Old Silver Coin Hunt – Liberty Seated, Barbers and Standing Liberty
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Old Silver Coin Hunt – Liberty Seated, Barbers and Standing Liberty

February 22, 2020

it’s not much… but we’ve got a bag of old
silver to go through today… Hey everybody it’s Rob with Rob finds treasure and I’ve got a twenty dollar and thirty five cent bag that has SLQ’s some seated some barbers – things like that… a lot of it’s pretty much cull but my dealer had a little bag
of it he said do you want it and I was like I’ll take it so I figured I’d go ahead and film it and see if we have anything good in it – not quite sure I do
see a Mylar flip in there I don’t know why that’s in there but we’re gonna go
ahead and go through it I’ll sort it by the nomination and by type first and
then we’ll bring it back in and take a look and see what kind of goodies we
have let me get it open I’ll bring it back in once it’s sorted all right so
I’ve got them sorted by denomination type as well as design type and we do
have a half time here 1851 oh that was what was inside this little mylar flip
probably because it is the oldest coin that I can see from the group and the
fact that it’s so small probably don’t want it dinged around so in 1851 Oh half
time we’ve got some seeded dimes some Barbour dimes we’ve got a seated quarter
or two I guess there’s two there we got a few Barbour quarters and then a bunch
of SL Q’s and we even scored a pretty cool 1861 seated half-dollar looks like
it’s probably and polished or cleaned so that’s a bummer but still pretty good
detail on it now that we’ve done that we’re gonna go through them all we’ll
kick it off with this 1851 oh it does have an au mint mark I don’t see if I
can get this showing for you guys it does have an au mint mark let me flip it
around a little bit and you can see it right there
1851 oh definitely not in the fastest shape but easily g4 probably g4 to vg8 I
don’t know if it’ll get a vg8 but it’s a twenty five dollar coin in that
condition and we paid just a little Rimmel value for it so a nice little
throw and by my dealer I’ll take that all
now let me get the seeded dimes set up by year and see what kind of goodies we
got in there so we’ve laid out the seeded dimes in date order and it took a
little bit of work to find out some of the dates on some of these we’ve got one
pretty good score in here but I’ll kind of cover them we’ve got three 1853 with
arrows at the date all from Philadelphia a couple of 1850 fours as well three of
them with arrows at the date we’ve got an 1858 that has a lot of corrosion no
arrows no MIT mark 1873 in pretty decent shape to be honest I’ll take it it’s got
some details till 1872 Philadelphia 1873 arrows that date again when it resumed
we’ve got three 1875 piece it’s odd but a couple of them have the holes in them
I think right there and right there so two with holes one without nothing
really great there we did get an 1875 with an S and no it’s hard to see
because it’s pretty beat-up but it does have an S mint mark on that
one so I’ll take it we got one 1876 from Philadelphia and
believe it or not we do have another 1876 I know it’s almost impossible to
see with the naked eye but it’s there and we even have on the bottom a CC mint
mark and that’s the one with the right C is the high C I had submitted on
Instagram or showed you guys a picture of in 1876 see see see the dime that had
the D do on it this one doesn’t and in if it did it’s too hard to tell it’s
pretty worn but it is in 1876 you can barely barely see it man it’s
tough to see but it is we’ve got to 1877 Phillies an 1886 filling a pretty nice
1887 we’ve got an 1888 really really trashing we’ve got a 8
ninety and a couple of 1890 ones again nothing here worth much at all the best
fine would be this 1876 CC it does fetch more than melt value even in this
condition I’ll take it best of the bunch there wasn’t expecting a lot like he
said he just had some oldies nose I liked the oldies and goodies boom in a
bag I picked them up now that we’ve covered them let’s see if we have any
good barber dimes in this stack I’ve now laid out all the Barbour dimes nothing
spectacular here I already checked them against my album and none of them will
upgrade and we don’t have anything that’s key or semi key but we have in
1897 1898 some 1901 1902 handful of a 507 we did get P D and s mints from 1908
but no O’s a 1909 we also have 1911 we have three or four from Philadelphia one
from Denver so 19 12 13 14 15 and 16 again nothing really fantastic in here
but can’t get mad at getting Barbra dimes we’ll add them to my barber dime
roll right here fill it back up move on next to the quarters figured I would do
the seated and the barber quarters together since we’ve only got five of
them we got an 1859 pretty slick and in 1876 as far as seated quarters for the
barbers in 1898 Philly a 1909 Philly and a SLIC 1909 Denver again nothing that
great they’re still fun to pick them up out of my stack all out and due to my
role of barber quarters and move on to the SL cues next so for the SL cues I
kind of have my own system here this is all the dateless type to without a mint
mark SL cues these are the dateless type 2 SL cues
with the mint mark you can see the mint mark just adjacent to the foot that’s a
denver mint mark on that one for example all of these I will call later to see if
I can catch any glimpse of a data but at first glance I could not we also
found a handful of 1925 Peas a 26 P handful of 27 PS a 28 P and a 28 d
handful of 29 peas a couple of 20 90s and some 1930 Philadelphia’s none of
these are in fantastic shape but there’s a few that are in pretty
decent shape overall I’m happy with some of these stinks for the scratches in the
back but still a pretty nice coin and I’ll add it to my rolls what I’m most
excited about was take a look at this we found a type 1 SL q no stars under
the Eagle we can see the tail of the pony tail is facing up towards B the
hand is in Liberty so we know it’s a type 1 based on that we don’t have a
date but we can date it very easily because if you look closely there’s an S
mint mark so we know it’s out of doubt this is a 1917 s type 1 SL q a little
bit better date and in this condition 30 to 40 dollar coin that we picked up for
less than 5 bucks that’s the fine of the SL Q’s and probably the find of the hunt
other than the 1876 seated dime minted in Carson City which was a cool find as
well I guess since I have you here I’ll show you we’ve got kind of a polished
1861 common date seated half-dollar but it’s a beauty and I might even go to add
it into my typeset I’ll take a look I posted a picture of this other pickup on
my Instagram but for those that missed it here’s an 1876 see see just like the
one we found it even has on the reverse the high C as you can see on the right
but more importantly it is a DD o FS 102 and when i zoom in you can see the
doubling on of America it’s a beauty happy to add it to my collection
very cool hopefully you guys enjoyed this junk
silver or constitutional silver purchase and hunt with me we found a couple of
goodies which is why I love hunting the junk bins if you did I’d appreciate a
thumbs up then as always everyone happy hunting and thanks for watching this 1861 seated half-dollar with no
motto will fill a spot in my typeset can’t get mad at that also and
unfortunately this 1917 type 1s slq does not upgrade my Standing Liberty quarter
album but I’ll go ahead and stick it in the back here as the type 1 reverse just
so we can keep it preserved a little bit longer now we just got a few other half
dollars to work on and of course we still need to upgrade some of the other
ones but the typeset is getting closer and closer by the month

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  1. Constitutional Silver Hunt – Liberty Seated, Barbers and Standing Liberty Dimes and Quarters

    Since I have had several requests for me to do another local coin shop (LCS) pickup video, as well as a junk silver purchase and hunt, I decided to go to my Local Silver Coin Dealer and kill 2 birds with one stone!

    I grabbed just over $20 Face Value in Junk Silver in a bag filled with all of his available Seated Liberty, Standing Liberty, and Barber Quarters, as well as any Seated Liberty and Barber Dimes in hopes it would contain some key or semi-key dates, and perhaps even a variety or two!

    Hopefully you all enjoy this video! I may also hit up some pawn shops and thrift stores to see if there are any hidden treasures hanging out in there too!

    As always – Happy Hunting and Thanks for Watching AND keep Stacking that silver my friends!!!

    PS – My Stacking Silver Hunting Mats are are listed on eBay or at my website if you want to check them out:



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  2. Nice pickups Rob Auwsome Can't get made at that if you wanna part with some I'm interested I love them barbers hard to find in North Arkansas love some Standing liberty's

  3. Nice haul Rob…..Love those truly vintage silvers. Now you need to get some flowing hair silver dollars from your junk dealer!

  4. About to get another nickel hunt going and I saw the new video. Good stuff brother. See you tomorrow night… grab them 90%ers

  5. Wow, such beautiful old silver Rob! I love so many varieties of your videos, but especially the constitutional silver, and nickel hunts!

  6. Is a 79 Kennedy proof with an S that you can clearly see anything special, I've got 79 S but you really can't tell it's an S unless right up on it, is it anything special? Great video BTW. Like these junk silver videos.

  7. Hey rob at school today my science teacher played a video and the opening was you theme song thing that you play in the beginning and I was saying in my head “ IF YOU DON’T LOOK FOR IT, YOU WONT FIND IT. “ Also my birthday is in 13 days and I would want nothing more than to meat you

  8. Believe or not the seated dime with the hole the center has the most historic valve. Depending on the type of hole if it's round or Square. It is known as a debt payment coin. If the hole is round then it's payment to a blacksmith if the hole is square then it is payment to a carpenter. In early American history people would make payments if the blacksmith or the carpenter was not in a shop by taking a hammer and nail and driving the dime quarter or whatever denomination to the doorpost, before taking there product that was being fixed or repaired. If you find a gold piece with a square hole in the center than it is what is known as a ship's Captain payment. Ships captains would PEG a gold Doubloon onto The Spar and the first man to do something would earn that gold token.
    Never rule out a coin with a hole in it as being junk.

  9. Love watching the constitutional silver hunts. My favorite in the Seated Liberty dimes and half dimes have always been the no stars variety.

  10. Hey Rob. I found a very interesting 1955 d wheat where the last 5 looks like the top is a 5 and the bottom is a 7. Dont know what to think of it but posted a video. https://youtu.be/T-9KuwW4uPY

  11. Type set collections are the most interesting way to collect, in my opinion. I'd love to see a video going over your type set, Rob, even if it's not complete. It would be fun to see what you have and what you still need.

  12. Rob, I have a question. I have started looking for old pennies again, I have come across a 1996 no mint mark with " VDB" mark on it. Would you say it is real?

  13. Love the video. Just into collecting so seeing and learning about the older coins is very intriguing… Keep it up Rob.

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