Oakley M Frame Lens Replacement & Installation Instructions
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Oakley M Frame Lens Replacement & Installation Instructions

October 19, 2019

– [Voiceover] Today we’re gonna show you how to install lenses
in your Oakley M Frame. They’re several different variations of this large shield style lens but all of them use the same technique to install new lenses
for different conditions. So what we’ll do here is go ahead and pull this nose piece out. It’s a separate piece all together and it’s flexible. It’s held in place by the two notches here and creates some tension in the frame which helps hold the lens in place. And then in order to get the lens out go ahead and pull up on the frame here and down on the lens here. Pop out the center and then you just have the two side pieces holding it in and so
you grab one of those, grab the outside here and slide it out and do the same on that side. And then what you’ll wanna
do to re-install the lens is go ahead and slide an outside edge in and it’ll sit in there nicely and then go over to the other side and do the same thing. You’ll have to bend the lens a little bit. Hold on to the frame and bend it. This lens is really held in by tension so don’t be afraid to bend it and then go ahead and push up on the bottom edge of the
lens and down on the top part of the frame. And you might have to push
it in there a little bit to get it to sit nicely in that groove and sit flush. Once it’s in there, it
should stay just fine, you can take the nose piece and slide that back up on to the lens
and just make sure again that it’s completely
in there, it’s snuggly. And you have your lenses installed there. And that is how you install lenses into the Oakley M Frame. (intense music)

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  1. Hi, all this lens styles: Heater, Hybrid, Strike, & Sweep are compatible with the same Okleay M frame?

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