is a colleague, so much respect for him They were maybe joining hockey too that is not impossible Now we have talked with the media and we have released some rollerskis here they are Pink Of course, pink rollerskis that’s the thing I think they are happy we have taken some photos and some videos very much noise now… we are not in the city it is a lot of fields here it is very pretty here nice weather a nice day to release some new rollerskis on I think we just go inside and keep doing some interviews and it is not so long time until we are going to travel home again No, two hours Soon we’ll travel home again, it was a day trip I am also going to train I think we’ll just finish the interviews and so far we are happy about the release Now we are on our way home again Done with pictures, media and the release we have been there for two and a half hour and now we are done we are doing things effectively that’s good we are sitting in the car here and we are going to get back to Trondheim it is too good weather to sit in a car but we’ll have a good second session back home let’s just travel home and I’ll see you when I am ready for a new session Was it a near death experience? Yes I have founded out a thing, I am not trained for this What are you trained for? I have chose three hours in the marsh instead of this nine of ten times machine except from today but I am never going to do it again was it a terrible experience? it was a nightmare it wasn’t funny it hurt tough to be a cross country skier at the day it wasn’t smart to go on rollerskis this morning If you wonder why it is a bit shaky and a bit unclear is it because I am so tired and we also have a crazy driver I didn’t thought it would be so heavy but I am so nauseous and so tired and my hands are shaking and the worst thing is leg exercises which I can’t manage to do Crossfit is not easy I hope you saw something from the training there was pair exercises and there was almost no break I didn’t manage to film so much I have filmed a little bit I hope that you could see something from the horrible training Now I am going to go home and sleep in fetal position and tomorrow is the Constitution day I am going to hurry home and charge the camera and I think I’ll be ready to put on my “bunad” it won’t be easy because I am going to put it on by myself Good morning The “bunad is on as you can see I can’t get the silver brooch on it is impossible I have been trying for 40 minutes and I think I should not try anymore I have to wait for my friends to get some help the Constitution is here and I have trained me and my boys are going to eat some breakfast together it will only be good mood and then I am going to the city and walk in the “borgertog” for Byåsen IL I think we’ll just start the day like this it is wonderful to wear the “bunad” again Good and warm as always today it is especially warm now the Constitution day has started and I just have to say, congratulations Norway! We have started! We have started Yes is the hair ok? As you can see we are walking in a train so we are in a train it’s a steady speed I like the speed a lot of people in the city I don’t know how many people there are is it like the “Toppidrettsveka”? we keep walking in the train How is it to be so great at skiing? it is nice No, the train stopped Then we call it a finish train it was a long train it was a warm train I don’t think we should open my jacket No, I don’t think so it was warm I’ll see you when I come home the battery on the camera is low so we can’t film anything more we can’t do everything that was your job sorry but you can blame it on me we are done walking in the train but now we are on our way to the cabin it is not my cabin, it is your but we are going to drive a boat and go fishing that’s what we are going to do cold ice brain freeze the ice cream is usually cold yes, but I got a brain freeze We are going to the cabin, drive boat and go fishing I think we just travel to the cabin and we’ll see you there Look, how pretty! very pretty This is my fish what did you say? that I had to make up the fish I din’t think about that I was happy that I got a fish, but I forgot that I had to make it up it is eleven o’clock and I am very tired and I have to make up my fish see you tomorrow, ready for new adventures You are really cool Johannes are you happy Pernille? yes I am really happy If you think I am cool, then I am happy now you are on the vlog just watch it tomorrow are you also going to be on the vlog? No You have to say your names I am Mikkel I am Iver Mikkel and Iver are with us we are on Stokkøya they have been sleeping in lavvo and bathing Do you think it was warm in the water? Not really I don’t think it was warm but they are two tough guys they have been bathing and now they have got sick I think we’ll keep on with our sightseeing on Fosen we were on sightseeing yesterday, sightseeing vol 2 today I think we’ll go and eat some lunch and see if we get some food it was a lot of people on the beach bar they have good food there is it? yes Have you been eating there the whole weekend? I tasted the mussels there, it was delicious maybe we’ll also have some mussels today as well vol 2 of the sightseeing will keep going Are we finished? yes I can’t do this anymore it didn’t look so tough, but it is a long time since I did some agility training it was tough I got so stiff after the crossfit it was on the Tuesday My legs, my back, everything is stiff after the Tuesday I don’t know if crossfit is something I should do more often or not there are so many mosquitos here should we end this week here? Yes it is Sunday we are going to eat some dinner and sleep tomorrow we are going home then it is Monday and the vlog is going to be published and we have to start filming for the next week I think we’ll just say that this week is over it has been a great week Constitution day, Crossfit, the whole package and I also got a fish maybe the highlight of the week ut I can say that the next week is going to be exciting you have to keep watching I think it will be funny very funny I am looking forward to it thanks for this week see you next week

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  1. Ikke for å være negativ, men synes vloggen taper seg mer og mer. Det er jo bare naturlig at Johannes har behov for mer privatliv nå som han har dame, og det er kanskje tid for å legge ned vloggen og tenke annerledes? Koser meg med gamle godbiter jeg, og dem er det flust av 🙂

  2. Johannes, thanks for another fantastisk vlog! 👏🏼👍🏼 Pernille, you are so beautiful! ☺️😊 You two look gorgeous together!!!

  3. Jeg har vært på stokkøya før. Var dere på et sted som het kuringen? Hurtigruta kommer under en bro vær dag der klokken 4. Digger deg

  4. Han som lanserer skiene "ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Ehhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm" "Øøøøøøøøøøhhhh" Åååååååååååh" "Eeeeeeeeeeeeh".

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