Oakley Flak Jacket, Half Jacket & Half Jacket 2.0 Frame Comparison
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Oakley Flak Jacket, Half Jacket & Half Jacket 2.0 Frame Comparison

October 10, 2019

– These are
three different jacket frames that Oakley makes. On the right, here, we
have the Flak Jacket frame. This frame fits the Flak Jacket
and Flak Jacket XLJ lenses. This is the Half Jacket. It fits the Half Jacket
and Half Jacket XLJ lenses. And this is the Half
Jacket 2.0, a newer version and updated version of the Half Jacket, and it fits the Half Jacket 2.0 lenses. Let me show you a few of the differences between these three frames. First of all, the inside
of the Flak Jacket actually says “Flak”. It’s stamped into the
rubber piece back here on the left-hand temple. So you can always look at the inside to see if you have the Flak Jacket. And then, if you compare
it to the Half Jacket, you’ll see the temples have
some differences as well. The Flak Jacket temple is wider and the “O” placement is
a little bit different than the Half Jacket. This frame is a slightly larger frame, for wider faces, and this is narrower, for narrower faces. This one does not say “Half Jacket” on the inside of the temples anywhere. It just has the serial number. So you’ll see the serial number on the inside of the left-hand temple. And then the updated version,
the Half Jacket 2.0 here, is slightly larger than the Half Jacket. The lenses are different. These ones are slightly larger than the original Half Jacket. And the temples are slightly different. So you can see here that
with the updated version they have made it slightly wider. They also labeled the
inside of the temple here on the Half Jacket 2.0, which is nice, because you can see that
it’s a Half Jacket 2.0 there. So, those are some of the main differences between these three frames, which sometimes can be
confused for each other. All have different size lenses, and it really just depends
on your face shape. Try them on and see which ones fit better.

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  1. Great! Does Oakleys always made in the USA? on the newer flak jacket 2.0 does it said made in the USA on the frame right side ?If i buy this glass does it comes with bean bag ?thanks!

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