Oakley Crosshair Frame Comparison
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Oakley Crosshair Frame Comparison

October 14, 2019

– Hi this is Jason with Revant Optics. Today we’re gonna show you how to identify which Crosshair frame you have, whether it’s the Crosshair S frame, or the Crosshair regular,
or the Crosshair 2.0, all wire-frames, nice aviator styles, but there are differences. And we want you to be able
to tell which one you have so you can identify which lenses to get. Hope you enjoy the video. Today I’m gonna talk you
through the differences between the Oakley Crosshair
2, Oakley Crosshair 2012, and the Oakley Crosshair S frame. So they’re all a Crosshair frames but there are some subtle differences here that we wanna point out. The lenses for each of these frames will not fit in the other frame, so that’s important to note. You really need to figure
out which frame you have and hopefully this video will help you differentiate which frame you have. So we’ll start here with the
Oakley Crosshair S frame, which is really the smallest of the three. It has a smaller lens,
so the lens isn’t as tall as the 2012 version of the Crosshair. And then the lens, you see the three lens differences here, the 2.0 version is more
of a squared off lens. So this is a traditional, kinda aviator, smaller aviator lens. The temples are pretty much identical so it’s hard to tell that way. You just have to look at the lens size and see that it’s a smaller, not as tall as the 2012 version. And then on the inside
of the right-hand temple it says, it’s hard to see here, but it’ll say Crosshair,
with a little S after it. And pretty much all the Crosshair
S frames should say that. I know sometimes they
don’t have that printing. But obviously that’s
the easiest way to tell if you do have a Crosshair S frame. So when you look at the 2012 version here, you’ll see it just says
Crosshair inside there, there’s no S after it. So the Crosshair, if that’s all it says, this is the 2012 version. Again, it has a larger lens than the S. And the temples are pretty much the same between these two frames. But when you look at
the Crosshair 2.0 frame, you’ll see that the temple is different. It doesn’t have this groove in it. It’s pretty much straight back. So that’s the way to tell here. Also, the Crosshair 2.0,
most of these frames should say Crosshair
2.0, so that’s, again, the most obvious way to tell. Sometimes it’s not printed in there, or it’s been rubbed off, so we just wanna give you a way to differentiate
if that is the case. And then these lenses
again are more square than either of these two. So, yeah, those are some
of the main differences between these three frames. You may still have questions. You can always go to our
website, Revant Optics dot com, and we have images that’ll
show, little diagrams, that’ll show the differences. And we’ll post those to
some of our videos as well. And then if you have any
questions beyond that, or you’re still wondering
which frames you have, feel free to shoot us an email at support at Revant Optics dot com. You can even attach an image, and we’ll take a look and tell
you which frames you have. Or you can send any
other questions you have over to us, we’d be happy to help you out.

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  1. I'm having trouble identifying my Crosshair sunglasses. It seems there is a 'Crosshair 1.0' as well in addition to the Crosshair 2012?, my model number is 05-814 can you help?, I need new lenses

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