Not enough parliamentary support to hold third Brexit vote, says Theresa May
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Not enough parliamentary support to hold third Brexit vote, says Theresa May

November 21, 2019

Mr Speaker, I continue to believe
that the right path forward is for the United Kingdom
to leave the EU as soon as possible
with a deal, now on 22 May. But it is with great regret
that I have had to conclude that, as things stand, there is still not
sufficient support in the House to bring back the deal
for a third meaningful vote. I continue to have discussions
with colleagues across the House to build support, so that we can
bring the vote forward this week and guarantee Brexit. If we cannot, the government
made a commitment that we would work across
the House to find a majority on a way forward. The amendment in the name
of my right honourable friend, the member for West Dorset
[Sir Oliver Letwin] seeks to provide for that process
by taking control of the order paper. I continue to believe that doing so
would be an unwelcome precedent to set, which would overturn …
[Background noise] – Order! Which would overturn the balance
between our democratic institutions. So the government will oppose
this amendment this evening. But in order to fulfil our commitments
to this House, would seek to provide government time in order for
this process to proceed. But I must confess that I am
sceptical about such a process of indicative votes. When we’ve tried this kind of thing
in the past, it has produced contradictory outcomes
or no outcome at all. [Background noise]
– Order! There is a further risk
when it comes to Brexit, as the UK is only one half
of the equation and the votes could lead
to an outcome that is unnegotiable
with the EU. No government could give …
[Background noise] No government could give
a blank cheque to commit to an outcome without knowing
what it is, so I cannot commit the government to delivering
the outcome of any votes held by this House,
but I do commit … – Order! But I do commit to engaging
constructively with this process. [Background – Jeering/laughter] I hope we can all agree
we are now at the moment of decision
and in doing so we must confront the reality of
the hard choices before us. Unless this House agrees to it,
no-deal will not happen; no Brexit must not happen
and a slow Brexit, which extends article 50
beyond 22 May, forces the British people to take
part in European elections and gives up control of any of
our borders, laws, money or trade, is not a Brexit that will bring
the British people together.

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  2. I think you should leave May and let us have another referendum as people did not know the full facts of what would be what is happening now?

  3. Never really seen these meetings before but is it normally like the first 2 minutes when going into a secondary school assembly? I feel like they need teachers or adults to keep them in line 😛

  4. Before anyone comments on this I'm saying about what's going to happen to me and my family..

    Sadly, it depends on what happens and what type of Brexit comes out. As a British person (I've lived here half of my life) I can say that I dont support this at all.. my father, who sells tyres, goes to Germany every 2 weeks for a week to get tyres, and it is very expensive but we can afford it (up to 3k pounds).. if the bad Brexit for us comes out then we will be charged for crossing to EU and it will only mean me and my family are moving to Canada.

    If the good type of Brexit comes out for us then my dad (as a polish man; age 49 lived in Poland 40 years) he will have the right to cross to the EU as a polish person, meaning 90% of his competition in business who are most likely Pakistan (no offence) will be wiped out which is sad for them but there's more money coming in for my family meaning my dad will only have to deal with 10% (English people, polish etc.)

    Please dont hate on this I'm just sharing what will happen to me, honestly I'm not that old to know anything about life but this is what will happen to me so it depends on what's going to happen.

    Wishing good luck and sending prayers to all family effected/damaged by Brexit

    ~ Suzie ❤❤

  5. Theresa May or may not be the Conservative leader by the end of this month.
    Theresa, May is the cruellest month.
    Oh the irony.
    BTW we are screwed what ever the out come.

  6. When there's a force of NO, that means YES. Hence disingenuous corporations (MPs and PMs). Each one of those mupsquads is a corporation person which is thier legal armour. So the actual PERSON (NAME) is never affected. Dirty trick huh?

  7. Never before have I seen a prime minister so POWERLESS so WEAK So Pathetic So Not in CONTROL of her own political party…….

  8. so i think we need to dust off and nuke the site from orbit. its the only way to be sure……… Also this is an aliens reference mi6, please don't kick down my door.

  9. This has got to be the first time a government asks the people to make a decision, then avoids implementing it by pleading incompetence. “We tried, but we can’t, we’re too stupid!”
    And as for tge low life Corbyn, you know he WANTS A “No deal”? Hopes to bring down capitalism.

  10. The funeral of global democracy is this weekend! Just don't ask the British government to sort funeral arrangements and invitations. This is a sad day for the will of the people and a precursor to the rule of the global right wing & Neo Fascism

  11. Hello party poppers I'm Theresa may good evening. Will Jeremy take me to be his lawful wedded Queen and to share our digestive biscuits and Jaffa cakes. If for any reason you object please nag me now. Hey I'm Deirdre Barlow and NO you can't take me Ken love. You can have the biscuits but Oh Ken. What has she done to our hobnobs.

  12. given his reputation we would have sorted this ages ago if trump takes over England

    Tbh I’m only interested to see if we get a British Independence Day, it gives us all a day off work and a new fun event like America has to set of fire works

  13. Mays deal is dead because it keeps us tied into the EU with no voting rights, so the legal default is leave on the 29th

  14. Lying cheating treacherous MP, 90% of you in that house should hang your heads in shame and be disgusted in your blatant disregard for the democratic vote and the mandate you all were given.

  15. Before she leaves, perhaps she can set up an inquiry into how Putin used Russia's oil money and oligarchs and social media to subvert the "peoples" referendum along with the incompetent political Brexit charlatans like Boris and Farage? 2 years+ too late.

  16. The big problem is millions of Kurdish, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis who still invade UK and who bring violence, racism, hostility, crime with them. That's the major problem

  17. My mum's doctor told her she might not get the meds she needs because of Brexit! Good job its just a back injury, hate to think whats going to happen to people like my mum and nan who need insulin, people who relie on medication for serous health conditions and people who need meds to keep their mental health in the green! Not to mention the fact that no-one voted Theresa May in and she's DIABETIC!

  18. What’s wrong with May? 5 million petition to withdraw from Article 50… 1 million people marching in London… like she didn’t see any of that…

  19. Two + years on. Ms May comes clean, a week before a "no deal" brexit. Leaving the single market or custom union wasn't advocated or a choice in the referendum. Mad hatter May has been deceptive all along – she's always been a deceptive brexiteer.

  20. A 3rd vote was just an obscene thought to begin with. You cant keep voting until you win. It just shows the mentality of our government.

  21. We won the vote, we didnt vote for extra time If they didnt do the job they were supposed to do even though they had all that time. We voted "out" to be out and we should come out on the 29, deal or no deal. This is a democratic country and they HAVE to get it done. This farce and complete embarrassment of out country needs to stop

  22. This is the culmination of the long con. Working with the EU to corrupt the Brexit vote. These quislings will be removed from office on the next election. Vote UKIP or For Britain. These scum bags will be history!

  23. Great news paper headlines today. "STUCK IN THE MUDDLE WITH YOU" and the song goes on. CLOWNS TO THE OF ME. JOKERS TO THE RIGHT

  24. I met some friends in UK and they say they want to see the whole UK burn, they said the islamic jihadists, governments, news medias together gangraped, trafficked and enslaved hundreds of thousands of British daughters. The country is worse than Syria or Afghanistan.

  25. Theresa:"We have these options.."

    House: "NO..No to them all, No to you, No to the deal, No to no deal, No to Yes and No to No"


  26. We will know exactly where we the public stand when the fully paid up member eu gestapo sets British &Foreign troops against us on Friday When we rebel against remaining in corupt eu reagem

  27. My good god is this thing still going on what a mess it is , and now May 22nd is the date we are supposed to be leaving
    After we do leave the EU can Theresa May please resign she’s the most boring and dull mp since Gordon Brown 😬😬😬😬

  28. Pathetic. Embarrassing. Treacherous. I gave her some credit in the beginning but now her betrayal is complete. The only way now is to leave with no deal this Friday, as promised. That is the only outcome that will save the UK. This will not go away. The EU is finished, this is the beginning of the end.

  29. We the people voted to leave Not turn to page to and well will see if we leave soft or hard get on with it 3 days to go and we voted OUT

  30. Democracy is now officially dead in the UK. It's a very sad state of affairs, which can not be easily remedied without truly horrific consequences. R.I.P. Democracy. It was nice while it lasted. You'll be sorely missed!

  31. so much for democracy……they had their agenda….they all sit in a room and cant come to an agreement just argue back and forth every day wasting time and causing more chaos.

  32. What a lady,she has no equal in modern day society, while her contemporaries change their colours like pirates on the open sea ,Macron has done so much back stepping he looks like Micheal Jackson.Theresa is a modern day Joan of arc fighting mid truths from parliament and the media.Hail Theresa

  33. lol all the yanks in these comments who have never seen what our parliament is like. All the moaning and jeering is indicative of an environment that is openly critical of its leaders and willing to engage in discourse, unlike the system in the US where your president kicks out reporters for asking too difficult of questions, let alone his attitude towards the Democrats.

  34. After no deal No deal / Brexit won’t “crash the pound”. This is partly why U.K. has the Bank of England and the centralised system to monitor it and protect uks interests

    U.K. debt is actually quite well balanced. U.K. can go debt free long term

    1 trillion debt / 8 billion a year = ? How many years to repay private banking loans/ debt. U.K. could be like Andrew Jackson’s days in US debt free ?!!!

  35. Disgusted, sickened and in despair. These anti democrats will reap what they now sow. At the ballot box or at the end of a pitch fork, democracy will be restored to this nation, no matter how long it takes and no matter the cost.

    For our children and our children's children, we must rise up. There is a reason why this country has stood independent since 1066. There is a reason why no battle has taken place on British soil since 1685. There is a reason why we alone avoided the bloody revolutions that raged across Europe throughout the 18th Century and why we never succumbed to Communism or Fascism in the 20th Century.

    It is the tacit treaty that has stood between our representatives and our people – that undefined principle that flows through the blood of every British person. It didn't need to ratify itself in the form of a written constitution for it is deeply ingrained in each and every one of us. It is the spirit of fair play that always underpinned our democratic beliefs. And it now lies in tatters, ripped to shreds by pessimistic and duplicitous politicians and a minority of our fellow countrymen who refuse to to honour the principle of losers' consent.

    Let us not forget, these people and these politicians no nothing but self interest. They are the bourgeoisie upon whom globalism has bestowed its riches, and who so doggedly refuse to share its spoils. They are the technocrats with nothing but disdain for the common person. They are the elites that prostrate themselves at the altar of mammon, placing greed and acquisitiveness above even democracy itself. These self-entitled overlords care not that they open Pandora's box. They have no compunction in tearing this country apart for a mere handful of silver. Our ancestors laid down their lives to secure and defend democracy in this country. And they now turn in their graves at the betrayal of their sacrifice.

  36. Looking at all these so called ministers remind me of something! Now, what was it? Oh yes! THE MUPPET SHOW!!!

  37. Amazing how she keeps a straight face, you can very often see the strain, with her head wobbling and forced expressions but she does quite well in this one.

  38. When your government is clearly there to support the Elite's….
    The biggest losers of the brexit no deal would be the banking sector and elite as there wealth is tied up in economic development that's why its not going to happen they won't allow it, that would level the playing field too much. Slowly slowly this horrendous monetary system is being exposed. Keep fighting as this could be the beginning of the end if it actually happened. There is so much riding on this.

  39. Some of these ponses need a bloody muzzle or get on the 1st boat out the country or better yet rolled up in a carpit folded in a box stamped out the country, core all a bunch of jumped up kids in there, I hope you dweebs got bullied as a child, and 1 last thing I voted to stay in because even though all the bad things why move back, but what's done is done, so leave, bloody trump does government shutdowns jeez one these days the government will get a shutdown big time

  40. The public voted a couple of years ago. MP's need to get with the program, the decision was taken several years ago to leave the EU and its now passed into law. The UK leaves end of March.

  41. Poor woman, the predecessors made a mess on the islands, and now everyone has a grudge against her that he can not fix it in one day. What a sick country!?

  42. Is democracy when you lie as much as you can as long as you win or is it only democracy if you have as many voted as needed to get the result you want, I'm always confused about democracy

  43. The one great and good thing that has come from this shower of s–t in the government and the referendum is that we now know who is the enemy of the people, the enemy of Democracy, the enemy of truth and freedom – Remainers. The referendum has revealed millions of essentially horrible people to us. Contemptuous, disdainful, vitriolic, tyrannical, selfish, intolerant, nihilistic, divisive, pessimistic, insulting, supercilious… horrible people. After almost 3 years of the Remainer's horrible behaviour I have lost a big chunk of my faith in humanity. Janice Atkinson summed it up when she attended the Remainers march in London recently – 'Get me out of here'. She was referring to being close to, being in and around the Remainers crowd.

  44. 1st lie were leaving on 29/03/19. No we're not
    2nd lie and so on. Sack them all. Overhaul British politics. It's old outdated and no
    Longer represent the British public/interests. They have to face us and answer

  45. Now most people begin to understand they been screwed by Boris and Comrades at the first Brexit referendum, and common sense start to come, its hard to convince some die hard dumb asses in politics staying in the EU is simply the best by far.

  46. Just as we suspected: The globalists will not agree on Brexit, they were NEVER going to allow it. Theresa May and her cronies (the British Parliament/politicians) did a great job in bringing confusion and frustration in regards to Brexit. It is a sad day for "democracy" as the elitists are 99% closer to getting there way – "No, brexit"……but the people voted "yes, Brexit"…….uhmmmmm

  47. Interesting quote by a recent politician on power sharing over brexit in
    the house of commons ;…Oliver Cromwell: 'In the name of God, go!'
    speech dismissing Rump Parliament – 1653. It is high time for me to put
    an end to your sitting in this place, … Ye are a pack of mercenary
    wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage,
    and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money.12 Dec 2016.
    That is why we need only one party rule…


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