Obama Violated US Constitution, Libya War is Abuse of Power & Betrayal of People’s Trust
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Obama Violated US Constitution, Libya War is Abuse of Power & Betrayal of People’s Trust

October 16, 2019

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  1. No official that has an oath of office can act in any manner that is repugnant to the constitution. Maubury vs Madison establishes the constitution as supreme law of the land. An official acting in a way that viiolates his oat commits CAPITAL FELONY TREASON the constitution has REMEDY for such behavior. LONG LIVE THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES REPUBLIC . Long Live The 2nd Amendment. And no apologies. Forget about RACE CARDS!

  2. @thefish103 No. Libya was a humanitarian mission. Would you rather let Kaddafi murder his people ? I think you like dictators and murderers.

  3. @CrusaderDom3

    Then Iraq was a humanitarian mission ? And why dont we overthrow all dictators and just those in lands with oil ?


  4. @shurednichso Iraq was a shithole and a stupid war yes. When are you hippies gonna put the oil excuse to rest?? Is there oil in Afghanistan? Was there oil in Serbia and Bosnia ? was there oil in Vietnam or fucking Germany??? there's oil in Iran, how come we haven't invaded them yet, when we can easily kick their ass? Maybe you should ask the Libyan people if they if they were grateful for the protective bombings of MILITARY TARGETS. they hated Kaddafi and they would tell you yes.

  5. @CrusaderDom3 Suggesting my disdain for starting wars, or dropping bombs in the name of humanitarianism as you call it, suggests my affinity for dictators and murderers is intellectual laziness. From all accounts I've heard, more people died as a result of our intervention, than under Kaddafi (please show me evidence he had begun the mass murder of his own people). Also, who is now in power in Libya? Is the country now in a peaceful state?

  6. Please do a search on YouTube for US motives for Libya before you are so skeptical of ulterior motives. I'd attach a link if YouTube would let me.

  7. @thefish103 I didn't insinuate that you are on the side of murder Kaddafi, I said so, bc it's true. You think it is cool to hire mercenaries to beat up your own people? One of Libya's ambassadors said Kaddafi was. Or to torture people? Or to hijack planes and kill people? Poor Kaddafi all he wants to do is be a terrorist. Now show me how many people were killed by NATO bombs. And on that this is a NATO mission, please bitch to Britain and France not to Obama.

  8. @CrusaderDom3 A quick search on Google will lead you to many articles referencing the civilian deaths caused by the war. Someone put together an excellent synopsis on Wikepedia if you care to read (I'd attach if YouTube would allow), or you can continue to pretend that Obama and NATO are looking out for the good of humanity – tell that to the Sudanese.

  9. @thefish103 No I won't look up any video that I bet are just a bunch of loose change like hippies drumming up some conspiracies. Just some crazy high voiced neophytes talking about what they think is true for attention–there is free speech here ya'know.

  10. @CrusaderDom3 Let me end my discussion with you by wishing you well, and suggesting that you do a little research before you spew your world views all over YouTube. The data I suggested you take a look at was very objective analysis, and not conspiracy theory. A mere recognition of free speech does nothing to increase your intelligence or promote human rights – and you do seem to be concerned with the well being of humanity .

  11. @thefish103 Well I don't have to prove my intelligence to you bc this is not an intellectual topic. And you are right recognizing free speech doesn't make one more intelligent bc free speech is simply common knowledge.To me all your talk of intelligence suggests a reaction formation on your part. Talking like a professor just makes you sound like you have something in your ass.So you can cut and run whenever, but you still haven't proven anything in your quest to defend dictators.

  12. @thefish103 Nope haven't proven anything except for an opinionated video. Why you like dictators so much will allude my understanding forever…You haven't explained what the US is doing in Afghanistan if the motivation for war is oil. Or why you think that think that striking MILITARY targets who are killing people, is the same as dropping bombs on civilians. Maybe Obama killed Kaddafi (your hero) too. If someone is dead Obama had to do it!!

  13. It amaze me, how must people get on Obama case rather then Bush who killed and violated many laws. I was persuade to believed by my white friend who told me this. 'Because they don't see reality and every damn thing America has to do with race, we all should learn to face the fact and don't escape from reality, he's doing his best and cleaning up some of Bush's mess.' Hmmm this got me wondering a bit and I thought to myself maybe he's kind of right bout what he said.

  14. It's amazing how anybody could defend any of these last presidents over the last 40 so years. Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan, etc etc. Doing his best, no he's not. All Economist were calling for a stimulus for the people, instead we got chump change we had to pay back and a tax increase. The banks and major corps got lots. What happen to the 5 trillion dollars the banks supposedly paid back, what's Obama doing about our lost money?

  15. You noticed how groceries and products price went up,hidden tax increase and companies pass that onto the consumer. The Fed to the lobbyist to his website showing us all bills before he signs or vetos them, he is a liar like the past president back to the last president JFK. Do you own research and don't be influenced by anybody except yourself. If nobody is talking about Congress lobbyist and the Federal Reserve then they ain't no president for us.

  16. This video is correct it is an oath. Police get prosecuted over this exact same thing. Several past presidents should have gotten impeached. His intentions were good at first, but he either got threatened or rewarded. Obama did a complete 360 and if you can actually state he is doing the best he can, then apparently you have not done your homework. Heck, I voted for the guy on his intentions. To do your best is one thing, but to deceive us is another. I ask you to research each candidate.

  17. People are jumping over this video, but do your own research of all presidents back to one of the greatest JFK. Lots loved JFK, his talk about ending the corrupt Fed and lobbyists, how bout the Cuban Missile Crisis. We need a strong President that will stand up against our Congress in our best interest & not lie. Ending the Fed and the Congressional corruption is #1. Ask yourself if no one is going to obey the Constitution why do we have one? The Constitution is LAW & our PROTECTION against

  18. Watched this whole video knowing I disagree TOTALLY. Forget the "impeach Obama" stuff: his Predecessor in Office, George W. "Junior" Bush should have been impeached and was the worst President IMAGINABLE, not just the worst U.S. President EVER. As for LIBYA: 1) no "boots on the ground" 2) it was quick; 3) perfect timing – could not have been better; 4) U.N., N.A.T.O. and Arab League all supported U.S.; and 5) as Obama said, his critics really were all about small minded political advantage only

  19. @theman4130 We did not strike Libya. We provided air cover and support for the Libyan people's insurgency to remove the Libyan Dictator, Moammar Khaddafy who, as it had seemed to me, got along okay with the Italians and with Europeans, and even U.S. Americans lately, until he overreached like Saddam Hussein did. All these brutal murderous Dictators need is someone in their court like me, to tell them, "No! You cannot do that!" But they R quite dumb like all who cannot listen 2 reason

  20. @mdelcamp1 Good, Here's the next piece of the puzzle, research the "Golden Dinar". You are very right about him acting like Saddam. More than you know.

  21. A whole lot of folks can give whatever justification they want to. In the end, did he uphold the constitution or not. The answer is NO.

  22. fuck you man, obama can and do what ever he want remember that is the president, samething like bush or bush jr. fuck you shit

  23. that all for now, I hate play smart people. The president you have to do everything for this country understand.

  24. what are you expecting after what bill clinton did and lied about it. your country is going down down down like Russia.


  26. You will say, it was because Moamar Khaddafy was planning to set up an alternative, gold based currency, for buying and selling Middle East Oil Reserves on International Energy Markets, right? I have seen a polemic video making this assertion. But no, I think the Libyan Dictator's cruel and ruthless conduct towards the City of Benghazi and his own "Subjects" who are now happily becoming "Citizens" of their newly minting "State," caused the guy's demise. His Son proved himself a nasty fellow too.

  27. Why would you ever say Obama is the worst, unless you watch Fox News TV Channel Too Much. So many people have rings in their noses, and get led around politically like cattle by skewed reporting, political party Tricksters, and mass media malarkey. As Bill Clinton explained in a one hour recent C-SPAN aired speech, THREE QUARTERS of America's Current DEFICIT has been CAUSED by REPUBLICAN BUSH CHENEY POLICIES which preceded Obama's White House Occupancy. Repubs have not helped in the least since.

  28. I heard the same speech with Nixon, again with Reagan followed by Clinton and both Bushes. Why am I not surprised that Obama is doing the same old same old.This isn't anything new

  29. I agree obama has carried out Constructive treason with his acts to move us to war with out the vote of congress, I agree he should be impeached & removed from office thus congress does have the power to act thus has not, Yet I point out Obama care as a tax by orgin of the bill Obama should have thus been vetoed for the lack of the Vote as a Federal Act for aTax thus Obama sought to conspire with the help of the supreme court to sustain A new federal Tax with out Congressional votes???

  30. thank you for telling us that, it really does need to be made public that my videos are not getting the exposure they should. And I think this one is a VERY important one that I feel strongly about. I do plan to go into detail about this topic in a new video (I hope that one is sent out fairly to my subscribers) BTW, an extremely low percentage of subscribers, of the total number of subscribers, see my new videos when I post them. I have done the math on other channels and my percentage is LOW!

  31. I just heard recently that Obama is planning to invade Libya. IF this is true, he's pulling some neocon bullshit. This would also mean that we're going to have a warhawk president no matter who wins.

  32. First of all, calm down and try using manners. Second, I will not stop talking about violations of the most important part of the Constitution which deals with the vital issue of war and peace. It isn't a damn game to ignore the key feature of our Constitution designed to spare Americans and others from unnecessary misery and death. You're deflecting from the worst abuse of power by playing political party games of "this is my team." You are so blinded by it that you guess I voted for Bush!

  33. There will be no compromise with tyranny. The owners of the governments are inbred, demented freaks that literally want to watch all of us drown in our own blood. And they're going to make it so if we acquiesce. I know we're all tired but we are plagued by cancerous monetary and institutional authoritarianism. Police and militaries MUST pursue this cabal of wicked overseers. They poison our food and water, spray us with chemicals and irradiate us with "accidental" nuclear meltdowns.

  34. Where were you during the bush violations of the constitution? There wasn't a peep then. And bush and company is still held unaccountable for the actions which brought about multiple wars, debt, Torture, corruption, treason and disgrace and the loss of American jobs and American lives. Where were you then. And remember it is American after all you've got to choose between those who had 911 happen under their noses or the lessor of the two evils. You bitch about the system change it, o you can't.

  35. VOTE republican send them half your pitiful pay check assholes because the sooner America disappears the better for the rest of the world. Remember support your republicans they're the best oh yeah. They caused the debt, the wars, etc etc they can finish it and the sooner America is finished the better as I said but you're American so you need it repeated. FUCK you stupid heads.

  36. I fail to see how anything in your video properly laid out your position and then attempted to support it…
    The only thing you said during the entire video was essentially that 'Obama made a promise to uphold the Constitution, and he didn't; therefore, he should be impeached."
    By all means, feel free to expressly lay how how the Constitution was violated.
    BTW, before you reply, I highly encourage you to do 2 things: 1) toss aside your bias for just a second; (cont.)

  37. 2) Read an artice called '6 Myths About Obama's Libya Policy' by U.S. News; 3) Go to Politico, read some of their articles on the matter, and ALSO go to Politico's Arena and read some of the debate.
    You'll note this is FAR from as clear cut and sensational as your video, WITHOUT basis, makes the issue to be.
    Best of luck in your future videos!

  38. Orly Taitz gets her application for "Cert" heard beginning February 15, 2013; given the immensity of the evidence to the effect that Barry Soetoro (his only Legal Name) is an undocumented alien, ineligible to hold ANY Ofiice in the Government of United States and t

  39. The dark cabal's acoustic TTA, "Tsunami Makers" are almost completed in the Gulf of Mexico and on Ascension Island in the Atlantic. These installations are more that powerful enough (Billion+ Watts) to send huge Tsunamis against every coast of the Atlantic and the Caribbean and the Gulf. This spring/summer will see the launch of a series of coastal inundations that are man-made; followed by declarations of martial law, etc. After which, BS will definitely declare himself, sole ruler of the US!

  40. OBAMA IS A CROOKED ATTORNEY. He is also an actor hired by huge corporate crooks who stole my money to fund the current Regime. Day 959 Wednesday February 13, 2013 in We The People Against Corruption Campaign To Remove and Indict Obama, DHS Janet et all.
    No stone has been left unturned. Faked people. Fake events. Kickbacks. Mafioso money.
    The original banking fraud of the "Maker" I married is the source of this NaziGermanyUSA.
    Honey R Stober (a married woman?NOTDEAD)

  41. of course I was as vocal when Bush was in office. Just do a search on my channel page for my videos. Look at a very recent one called "Proof That Will Send Him to Prison: Bush's Lie Exposed" or one I posted years ago: "Former CIA Official Exposes Bush Administration Fraud "

  42. What war? There was a declaration of war, by the president? I do know that there was a "military intervention" but that is not exactly the same as war, now is it? It was the U.N. It was the following countries that committed forces to this military intervention NATO Forces: Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States. Non-NATO forces: Jordon, Qatar, Sweden, United Arab Emirates.

  43. Last time I checked Bush did not violate the constitution. How many times should we let a president violate the constitution before he should be impeached? Isnt once enough? People who support Obama are willfully led by their leash with their eyes closed. He says one thing but means another. He sits here and lies to our faces and you sit here and defend him? This man is, no doubt, the WORST president ever!

  44. Last time I checked Bush did not violate the constitution. How many times should we let a president violate the constitution before he should be impeached? Isnt once enough? People who support Obama are willfully led by their leash with their eyes closed. He says one thing but means another. He sits here and lies to our faces and you sit here and defend him? This man is, no doubt, the WORST president ever!

  45. How many times should we let a president violate the constitution before he should be impeached? Isnt once enough? People who support Obama are willfully led by their leash with their eyes closed. He says one thing but means another. He sits here and lies to our faces and you sit here and defend him? This man is, no doubt, the WORST president ever!

  46. Last time I checked Bush did not violate the constitution. How many times should we let a president violate the constitution before he should be impeached? Isnt once enough? People who support Obama are willfully led by their leash with their eyes closed. He says one thing but means another. He sits here and lies to our faces and you sit here and defend him? This man is, no doubt, the WORST president ever!

  47. my man you smoking something else…so bush NEVER LIED?????so i went to Iraq for a year looking for "WMD'S" if you say yes I got like 2 bridges in Manhattan for sale, you guys i swear are dope heads, bush lied about it ALL you fucking sheep

  48. Who said Bush never lied? I think you went to Iraq because Iran has WMD's. Iran is next to Iraq and Afghanistan. I don't think it is a coincidence. I think you're too stupid to see the letters on the wall honestly.

  49. and what annoys me you have a latino last name as i am too, im gonna say your probably one of those dumb ass lations who are republican..and your probably a blanco lation who swears he is a blanco

  50. This President DOES NOT violate the Constitution. You are thinking of Geo W Bush.
    Please do better research on Constitutional jurisprudence on the President's role as Commander-in-Chief and on the War Powers Act.
    Obama was well within his authority.

  51. "This Presidet DOES NOT violate the Constitution"???? Obama reauthorized the Patriot Act, Signed NDAA to allow indefinete detention of the U.S. Citizens, Ordered the kill of a U.S. Citizen without due process, Proceeded with warrentless spying on U.S. Citizens, Started an undeclared, unconstitutional war in Libya, Launched an undeclared drone war on several nations ect… You should read the Constitution, before you make such oblivious claims!

  52. Obama is a sicko. Calling this a "fuss" and "a lot of noise." He's a hood and a thug, trying to get on over on good people who wanted to give him a chance. He deserves to be outcast. He has no argument so he ridicules honest people with principled concertns.

  53. As soon as I heard he did that, I knew he was evil. Not just bad, evil. He specifically tricked his voters. He heavily implied that he would reveal the patriot act, etc. Now he's worse than Bush. This says a lot about the REST of the democrats. Now we know. We HAVE to make a 3rd party that has principles.

  54. Every lawyer who ever studied under Obama should proceed to take down their law degree and wipe their ass with it. Pretty much what Obama is doing to the US Constitution.

  55. Obama is just a puppet in the hands of the NWO, as were father and son Bush, Clinton, and who knows how many others in the U.S. government. America is a long time in the hands of the NWO of the Jesuits.

  56. I guarantee they will never be a President who can please every American citizen. No matter what, Presidents will be criticized and mocked for everything they do.  I'm not saying no President has ever made mistakes or has never made wrong choices, but it's a thankless job they is hard as hell to perform.

  57. I am glad to see that kind of video where ppl tells the truth. I went couple of time to the US and I ve met beautiful persons there, so it's enoying me when I hear people giving bad talk about them, associating them with that crual politique that they are the 1st victim… US president dont give a damn of law and even Constitution… ppl shouldn't accept those behaviour

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  60. Impeached? this bastard should be strung up just like Saddam he's done nothing but rape the american peoples constitution

  61. swear not upon the heavens or earth yes your yes mean yes and your no mean no,be a man of your word GOD says.

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