NYPD to Innocent Business Owners: Give Up Your Rights or Get Shut Down
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NYPD to Innocent Business Owners: Give Up Your Rights or Get Shut Down

October 8, 2019

My name is Song Cho, I operate coin laundromats in the city. I started with one, now I have three. We do a good job in providing excellent service, its clean, safe. These undercover cops were operating and coming into my business and then asking customers of our business, and enticing them to buy stolen goods at a very deep discount. One person took the bait and got caught, a second person who was on the outside of the store got caught. Did my employee buy it? No. Did I buy it? No. Did I say, did I put up a sign saying come in and buy stolen goods here? No. What they claimed was that we, as a business, provide space or inducive to providing those kind of illegal activities, because it happened at or near my business, I was the guilty victim. Under the New York City’s nuisance law, my innocence was not a defense, I had a decision to make, you know whether to really fight this out in the court or to try to settle this. I felt that there is a very possibility that the end of my business was in jeopardy. Under the settlement, the police could come in at any time to a warrantless search, and I’m forced to operate the surveillance system 24 hours a day and make it available to please for their reviews. That’s such an unfair, unfair to me, unfair to the old investment that I made here, unfair to employees that work here and support their family. It’s New York City versus you know, a little guy like me.

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  1. New York is nothing but a Communist city.
    Expect this for the whole USA if we get Democrats in the Whitehouse and majority Congress!!!

  2. I watched the NY City police, with full riot gear, come through Broadway St on New years Eve and literally RIP a person who's friends were holding him up so he could cheer– they ripped him down and started beating him with fists, feet and baton's!! They dragged him about 200ft to the corner where their paddywagon was parked and left him locked up in there till after the ball dropped.. then just let him go, no charges since he had not done anything illegal..

    That was the first time I realized there's a reason a lot of people hate the police, and saw the these criminal thugs with badges for what they are..
    Makes me sick, that's what these unconstitutional cities are all about..

  3. Perhaps someone of a certain faith ??? wants your property . I see in Williamsburg and Bushwick , clubs and bars opening in former industrial spaces . And , well , me thinx if you were of a different "Faith" , you would not have it easy , getting permits , or doing so . I say follow the money and see who is harassing you sir ? Someone of a certain faith , that is taking over the whole area after "King Bloomburgs" rule

  4. I'm not sure why this corruption is a surprise anymore in states like NY, CA, IL. You best bet take your business to a state that'll welcome you.

  5. FUCK New York. Why anyone would want to live anywhere near that God forsaken hellhole is beyond me. It only took me 5 months of living there to realize what a disgusting place it is. The culture is very asshole-ish, the people talk like indescernable dumbasses, the cops are corrupt AF, and the weather is shit. I will NEVER go back to that dirty shit city.

  6. If he votes socialist then I do not feel sorry . But if he votes for freedom then my heat goes out to him and his family. I say leave NY.

  7. The NYPD is the largest corrupt organization in America, that damned Gestapo organization extorts people, kill people, steal drugs, and deal these drugs themselves. And as long as the government does not do anything about it, they themselves are corrupt and responsible for murders and drug trafficking.

  8. Bro make them take their shoes off of and call the white house and report them to the proper athorities we love the hard working smart chinese you are chinese wright we hate mo tA sung

  9. Sounds like are government has become the Mafia shit like this is happening all over the place look at the red flag laws they're trying to pass right now it doesn't just affect our Second Amendment it affects several of our amendments it's a pure invasion of our freedom and privacy it's crooked as hell

  10. crime happens in the city which is under the jurisdiction of the police department and bureaucrats so maybe the city should shut down.

  11. What do you call a park ? I would post a sign that says copes are trying to sell you stollen goods or drugs . I am so sorry for your Tyrants.

  12. This is an important video that should be a wake up call to ALL Americans. Government is not your friend. We have become, quite ignorantly, politically divided in America and this video shows the problems that happen when you have too much government. The government, and it's agencies, have started to create more problems than they solve and why? So that they remain relevant. Once the government gets bigger, it acts like a bully that bullies with impunity and this story is the tip of the iceberg. People are freaking out about family separations at our borders when agencies in all 50 States have been doing this now more many years. Regulatory bodies, at the state and federal levels, operate without due process and the damaging effects, in many cases, ruin lives permanently.

  13. I am an Australian 🇦🇺 but all I can say is shame N.Y.P.D. SHAME!
    These are the tactics of corrupt totalitarian states.
    Whatever happened to “entrapment” laws?

  14. Wish I could help, Just not right, this man has done nothing wrong, why not go after bars or strip clubs that sell drugs all the time, Why don't he just start a corporation and sell his business to it and it works for the incorporation that would make his deal with the police null and void,

  15. They want 2 things…
    1. Surveillance to feed to the AI overlords.
    2. To bring in a business whose owner "Donates" to the correct politicians.

  16. The NYPD confiscated Anthony Weiner’s computer and claimed they cried watching a video on that computer of child abuse by a prominent politician. They threatened to release it if the FBI didn’t. They didn’t release it. The FBI confiscated the computer and signed all the officers to NDEs. Go figure. The politician was never prosecuted.

  17. Jesus christ man
    America and their laws its just crazy.
    That the police can expropriate an honest bussines man ,thats fucked up.

  18. Wait a second that's illegal that is lying in a police report it's illegal to charge someone when they didn't commit a crime and it's unconstitutional to violate rights and this man deserves over 2billon for finance problems and the compensation for being framed

  19. This is 100% illegal it's frameing it's also false charges and it's possible that the officers were doing illegal activities during this they had no warrant and no probable cause so there argument went to sht

  20. new york city is the most corrupt city in the us and its city officials are on the take it started in the late 60's with the nypd taking bribes from drug dealers hence the the movie serpico

  21. what a great country huh, People get fucked by the gov't in every conceivable way.
    Just look at what Trump did to us with his HUUUUUUGE tax break for the ALREADY wealthy.
    But you know what, fuck us, we deserve to be raped by Trump and his buddies. We asked for it.

  22. OK, so just WHEN are we supposed to start trusting cops again in ny? Well, when we get that dumb ass dem out of office. Same goes for EVERY dem run city in this country!!

  23. I can't wrap my head around this. It seems like harassment and a shake down by the NYPD. I can't help with money but you have my subscription.

  24. simple solution. – Have all small businesses close down for a month in protest. No income, no options, no taxes to fill the gov. coffers. The city will close down within a week.

  25. So when cops cant find crimes they commit crimes to allow them to arrest people?????? So if prositution stops in an area do cops send someone in that area offering people money to have sex???wtf

  26. In a police state someone is ALWAYS responsible, which goes way beyond guilty. The average criminal practically can not be held truly responsible for most crimes as their incarceration will cost more than they will ever make. So you just extend the responsibility to those who can.

  27. The NYPD is nothing more than a racketeering gang who thinks they can make up their own rules to cause people distress and harm in many ways including the biggest one being financial distress , why weren't the officers trying to sell stolen goods arrested for just that like anyone else would have been , the government turns a blind eye on the NYPD when they are the ones doing more harm than good on the streets of new York. When these thugs in blue get shot there should be no remorse from the public because they deserve every bit of it

  28. Sung , I sure hope you get a large sum and sue the crap out of the city , the precinct that allows their officers to sell stolen goods and then sue the individual officers and any top brass who are involved in this horrible practice

  29. This is what's known as a "land grab." What happens is when the city sees a property where more taxes can be made by converting it to something else or/and wealthy and connected land owners want the space for their own they use their power and influences to get that property. This is the government you elected "at work."

  30. the first mistake you made was to cop out for something that had nothing to do with so now they use your place for illegal surveillance who ever was your lawyer sold you out these laws are unconstitutional & they abuse their authority they could come in to your place & plant something in your store say that t was yours & if one them wants the place well they cold have folks never i mean never plead guilty to something you never done the system is broke I had to go thru something like that but sometimes you are naive & don't know after all fear controls fear makes money & we are the sheep now with these draconian laws that are laws for their benefit not for the tax payers,.

  31. Still trust the police??
    Still think they're there to "protect and serve" ?
    They're there to generate revenue for the city, county or state. And that is all. PERIOD.

  32. The government using undercover entrapment to force a business owner out their business for potentially benefitting someone with connections at City Hall is likely the tragic unfairness of this case.

  33. Pathetic. It's men like this who keep the American small businesses alive. This man gives jobs to people and wants nothing but to do good for his family. He doesn't live in China because he thought he would escape wrongful treatment from authorities. Don't they NYPD have real investigations going on like taking down drug rings?

  34. The NYPD is clearly the nuisance. If it is illegal to sell stolen goods then the one selling the stolen goods should be arrested and go to jail. This IS WRONG!

  35. I had to watch this video because I didn't believe the title that NYPD was infringing on people rights to do business. Turns out I was right. The NYPD just set up sting operations at this business, nothing wrong with that. The NYC government is the one infringing on this mans rights. The video should be "NYC to Innocent Business Owners:…."

    Total click bait!

  36. When democrats are in charge, you lose your rights and possibly your freedom. Unfortunately, today we cannot trust the police. They have become an enforcement arm of the democrat party.

  37. this is straight up mob rule. by that i mean THE MOB aka the POLICE.
    the city itself provides all criminals space to commit crimes, the city should be hit with the exact same rules along with the cops for racketeering.

  38. Rather than worrying about plastic straws, maybe the corrupt N.Y. mayor should spend some of his time cleaning up the thoroughly corrupt NYPD! They couldn't pay me enough to ever want to live in that city or for that matter, that state.

  39. The enactment of a "nuisance" law–especially when it targets legal, law abiding businesses–can be debilitating and stigmatizing for that business at best and downright fascist at worst.

  40. This is terrible. This is why we need to take back our rights back from these government assholes that is taking away the rights from the people that are here legally and doing nothing wrong.

  41. Let the police set up a surveillance system in the store. If there were a crime, they could easily subpoena the security camera tapes. Put up a sign that says "the NYPD is watching the store 24/7 via remote camera, so don't do anything illegal in here."

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