Oakley M-Frame + Helo Kit Review
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Oakley M-Frame + Helo Kit Review

August 27, 2019

I don’t like to share that The following message is transmitted at the request of local authorities This is a review of Oakley M Frame 2.0 Ballistics These lenses were made for government issue and they can survive a shotgun blast Your face will be destroyed but your eyeballs will be protected They are preferred means of protecting your eyes amongst Airsoft and Milsim players What’s great about these is they are very low profile and they fit under your helmet or anything else you are wearing A lot of fields will require you to use full seal eye protection this is what you see in goggles and other systems by other companies Oakley has released what is called a “Helo Kit” and that is a soft rubber gasket that will go all the way around your eye and will keep out all debris and materials It actually snaps in the Ballistic M Frames That’s all it is. It’s a extra $30 and it will protect your eyes I have a number of friends who will just run these or other forms of safety glasses at pickup games and they have played for 16 years, haven’t seen a problem. That doesn’t mean it can’t happen, so full seal eye is the way I prefer to go. One of the benefits of using the Oakley M Frame is that you can actually change out the lens So I have a clear lens to use when it’s dark or when it’s hazy and when it’s a strong sunlight day, as we are approaching summer, I put in the dark frame when I received these, I observed that after installing the Helo Kit after 30 seconds my lenses fogged up apply anti-fog, try again same issue I wasn’t able to get it to work for me most lenses like the Valken Zulu’s that I reviewed have a small gap to allow air flow That’s going to keep it from fogging What I set out to do was to figure out a modification for the Helo Kit that would not allow a bb to enter, but would be able to vent the air somewhat and this has worked successfully for me What I have used, I went to Walmart and picked up “Black Foam Sheet” One of these is all you need It’s a thin, pretty dense foam that people use for crafts I glued three layers of the foam using E6000 This is a industrial strength adhesive a lot of people in the costuming world use. There’s really endless uses for that type of glue I glued three layers of the foam and then cut it to the right size for the lens. Next I glued it to the Helo Kit What you have is two pieces on the bottom and two pieces on the front When you hold the M Frames together I press it into the nose piece first snap it in then you’ll notice when you put it on, it will stretch I’m able to have a comfortable fit I use the head strap to keep it snug on my eyes because I don’t want to be vulnerable from a upward perspective This has worked out really well for me I have seen other players use the M Frames without any kind of modification like this and they are enjoying their Milsim experience For me I wasn’t able to wear these without fogging up This is the Valken Zulu next to the Oakley M Frame The M Frames have a normal sunglass arm. You can choose to use the Zulu arm or band. I found either of these to be a fantastic choice I have had the Valken Zulu fog up on me in one night game, I have yet to experience the Oakley M Frames fogging using my modification I strongly recommend these and I strongly recommend that you protect your eyes It is the most vulnerable part of your body when playing airsoft

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  1. regular shaving cream you smear and rub the inside with a soft cloth until light blue haze forms when dry….than a new or other clean soft cloth you rub off the haze and it works really good or better than cat crap rainx antifog at least for me it does under humid and heavy breathing cold conditions as well as over dressed case when I'm to hot the shaving cream works better than others…the blue red white can of cream with out any conditioners just plain..great mod I will try it.

  2. Awesome review man! Finally someone that had a fogging problem with a pair of glasses and actually found a way to fix it instead of just saying "fogged up like crazy, fuck this".

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