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  1. "Have you been stopped from saying what you think because of the NSA head really?"

    Yes.. yes I have… I've heard horror stories to know that even if you don't end up on a watch list, they can still use all of your information against you in the future. Say… if you wanted to speak out against the NSA, they can practically release all the porn you've been watching (or any gossip to your friends and all your secret facebook messages) – just to discredit you.

    This isn't the price I want to pay for my freedom, there hasn't been a SINGLE case where bulk data collection has ever helped catch a terrorist. ZERO. Why do we even have a program that doesn't help us and invades my right to privacy?

  2. I like the debat and all, but can someone tell me what is the name of the song at the end of the video please ? Thanks

  3. When man is willing to trade his freedom for security, they will have neither!!

    SECURITY is a pie in the sky dream that can not be achieved! Look at the USA before 911. It was considered the worlds superpower. Yet it was hit, and could not or would not, depending on how one perceives it, stop this horrific event.

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