NRA Members Furious Over How Group Spends Their Money
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NRA Members Furious Over How Group Spends Their Money

August 26, 2019

With all the talk about gun control recently,
the NRA typically gets brought up in those conversations and something that people need
to understand is that the average member of the NRA is not the leadership of the NRA. The average NRA member actually does support
tighter regulations on guns. They support enhanced background checks. All of the things that non NRA members are
also saying they support. The bad people happen to be the ones sitting
at the top. And a new class action lawsuit is actually
challenging that leadership for their mismanagement of the funds that members have been sending
to the organization. Joining me now to talk about this is Scott
Hardy with Top Class Actions. Scott, you know, a couple months ago we saw
the headlines, Wayne LaPierre, former head of the NRA had just been spending money left
and right money that wasn’t his, but using it for him personally and then not reporting
it to the IRS. Tell us why this has got NRA members so riled
up. Rightfully so, by the way. Right, well you have the average NRA member
that is, you know, paying their dues, they’re spending and they’re sending in their $50
or $100 a year. They’re trying to support their second amendment
right. And they think that that money is going to
helping support their, their right to, to own a firearm. But unfortunately as we’re finding out, we’ve
really found out over the past couple of years is that that money that the average NRA supporter
is sending in very likely isn’t going to help educate kids on the proper and safe use of
firearms. It’s not going out there to help educate folks
on how to properly hunt and safely hunt and, you know, really support the conservation
side of our environment that hunters are out there for. No, a lot of this money is going to the leadership
and supporting a lavish lifestyle for the leadership. And then of course you have all of this money
that is also coming from the, essentially the lobbyist of the NRA that are saying, hey,
you, you know, take that money and fight for us. And they’re shoveling a lot of money towards
the NRA and the leadership as well. But what really kind of keyed me off was,
you know, I’ll confess here, I was a member of the NRA about 15 years ago, 10, 15 years
ago. And I was confused because I thought I paid
my membership dues into the NRA to help these things, help kids learn how to hunt safely,
help educate kids on, on proper and safe use of firearms. That’s what I thought this was for. But then I kept getting these, more notices
saying, hey, give this money to the NRA institutional side of it. And I went, what? The institutional legislation side of it? I thought, I thought I was giving this money
to the NRA to go ahead and fight for my rights. And then I started seeing some of these reports
popping out saying that, oh wow, you know, we’re paying the CEO more than half a million
dollars a year, sheesh. Oh, and that CEO is, according to this, getting
free suits for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Oh, the NRA is paying their lawyers a couple
of million dollars a month. And I said, where is this for the grassroots
NRA supporter, how is their money actually helping them? How is, how is the average NRA’s contributor’s
cash going to supporting their goal of educating and just helping the average American? And from what I’ve saw and from what this
class action is alleging, that’s just not happening. And what’s interesting too is, you know, you
also had the ill-fated NRA TV that recently shutdown. They’re paying those hosts countless dollars
every year to not even talk about gun issues. They’re out there just talking about political
issues going after their political opponents and they’re not actually doing anything involving
what you said here, teaching people how to be safe with firearms. I mean that, that is actually part of the
NRA’s platform. That is what we allegedly do. But they abandoned that years ago. This is not what it is. The NRA has become pretty much a completely
political lobbyist organization today. It does not represent the interest of average
gun owners anymore. And unfortunately you still have tons of people
who do pay these dues. Not because they agree with the leadership,
but because they say, listen, I like the idea that they’ve got here and I am assuming that
this is where the money is going. But again, it’s, it’s not. Not just to, you know, the former CEO’s lavish
lifestyle, but all these other projects, the lawyers, the political projects, their lobbyists,
it’s not going to anything that the NRA claims that it’s going to here. And I think a, a lot of NRA members out there
would be very unhappy to know about this because they may not follow all the news about the
NRA all day, every day. But these are things that have been out there
and a lot of people haven’t necessarily paid attention. And hopefully we can bring more attention
to this so people understand what they’re funding. To me, it almost is reminiscent of like a,
a mega church pastor. Right? We’ve seen a lot of those guys in the news
recently. Send me your money because you, you believe
in the words I’m saying you, you believe in this religion that I’ve got, but really I’m
gonna use this money to go buy myself a couple more private jets. I want this big old mansion and Wayne LaPierre
was, was no different when he was running the NRA. Right, you know, you have folks that are,
are very often, you know, living paycheck to paycheck, but they strongly believe in
their second amendment right. And they believe the NRA is there to support
that right. So they’re sending in their hard earned money
just to support the NRA so they can continue to support their second amendment right. Not knowing that that money might be going
to buy the CEO a $5,000 suit because he feels he needs that $5,000 suit to appear on TV
and fight for your rights. Come on. You know, that’s just not the case. We see that, as you said, with churches and
other nonprofits where the leadership is just taking an immense amount of money to live
these lavish lifestyles, and they’re depending on their folks to actually support this. And it’s like, you know, no, use this money
for what people are donating. Use this money for what people are counting
on it for. Don’t use it to buy yourself a new pair of
Gucci loafers. Absolutely, and I think they’ve got a pretty
solid case with this one. For more information about this issue, please
follow the link in the description of this video, head over to Top Class Actions and
make sure you sign up for their weekly newsletter. Absolutely one of the best resources out there
for consumers, Scott Hardy, Top Class Actions. Thank you very much for telling us this story
today. You’re welcome. Thanks for your time, Farron.

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  1. The leader of NRA travel in Private Jets,and wife's living as a super 🌟! And stupid people keeping pay for,as the fucking pastors living from the people give up 10% of the salary!🤕🤒😷🤧😡

  2. Jesus wants Lapier to have 120000$ suits vacations and mansions it’s his manifest destiny
    How day you peasants talk to the NRA leadership like you are important
    Give your money and let the leadership decide what they do with it
    Fucking fools

  3. God bless President Trump and the NRA: The reason the social elite, leftist propaganda and atheist academia, the fake phony national media, and the rich people of the Hollywood left hate Trump so much is that he is opposed to the One World Agenda of the Marxist Darwinian Globalists. Trump believes in God, America first and in America's exceptionalism and it's sovereignty.

  4. Boycott NRA. Sue all of them. Vote out all the politicians that are taking money from the NRA. Blackburn, Marsha (R-TN) House $15,800
    Cruz, Ted (R-TX) Senate $9,900
    Culberson, John (R-TX) House $9,900
    Faso, John (R-NY) House $9,900
    Hawley, Josh (R-MO) Senate $9,900
    Heller, Dean (R-NV) Senate $9,900
    Morrisey, Patrick (R-WV) Senate $9,900
    Peterson, Collin (D-MN) House $9,900
    Poliquin, Bruce (R-ME) House $9,900
    Renacci, Jim (R-OH) House $9,900
    Rosendale, Matt (R-MT) Senate $9,900
    Rothfus, Keith J (R-PA) House $9,900
    Ryan, Paul (R-WI) House $9,900
    Sessions, Pete (R-TX) House $9,900
    Stauber, Pete (R-MN) House $9,900
    Tenney, Claudia (R-NY) House $9,900
    Zeldin, Lee (R-NY) House $9,900
    Handel, Karen (R-GA) House $8,950
    Wicker, Roger (R-MS) Senate $8,950
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    Barrasso, John A (R-WY) Senate $5,500
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    Stivers, Steve (R-OH) House $5,000
    Barletta, Lou (R-PA) House $4,950
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  5. You mean the NRA only cares about money? Well shoot me in the face with an AK-47 and call me Eddie Eagle. I'm shocked.

  6. So the sell outs and the bug outs are at each others throats because money talks especially my money.The NRA getting what it deserves for selling out America to the Republican party the Russian and Putin.Can you say Maria Butina.

  7. Only 19% of gun owners in the U.S. are NRA members. Fuck the nra. They are dying. Even when they are gone, you're not getting rid of guns. The right and left use it to amp up their base. There are so many law abiding gun owners who won't give up their guns. They shouldn't have to either.

  8. The NRA needs to be forcefully shutdown, then the money should be used for K-12 science and mathematics education. Furthermore, American students need to learn to speak and write their own native English! Do you want your children to be illiterate losers, like the dotard Trump! America spends more damned money on guns than any other country spends on basic education.

  9. I joined the nra back a few years ago. Big mistake. They are never happy. Everyday it was 3to 4 emails a day, calling constantly wanting money. Also get 3 to 4 pieces of Mail a week. So I let my membership expire and I still get junk from them everyday.

  10. And just think in 2012 I was just getting ready to join the NRA until Sandy Hook and Wayne LaPierre blamed it on video games this and video games that people been killing people way before video games came out that's what I call a lame excuse if I ever heard one

  11. Leaches, the whole lot of the nra leaders. Promoting fear to bleed money out of people.
    Sounds a bit like one organisation during the Dark Ages!

  12. Wayne lapierre's just like Donald Trump the greed runs their life. While ruining others for their own gain. Straight up!

  13. SURPRISE, power corrupts. Once voted in and given the power to dictate where membership monies go corruption from power let's greed and abuse of funds takes over. 😠

  14. Not to mrntion money from russia AND huge money from gun manufacturers. is my right to life impinging on your right to bear arms?

  15. The NRA does not represent the interests of the gun owner. They say they are there to protect the 2nd amendment but the truth is you wasting your money.

  16. Ah, how history loves to repeat itself in the Divided States of Embarrassment! If this seems at all deja vu-like, it's because it's reminiscent of how televangelists in the 80s and 90s went about ripping you dummies off!

  17. I'd say money well spent. The average NRA member is stupid anyway, so they don't care how their hard-earned money is spent.

  18. Along with all the questionable things it seems the NRA is using the money for, it sounds like fraud. Saying the fees are for something else. 🙄

  19. Don’t give me your money to any Religious, Political or Charitable foundation. Give to local food banks, children’s groups that you can see what goes on, and that the money reaches the children. Maybe pay for an underpivelaged chlds membership in a sports group etc.
    The idea that someone would be taking your money and buying a suit makes my blood boil.
    Most of the big charities only get a small portion of each dollar to the intended recipients.

  20. NRA is a controlled opposition to the 2nd Ammendment. Anybody giving them money is either anti 2nd Ammendment or a complete idiot period. Don't do research than you are the problem.

  21. Clearly trying to buy the Government, why stop at the Gun let's get other countries to fight, Probably betting on war!!

  22. Who did NRA members think they were giving money to? The NRA is gun manufacturers. They have nothing at all to do with gun safety or rights. They are the measles of gun safety and freedom. Could you change gun laws? No. Then you have no gun freedom.

  23. I'm sorry, but I don't even understand the idea that our children need to be taught how to hunt safely, are we living in the outback? The old west? Caveman days? How about teaching your children to focus on critical thinking, educating themselves on the actual present day. This guys reasoning for being a former NRA member are a joke.

  24. NRA is no longer concerned about the average gun owner, user safety etc. The NRA is nothing more than a scam and owned by Russia.

    They are more concerned in fighting for the gum makers, bribing politicians and being a backdoor to funnel large amounts of money between Russia and politicians, like Moscow Bitch McConnell as well as der fùrher Donald Trumpski.

  25. The NRA has absolutely made themselves untrustworthy when they took Russian money to be funneled to the RNC. They are Agents of a Foreign Government…

  26. Someone should start a JUSTICE NRA.
    Simply restart the NRA with a constitution that it does not take money from corporations or big donors. Constitutionally limit donations to a limited amount, eg $100.

  27. Just to state this, but there are only a few million nra members at most in the US. So where in the fuck is all that money actually coming from.

  28. Thumbs up and a comment to beat the algorithm. Thanks for the report! 👍
    And thanks to all the no-life right wingers, spending all their free time in the comment section of left leaning news sources; you're helping the cause!

  29. So if you have the right to bare arms why would y'all keep paying money to mf that really dosn't give a shit about you.Could it be a lot of them are just paying Klan dues

  30. If you consider yourself a decent gun owner, you shouldn't be a member of the NRA, which has taken a political stance, but shouldn't have. The misuse of your money is what you deserve for not being critical.

  31. It's sad that an organization which was once about safe and responsible gun ownership is now a grifting piece of crap, but I'm happy to see that piece of crap fall apart. Maybe one day something good will replace the NRA, but at the moment I say let it burn.

  32. They are not working for the safety all Americans, in any way. I am a gun owning Democrat, I no longer subscribe to their way of thinking. I was a member for over a decade. Gun laws need to be changed for safety of all Americans!

  33. If the forefathers could've foreseen the killing machines these greedy parasites would possess today, I bet they would've worded the 2nd Amendment differently. Somewhere along the way, someone in power fell asleep at the wheel, and allowed the average citizen to be able to amass these weapons of mass killings, instead of just "the well armed militia" as stated in the 2nd Amendment. They had an inkling that someone like Trump would come along with his tyranny. Now Trump has adopted unilateral power to imprison immigrants and stop all legal immigration. Everyday, he tests the waters and then follow through with his wicked cruelty, because no one is stopping him.


  35. It's time to tax the fucking churches and pseudo-charities like the NRA. Anyone who donates to any of these sham organizations is an idiot, and should have put on their grown-up glasses and seen that their money isn't doing a goddamn thing for anyone except the asshole at the top of the pyramid.

  36. NRA LOST it's lawsuit against NY DA claiming "Privilege" over NY deposing Oliver North and 89 others subpoenaed. Many whistleblowers are coming forward.

  37. Why do you need the NRA when the second amendment gives you that right? That right is as secure as free speech right?

  38. I'm a gun owner and my problem with the NRA is they do compromise. Shall not be infringed means no compromise. My tools, my shoes, my toys, are not the business of the government or my neighbors. My God given natural rights are none of your business.

  39. One more time greedy CEO’s go unchecked and drain the coffers. Probably tRump will appoint them to his cabinet. Same thing happened to the Boy Scouts

  40. What idiot would lend the NRA money that they don’t need, unless they are going broke, and now they have to pay the IRS.

  41. Being the NRA is doing something illegal, now it’s time for the government to step in, but they won’t it’s their personal feedbag.

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