NSW Governor Marie Bashir 2010: Australia becoming a republic
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NSW Governor Marie Bashir 2010: Australia becoming a republic

August 26, 2019

What are your views on Australia becoming a Republic? That’s always the last question. Isn’t that marvellous you can predict it. Well, my views are dormant on that because like if I dare claim a royal prerogative now I feel the same as the Queen and that is that is what is best for the Australian people and what the Australian people particularly you who will have the vote and be asked to think about this decide, you know is what is important. I think what you have to take into account though is if you want a Republic, what sort of a Republic do you want? You have to give very serious thought to this and you should think about whether you want the means by which you wish to elect or have appointed a president. Now, with the Governor General, with the Governors they are appointed by the Queen on the recommendation of the democratically elected government. Do you want a Republic like the United States for example, electoral college votes and so forth? Do you want a Republic where the president will be really and truly assisted into office by an excellent what is it spin doctor, make up artists, dieticians, I’m serious someone who looks good? Do you want a Republic that has other forms of election? I think they’re the things that must be considered very carefully. You see there’s no way under the present system that the monarch or the government can interfere. Well, I’ve just told you a couple of instances where I went slow on things, well I didn’t go slow on them, but did the research etc to the Ministers in taking only into account the wellbeing of the wider community or when I put forward a request, a consideration for money for cleaning of the rest of the rivers so that work wouldn’t go backwards, that would be the only two times. I think you have to seriously think about, I think you also have to look at the world and decide do you want a Republic like France? Do you want a Republic like the United States? Do you want a president like Italy or like Zimbabwe or whatever? Or you want to have a look at the rest of the world and see which countries are functioning well, where could you live? Could you live in Scandinavia? Could you live in Denmark or Sweden if you weren’t living here? Could you live in New Zealand? Could you live in Britain? Could you live in Holland or Belgium under their system of government? Do you know what I’m saying? You’ve got no idea of the freedom and privileges and the lack of interference you have here until you think about it. It’s a very serious question and it’s one for which I don’t have the answer but it’s critical that whoever is at the top is highly intelligent, sensitive and is there for all the people. So, you want one who’s politically appointed, one lot will love and the other lot will hate? You just better think about it carefully. You’ve almost got one now actually anyway. When it comes down to tin tacks many a Republic, the Governor General doesn’t interfere and none of the Governors in the other states do. Is it window dressing? Will it look better? I honestly don’t know. Seriously, think about it. So I haven’t been very helpful on that one, I’ve given you like a good teacher I’ve given the problem back to you. .

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