Oakley M Frame Lens Comparison
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Oakley M Frame Lens Comparison

November 10, 2019

– Okay, today we have all four lenses that are offered for the Oakley M frame. This is the M frame without the lenses. So, it’s really just a base frame here that you can use and
decided which lens you want, depending on the conditions. The first lens we have here is the Heater, and this provides the most coverage. It has a very wide lens coverage here. So, it’s used for windier conditions. The next one is a Hybrid, and this lens is actually a mix between this lens and this lens, so you kinda get some
of that side coverage, but also straighter angles. The next one is the Strike
lens, which is very angular, So, you’ll see it doesn’t
provide complete wrap around, but still a lot of face coverage here, and then it has the flat bottom edge. The final lens here, the
smallest one is the Sweep. It does have very angular edges and wraps around a little
bit more than the Strike. Those are the four lenses that are offered for the Oakley M frame.

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  1. Would these lenses fit an Oakley SI Ballistic M-Frame 3.0? I have read several blogs saying the Traditional Oakley M Frames fit them just fine w/o having to attach the retention clip.

    Does this brand of replacement lens offer the same protection as the original Oakleys? Up to what extent? I just wanna use it for Airsoft. A force of 400-415 FPS is the what is common in.

    I have a medium Asian face and am thinking of getting a Hybrid since it was recommended for smaller faces. However, your post said that the Sweep is the smallest among them. I am more concerned of having a shorter vertical length as to wider horizontal length. Is the hybrid taller than the sweep? What do you suggest?

    Where can I get one and locally in Lafayette, LA or Houston, TX area? How much? Thanks.

  2. I believe the nose pads wouldn't really matter since if I get yours, it should come with its own nose pads, right? Anyways, thanks for the input.

    I have been looking at your products at ebay and the Photochromic/ Transition lenses and that caught my eyes.. Those should be an appropriate solution for both outdoor and indoor target practice. However, if you have an equivalent to the Oakley Prism™ Lenses for Competitive Shooting, I believe you would definitely have a huge market as well.

  3. Hello Revant Optics…..would you mind to explain to me something : …the frames of the oakley lens ( m-frame specifically ) come in diferent sizes or all the m-frame are built in one standard size ??? Thanks. Greetings from Venezuela….

  4. May i ask if all the curvature of the lens from the side view are different? In a case that one might not fit a wider face, we can get another lens to fit better? Thanks

  5. which of these could replace the pro m frame "lance armstrong signature series" the discontinued model with the blue frame

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